Annoy the Teacher – Rules

Materials: something that makes an annoying sound

# of Players: 1, if organized attempt, 2 or more

What You Do:

1. Take the annoying noise making thing, and make noise with it every once in a while while the teacher has his/her back to you or something

2. Hell with it. Throw your chair at the teacher and run for your life

Boundaries: classroom. After throwing chair: none


Extreme Baseball – Rules

Materials: Baseball Bat, Pinecones, protective gear (optional)

# of Players: at least 4, works best with 8

What You Do:

1. One person is the batter, one of the other players pitches the pinecone

2. The batter hits the Pinecone, if they miss, the next person is up.

3. If they hit it scoring goes like this-

Caught by fielder: negative 5

Lands on ground – 0

Outta backyard – 1

limb shot – 3

chest shot – 5

head shot – 10

crotch shot – 20

KO – 30

death – 50

4. If you hit multiple people, you multiply the scores (e.g., a head and a crotch is 200) .  You play until all players are dead, KOed, or until no one can move.

5. The winner is who can move the best the next day. Points bare zero significance.

Boundaries: backyard or small room


Whack It or Crack It – Rules

Materials: old guy, tree branch

# of Players: 2

What You Do:

1. find an old guy (one in public) and tell him to masturbate.

2. If he refuses hit him with the branch. If he does, and if he tries to stop, whack “it” with the branch.

3. do this until you get bored or he passes out (in which case you hit him with the stick)

Boundaries: none


Redneck Tornado Surfing – Rules

Materials: tornado, long rectangular pieces of metal

# of Players: 1 or more

What You Do:

1. Stand on a piece of metal like a surfboard.

2. Wait until a tornado comes.

3. When a tornado comes, allow yourself to get sucked into it, and make sure you have your piece of metal with you.

4. Ride the piece of metal up and down in the tornado until it drops you somewhere.

5. You can’t win this game but it’s really fun.

Boundaries: The tornado


Shit Whack – Rules

Materials: Stick(s) Plastic bag with somthing nobody wants (one for each player)

# of Players: As many as you want

What You Do:

1. Divide players into 2 equal teams (if any are left they can be extras so if someone gets beat up too badly).

2. Put the thing nobody want’s in a bag(s).

3. Put the Thing nobody wants on the ground.

4. Count to three then start whacking the thing with the stick.

5. You can have one guy from your team go and start humping the other players on the other team.

The team who breaks all their things first wins.

Boundaries: none


Catapault…Stupid Style! – Rules

Materials: 2×4 Wood, Small Paint Can (or anything that shape), anything you want to fly in the air, XXL Mens Shirt.

# of Players: 2 or more

What You Do:

1. Set the 2×4 over the paint can, if you saw the movie ‘Home Alone’, when Kevin sets out the wood over the paint can, and then Harry jumps on one end, and Marve jumps on the other, and then ‘BYE, BYE, Harry”. That’s exactly what you’re going to do, but not like that.

2. You need to set an item on there, like a tomato, orange, apple, spoon, pencil, stick, etc… then one person stomps on the other end that the item is on, and your other friend tries to see where the item is going to land.

3. Your friend is wearing the XXL Mens shirt. He/She needs to catch the item before it hits the ground. A good item to use is a water baloon…(But don’t use water…)

Boundaries: none


Chicken Soup Bowling – Rules

Materials needed: bowling pins, large amounts of bowls of chicken soup

# of players: 1 or more

What you do:

1. the scoring is just like bowling, I don’t know how it is, so I can’t tell you how it is

2. take the chicken soup, and bowl it at the bowling pins

3. everytime you take a bowl at the bowling pins, you have to get a new bowl

4. after knocking down all the pins, put them back up and do it again.

Boundaries: The bowling alley, you must stay behind the bowling line to bowl, if you don’t you are disqualified from that throw

Download the computer game version of Chicken Soup Bowling here:

  Chicken Soup Bowling (202.4 KiB, 1,297 hits)

Chicken Soup Bowling from Squackle Sports Arena. Made by someone we don't know.


Look At The Kleenex – Rules

Materials: Kleenex boxes (1 is enough), tape

# of Players: 1

What You Do:

1. Take the Kleenex out of the Kleenex box, one by one and put tape on it, so that one end of the tape is hanging off the Kleenex

2. Put the Kleenex on the ceiling, walls and oors or whatever.

3. Lie down on whatever and look at the Kleenex

4. Optional: If you have supernatural powers or something like that (matches are fine), you can set fire to all the Kleenex and watch them burn. Its more interesting, but be careful, you may burn some stuff you didn’t want burned, burned. If you actually do this, this is what we have to say about you: “ha.” Oh, and another thing…don’t mention anything about reading it here. Didn’t think a game called “Look at the Kleenex” could be so dangerous, huh?

Boundaries: None


Whack The Flutes – Rules

Made in conjunction with elmoisfurry.

Materials: A box (or more) of Chupa Chus, tape, string

# of Players: 1 (or more if more than just you does this)

What You Do:

1. Eat all the Chupa Chus you have. This may take a few days, or hours

2. Keep the sticks left over. These are your “flutes”

3. Get some tring, and get enough equal pieces for each flue you have. Tie the string so that the flute will hang from the string. Repeat until all of them are the same.

4. get some tape and stick it to the string, then onto the ceiling

5. When you are done, you can run through the room and whack all the flutes around or off the ceiling.

6. If there is more than 1 person playing, keep track of how many each player whacks down

Boundaries: The room you put the flutes in


Telephone Tag – Rules

Materials: Parts of a telephone or a telephone itself, large areas are prefferable for this

# of Players: Recommended at least 6 people.

What You Do:

1. Figure out who is “it” in your own way

2. If you are “it” do whatever you can to get someone else “it”

These tactics can be used to get someone else “it”:

– Whack somone square in the face with the phone

– Swing the phone with a chord in the air, and whack them. If it is swung in a ciricular-way, its called “The Around The World” tactic

– Strangle someone with the phone chord, and slam them down to the floor

– Trick them by putting your voice on an answering machine and put it somewhere, playing it over and over then hitting them when they think you’re over there, and you hit hem however you like

Boundaries: The area you decide on for the game


Hot Pudding – Rules

Materials: Pudding

# of Players: Recommended at least 6 people.

What You Do:

1. Warm up the pudding, however you choose

2. Get everyone into a circle

3. Toss the pudding at people really really hard, so that i pops

4. Repeat until the pudding pops

5. Get some new pudding and repeat until one person is left

6. If you are the last person, you are the Hot Pudding Champion. if you lose, then you are the Hot Pudding LOSER (insert farting noises)

Boundaries: The general area of the circle