Look At The Kleenex – Rules

Materials: Kleenex boxes (1 is enough), tape

# of Players: 1

What You Do:

1. Take the Kleenex out of the Kleenex box, one by one and put tape on it, so that one end of the tape is hanging off the Kleenex

2. Put the Kleenex on the ceiling, walls and oors or whatever.

3. Lie down on whatever and look at the Kleenex

4. Optional: If you have supernatural powers or something like that (matches are fine), you can set fire to all the Kleenex and watch them burn. Its more interesting, but be careful, you may burn some stuff you didn’t want burned, burned. If you actually do this, this is what we have to say about you: “ha.” Oh, and another thing…don’t mention anything about reading it here. Didn’t think a game called “Look at the Kleenex” could be so dangerous, huh?

Boundaries: None

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