UPDATE, week of 1-6-02

davepoobond: Yay. I’m 16 years old.

elmoisfurry: hold on a sec and ill get ya a good one

stimpyismyname: three cheers for squackle because it sucks. hahahaha.

stuff updated/put up:

The Screwed Up CountryUSA: Death and Dying in the American Civil War, USA: Thoughts on George W. Bush, USA: What a Pissy Girl

Squackle Sports ArenaCatapault…Stupid Style! Rules

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Dictionary – 940 words in the dictionary, 5 new words


UPDATE, week of 9-30-01

davepoobond: Click on the sponsors at the top of the page pleasseee, so we can get rid of the stupid frame at the bottom of the page!

stimpyismyname: blowthetoad is gay.

elmoisfurry: sniff mah bonbons

stuff updated/put up:

Sports ArenaDownload v1.0 of Board-Walk (Size: 27 kb)

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UPDATE, week of 7-08-01

davepoobond: the guy that made the radio lived in a town called Bologna. I bet they had a lot of bologna in Bologna. Start up something on the Bulletin Board. There’s not much there…just visit it and post something. Click on our sponsors too.

stimpyismyname: YELLOW take 1

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Other Junk“You’re So Stupid” Insults, What’s Your Star Wars Name?

JokesGrilled At The Pearly Gates, A Woman’s Wreck, A Lady’s Horse

About Us – a new Squackle! member, Poop Troops started

Squackle Sports ArenaAirplane Soccer Rules, Thunder Butts Rules, Measuring Tape Fencing Rules, EXTREME Kick The Can Rules, Daggermitton: EXTREEME Badmitton! Rules, Board-Walk Rules, Hot Pudding Rules, Telephone Tag Rules, Whack The Flutes Rules, Look At The Kleenex Rules



UPDATE 1-12-01

Stimpyismyname: i need some links to good sites with psx .cue files

stuff updated/put up:

Squackle Quotes: davepoobond quotes, Ms. E quotes, Mrs. DYKE quotes

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The Screwed Up World: Toe Cheese, This and That Theory, A Story About a Phone and My Head

Squackle Stories: The Ham Pan Story, The Day I Went Blind, The Reason Pigs Fly: A Manifesto

Squackle Sports Arena: Pencil Wrestling Rules

Other Junk: Funny Profiles

Squackle Poems: If I Had 3 Wishes


UPDATE 9-10-00

davepoobond:   well, theres a new download of the week….the link is above…..also, thanks to whoever is signing our guestbook, it really inspires us more to do a better job at this site, and it just makes us glad that people are actually reading the stuff we put up here….amazing….also, there will soon be Lyrics to real songs in the Songs section of the site…….

stuff updated/put up:

Stupid IMs:  berrybud IM, Censor Anyone?, The holy lamb…

Squackle Sports Arena:  Kill the gnats!

The Screwed Up Chronicles:  The Bus Driver Theory, The Hippi and The Canadian Border Hopper’s Theory, The KKK Theory, The Big Slap Theory, The End of the World Theory


UPDATE 9-01-00

davepoobond:   wow, i just noticed Squackle is almost a year old….heh..well, here’s a big update…

stuff put up/UPDATED today:

Squackle Sports Arena:  High School Chair Twist Thingy

Squackle Stories:  Billy Gets a Job

Other Junk:  You Know Your Sick When…

Squackle’z Dictionary:  E, B

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UPDATE January 25, 2000

elmoisfurry:  i put up some games on the squackle sports arena.  they are really cool games.  you should try them out

stimpyismyname:  i got this story from my brother… he had to do this for a report . he did it in seventh grade!!!! :: tee hee! sniker, sniker ::  its in the stories section.  Also, some others.