WoW Chat #22365: Glowann -> davepoobond

A level 60 hunter sees me on my Death Knight flying the Death Knight-only flying mount (meaning hunters cannot get that mount)…

Glowann: how do you get one of those?

Glowann: (flying mounts)

davepoobond: i bought it

Glowann: were

davepoobond: acherus

Glowann: and thats?

davepoobond: what

Glowann: were is acherus?

davepoobond: epl

Glowann: ty

Glowann: what level do you need to befor it?

Glowann: (flying mount)

Glowann: were in acherus?

davepoobond: vendor

Glowann: in the in the sky

davepoobond: ya

Glowann: dead commander thalanor?

davepoobond: idk

Glowann: whats the mount called?

davepoobond: [Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade]

Glowann: i can’t fined it

Glowann: 🙁

Glowann: ;(

Glowann: do you know were i can buy a dragon mount

Glowann: ?

davepoobond: no

Glowann: :/

Glowann: ty

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