Telephone Tag – Rules

Materials: Parts of a telephone or a telephone itself, large areas are prefferable for this

# of Players: Recommended at least 6 people.

What You Do:

1. Figure out who is “it” in your own way

2. If you are “it” do whatever you can to get someone else “it”

These tactics can be used to get someone else “it”:

– Whack somone square in the face with the phone

– Swing the phone with a chord in the air, and whack them. If it is swung in a ciricular-way, its called “The Around The World” tactic

– Strangle someone with the phone chord, and slam them down to the floor

– Trick them by putting your voice on an answering machine and put it somewhere, playing it over and over then hitting them when they think you’re over there, and you hit hem however you like

Boundaries: The area you decide on for the game

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