Extreme Baseball – Rules

Materials: Baseball Bat, Pinecones, protective gear (optional)

# of Players: at least 4, works best with 8

What You Do:

1. One person is the batter, one of the other players pitches the pinecone

2. The batter hits the Pinecone, if they miss, the next person is up.

3. If they hit it scoring goes like this-

Caught by fielder: negative 5

Lands on ground – 0

Outta backyard – 1

limb shot – 3

chest shot – 5

head shot – 10

crotch shot – 20

KO – 30

death – 50

4. If you hit multiple people, you multiply the scores (e.g., a head and a crotch is 200) .  You play until all players are dead, KOed, or until no one can move.

5. The winner is who can move the best the next day. Points bare zero significance.

Boundaries: backyard or small room

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