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(This girl’s profile picture is literally just her huge cleavage)

“Sex sex sex what else would i want out of this site? People who say want a relationship are fakes and flakes on here. All they want is ****. If you can prove me wrong on what i just said then cool. So with that said… Dont waste my time and be straight forward on what you want. Im done being the nice girl… Im ready to be kinky and naughty!!!!!

white boy is a must! No Hispanics specially no black guys.. Sorry just not my type. And no Asians!!! 1000% White caucasians and disease free!!!!”

– from a girl’s dating profile


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“Okay, look. I just left someone who was trying to pressure me into having sex, the unconventional way. (Oh, we’ll get married, this and that, but I HAVE to have sex, can’t wait, etc etc) and I am NOT HAVING IT. If you’re trying to get in my pants, and I’m not saying you are, but if it so happens you are, you’re not getting any. I’m sorry. I’m holding out for a long time, so date one of these other women. I don’t judge them, and I don’t believe I’m better than them. In fact, I used to be in the same boat as many of them. As I’ve gotten older, things have changed. Maybe it’ll just be me for the rest of my life, but it certainly won’t be me and random strangers, or soon-to-be strangers after a few dates of no nooky.”

– from a girl’s dating(?) profile


#22504: davepoobond -> Para

davepoobond: heh i just thought of something

davepoobond: i should make a porno where all the hot chicks aren’t the ones getting the action

davepoobond: but all these ugly chicks are

davepoobond: it’ll mess with their minds

Para: Yeah!

Para: Women would buy that.

Para: Normal women with no makeup and stuff getting all the hunks.

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: “if only”

davepoobond: or “i want to be her”

Para: Yeah.

davepoobond: then there’s a sudden surge in ugly women becoming porn actresses

Para: And give it an actual plot.

Para: Heh.

davepoobond: have an actual plot and then no one would buy it

davepoobond: cause it has too many things that aren’t appealing

Para: Actually no. Women like plots.

davepoobond: heh

Para: Women don’t like hardcore.

Para: We like softcore.

Para: That’s why romance novels sell.

Para: They are smut just like the movies.

Para: They just have a plot.

davepoobond: interesting

davepoobond: an untapped market

Para: Pretty much.


#22503: davepoobond -> Para

davepoobond: if i make it as a director maybe i can put you in one of the movies I make 😉 (not porno)

davepoobond: though i might go through there if i plan to actually pursue that career choice

Para: Lol, good. Because I’d be the only dressed person in the porno

davepoobond: i guess you could be the lawyer person that consults with the main character

davepoobond: right before she gets assrammed

Para: Lmao

davepoobond: or i could just make my own company or whatever maybe

davepoobond: i dont know

davepoobond: maybe i’ll do that on the side of an office job or wherever i end up

Para: True

Para: Porn tends to ruin a person’s career before it starts though.

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: but you get all the hot chicks

davepoobond: so it can’t be that bad

Para: All the hot used chicks.

Para: Really used.

davepoobond: hey used costs less

Para: Lol… used also comes with some unwanted extras.

davepoobond: haha


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My self-summary:

“Yeh I’m a gay smooth fem male I luv to suck n I luv to get fuck nice n hard I’m very smooth n tight so if ur cool with what I am hmu papi……n I’m not a tranny I just like to dress up like a bitch behind doors n I do moan like a bitch so if u like what u see hmu n I’m looking for a horny straight man only that’s dwn to fuck me good on the the dl”

– From a girl’s dating profile