Catapault…Stupid Style! – Rules

Materials: 2×4 Wood, Small Paint Can (or anything that shape), anything you want to fly in the air, XXL Mens Shirt.

# of Players: 2 or more

What You Do:

1. Set the 2×4 over the paint can, if you saw the movie ‘Home Alone’, when Kevin sets out the wood over the paint can, and then Harry jumps on one end, and Marve jumps on the other, and then ‘BYE, BYE, Harry”. That’s exactly what you’re going to do, but not like that.

2. You need to set an item on there, like a tomato, orange, apple, spoon, pencil, stick, etc… then one person stomps on the other end that the item is on, and your other friend tries to see where the item is going to land.

3. Your friend is wearing the XXL Mens shirt. He/She needs to catch the item before it hits the ground. A good item to use is a water baloon…(But don’t use water…)

Boundaries: none

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