Chicken Soup Bowling – Rules

Materials needed: bowling pins, large amounts of bowls of chicken soup

# of players: 1 or more

What you do:

1. the scoring is just like bowling, I don’t know how it is, so I can’t tell you how it is

2. take the chicken soup, and bowl it at the bowling pins

3. everytime you take a bowl at the bowling pins, you have to get a new bowl

4. after knocking down all the pins, put them back up and do it again.

Boundaries: The bowling alley, you must stay behind the bowling line to bowl, if you don’t you are disqualified from that throw

Download the computer game version of Chicken Soup Bowling here:

  Chicken Soup Bowling (202.4 KiB, 2,079 hits)

Chicken Soup Bowling from Squackle Sports Arena. Made by someone we don't know.

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