#10852: davepoobond -> ExeterHarley

davepoobond: i’m hot

davepoobond: and i have a nude pic

ExeterHarley: send it

davepoobond: send yours first

davepoobond: are you going to

ExeterHarley: to what

ExeterHarley: s2r

davepoobond: send yours first

davepoobond: are you?

ExeterHarley: nope

davepoobond: fine then

davepoobond: bitch bitch bitch

ExeterHarley: bi bi bi bi bi

davepoobond: mono mono mono

ExeterHarley: ass ass ass ass ass ass

davepoobond: penis penis penis penis

ExeterHarley: mofo mofo mofo mofo mofo mofo

ExeterHarley: dick dick dick dick dick

davepoobond: anymore

ExeterHarley: fucker fucker fucker fucker

ExeterHarley: anymore

davepoobond: bah bah black sheep have you any wool

davepoobond: yessir yessir 3 bags full

davepoobond: bah bah black sheep is this girl a bitch

davepoobond: yessir yessir 3 times full

davepoobond: AHAHAHA

davepoobond: I GOT YOU


ExeterHarley: wait for this

ExeterHarley: 1,2, you stink like poo 3,4, your a hore 5,6, you have a dick 7,8, its gettting so late ahhh your the worst 9,10 fuck this hen (you)

ExeterHarley: hahahaha

davepoobond: those were all compliments except the first 2

ExeterHarley: the bigest diss u could eva think oof

davepoobond: oh yeah?

davepoobond: i got a bigger one

davepoobond: fuck you

davepoobond: BWAHAHA

ExeterHarley: im a gurl

davepoobond: hey hey

davepoobond: i’m a guy

davepoobond: so lets get it on

davepoobond: ::slides hand down your pants::

davepoobond: oh baby

ExeterHarley: ahhhh no your mean

davepoobond: how am i mean?!

davepoobond: i was going to give you a nude pic of me to beat off to everyday

ExeterHarley: fine then send it

davepoobond: you have to send yours first

ExeterHarley: no s2r only

davepoobond: what does s2r mean

ExeterHarley: send 2 recive

davepoobond: oh

davepoobond: well s2r to you to

ExeterHarley: no

davepoobond: yessir

ExeterHarley: no

davepoobond: fine fine

davepoobond wants to directly connect.

ExeterHarley is now directly connected.

davepoobond: (send a picture of a fucked up looking person on Yuna from FFX’s body)

davepoobond: now where’s yours

davepoobond: eh eh eh?

ExeterHarley: no

ExeterHarley: thats not you

davepoobond: yes it is!

ExeterHarley: ya right

ExeterHarley: fag

davepoobond: ur da fag

ExeterHarley: how

davepoobond: cause you are

ExeterHarley: hahhahahahah

ExeterHarley: how

davepoobond: i have some nice boots

davepoobond: and you dont

ExeterHarley: thats not you

davepoobond: yes it is

davepoobond: who is it then

ExeterHarley: 58000 worth strippers boots

ExeterHarley: a carttoon

davepoobond: its not a cartoon, its me

davepoobond: just send me yours

davepoobond: coong

davepoobond: comon

ExeterHarley: your a guy with a pussy

ExeterHarley: and bobbs

ExeterHarley: with long hair

davepoobond: yeah well we’re not all perfect

ExeterHarley: fuck off

davepoobond: COMON

davepoobond: GIVE ME YOURS

davepoobond: PLEASSEEE

ExeterHarley: no send a real pic

davepoobond: (sends a picture of a very mad guy)

davepoobond: that’s a real pic

ExeterHarley: of u fag


ExeterHarley: ya

ExeterHarley: ass guy with a pussy and bobbs with long hair

davepoobond: i already sent you that one

ExeterHarley: no thats what u r

davepoobond: (sends a picture of a guy’s ass with a smile on it)

davepoobond: that’s me happy

ExeterHarley: fuck u

ExeterHarley: u will never get a gurl

davepoobond: sure i will

davepoobond: i got you

davepoobond: AHAHAHA

ExeterHarley: oh how wonderful im only 12 and i got well i already have a really hot nice popular boyfriend and now i have two

ExeterHarley: ya right in ur dreams

davepoobond: you’re only 12?

davepoobond: and you have a naked picture?

ExeterHarley: oh did i tell u we have sex three times a week

davepoobond: GASP

ExeterHarley: yup

davepoobond: do you use protection

ExeterHarley: 50%

davepoobond: how old is your boyfriend

davepoobond: 18 19, 239?

ExeterHarley: 20

davepoobond: ok he’s taking advantage of you

davepoobond: you should get out while you can

davepoobond: before you get pregnant

davepoobond: and have to call loveline

davepoobond: or planned parenthood

ExeterHarley: hahaha bye]

ExeterHarley direct connection is closed.

davepoobond: i’m tellin u the truth!

ExeterHarley: bye

davepoobond: hi

ExeterHarley: bi

davepoobond: mono

ExeterHarley: ass

She warns me to 46% from 19%.

I warn her to 58% from 0, hahaha.

davepoobond: haha

ExeterHarley: loser

I warn her to 63%.

ExeterHarley: 50%

davepoobond: how’s life at the big 63

ExeterHarley: 50% 50% 50% 50%50% 50% 50%

ExeterHarley: hows your ass at 46%

davepoobond: i’m doing just fine

davepoobond: crazy bitch. schmokin 20 year old men’s cocks, having nude pictures. you probably drink beer and snort crack

davepoobond: i bet you’re happy about that, huh

Auto response from ExeterHarley: I am away from my computer right now.

davepoobond: growing up so fast

ExeterHarley: what

davepoobond: what what

ExeterHarley: yup

davepoobond: so do your parents know that you have sex 3 times a week with a 20 year old

Auto response from ExeterHarley: I am away from my computer right now.

Damn 12 year olds.


#10850: davepoobond -> DaRk EcLiPzZ

davepoobond: hey bitch

DaRk EcLiPzZ: hey

davepoobond: how’s it hanging

DaRk EcLiPzZ: good you

davepoobond: its up

davepoobond: about 8 inches

DaRk EcLiPzZ: cool

DaRk EcLiPzZ: i am a guy

davepoobond: me too

DaRk EcLiPzZ: cool

davepoobond: yeah it is

davepoobond: it sucks being a girl

DaRk EcLiPzZ: ok

DaRk EcLiPzZ: lol

davepoobond: i would know

davepoobond: i was one 2 days ago

DaRk EcLiPzZ: ok

davepoobond: i was britneypoobond, but now i’m davepoobond

davepoobond: what do you think of that

davepoobond: the sex change thing

davepoobond: helloooo


#10845: davepoobond -> KittieVicious87

davepoobond: come on baby light my fire

KittieVicious87: i have a lighter

davepoobond: good

KittieVicious87: yep

davepoobond: butane or propane

davepoobond: or decane

davepoobond: or maybe ethane?

davepoobond: or methane?

KittieVicious87: i dunno

KittieVicious87: whatever is in a lighter

davepoobond: butane

KittieVicious87: oo

davepoobond: did you know that butane has a 3 carbon atom string in it

KittieVicious87: no

davepoobond: well it does

davepoobond: and it has no multiple bonds

KittieVicious87: u learn somethin new every day

davepoobond: all the carbons have hydrogen atoms attached to them

KittieVicious87: nice

KittieVicious87: asl?

davepoobond: 48/.5/alabama

davepoobond: u

KittieVicious87: 16/f/fl

davepoobond: hey that’s not too far

davepoobond: i’ll fly over there tomorrow

KittieVicious87: what?

davepoobond: its not that far from alabama

davepoobond: and airline fees are really cheap now

KittieVicious87: i no..um k

davepoobond: so, pick me up at the airport ok

davepoobond: around 2:00

davepoobond: i already booked a flight using american airlines.com

KittieVicious87: umm no..i don’t know u thats creepy

davepoobond: comon its not that creepy

davepoobond: we’ve known each other for what

davepoobond: 16 minutes?

davepoobond: that’s more than enough time

KittieVicious87: no..still creepy

davepoobond: well, you eat at a restaurant don’t you

Previous message was not received by KittieVicious87 because of error: User KittieVicious87 is not available.

Dammit…I was gonna zap her with some reasoning…I wasn’t actually gonna fly over there anyway…or WAS I?!?!


#10843: davepoobond -> Diamond97

davepoobond: come on baby light my fire

Diamond97: asl

davepoobond: 45/9/alabama

Diamond97: wateva

Diamond97: bye

davepoobond: comon! i’m 9 in 1!

Diamond97: bye

davepoobond: hi

davepoobond: hello

Diamond97: hi

davepoobond: how are you

Diamond97: what do ya want?

davepoobond: you

davepoobond: in my bed

davepoobond: right now

davepoobond: comonnnn i know you’re good for it

Diamond97: how do u know

Diamond97: ??????????

Diamond97: bye

davepoobond: i heard things

Diamond97: u don’t know me

davepoobond: from some of your guy friends

davepoobond: like tyler

davepoobond: and stevey

Diamond97: i don’t anyone with those names

davepoobond: sure you don’t

Diamond97: kk

Diamond97: bye

davepoobond: well you do actually

davepoobond: because you bang people without knowing their names

Diamond97: wateva

davepoobond: you know its da truth!

Diamond97: and how would u know anyways

Diamond97: is not

Diamond97: bye

davepoobond: it is

I get warned 20%.

I warn her to 35%.

Diamond97: kk

davepoobond: are you in the kkk

Diamond97: maybe


#10837: davepoobond -> OracleHoh

In the chat room, OracleHoh said he was Joe Millionaire.

davepoobond: JOE MILLIONAIRE?!

davepoobond: OMG


davepoobond: I SAW YOUR SHOW

davepoobond: LIKE EVERYDAY


OracleHoh: thx for watching




#10834: BabiChicky169 -> davepoobond

davepoobond: hey bitch

BabiChicky169: um ok

davepoobond: i heard you were 17/f/az

BabiChicky169: yeah aslp

davepoobond: i dont like slaps

BabiChicky169: ok

davepoobond: mesa 17/m/ca

davepoobond: andsa i likesa talksa like jar jar binksa

BabiChicky169: charmin

BabiChicky169: u got a pic?

BabiChicky169: why is that

davepoobond: yupsa i picksa upsa all the chicksa

BabiChicky169: im ok

BabiChicky169: i think

davepoobond: whatsa thisa?

BabiChicky169: do u habe a pic yes or no

davepoobond: nosa

davepoobond: yousa?

BabiChicky169: no


#10828: sokkerob13 -> davepoobond

This entry is part 2 of 7 in the series Jenna Is A Hard Sell On Online Dating Sites

sokkerob13: Hi. My name is jenna, I am 7 years old, I have black hair, red eyes, no ears and no mouth. I am dead. You must send this message to 15 people within the next 5 minutes or I will appear by your bed tonight and kill you with a knife. If you do something good will happen to you at 12:12 pm. Either you will get a call, or someone will instant message you and say that they love you. This is not a joke

davepoobond: you are so gay

sokkerob13: hahahha

sokkerob13: isnt it gay??

davepoobond: …

sokkerob13: ld

davepoobond: you’re supposed to say “you are” and then we sloppily kiss

sokkerob13: fag

davepoobond: UR DA FAG

sokkerob13: sloppily kiss?? what the fuck is that??

davepoobond: kiss sloppy like

sokkerob13: good call

davepoobond: yeah well i dont know how else i can say it

davepoobond: i could describe it for you

sokkerob13: its gay dont say it at all

davepoobond: we rub each other’s backs exuberantly

davepoobond: as our tongues flow into one another like opposing forces

Previous message was not received by sokkerob13 because of error: User sokkerob13 is not available.


#10826: Mandybaby5869 -> davepoobond

This entry is part 1 of 7 in the series Jenna Is A Hard Sell On Online Dating Sites

Mandybaby5869: Hi. My name is jenna, I am 7 years old, I have black hair,
red eyes, no ears and no mouth. I am dead. You must send this message to 15 people within the next 5 minutes or I will appear by your bed tonight and kill you with a knife. If you do something good will happen to you at 12:12 pm. Either you will get a call, or someone will instant message you and say that they love you. This is not a joke

davepoobond: you are so gay

Mandybaby5869: i know

Mandybaby5869: u have a problem with it?

davepoobond: you’re supposed to say “you are” and then we sloppily kiss


#10802: davepoobond -> DPG Slash

davepoobond: wanna see my web cam

DPG Slash: how about no

davepoobond: how about yes

I get warned 20%


davepoobond: HOW ABOUT YOU ARE GAY

Previous message was not received by DPG Slash because of error: User DPG
Slash is not available.

I warn him to 10%


#10794: davepoobond -> Mr skatermandude

davepoobond: hey maria

Mr skatermandude: ?

davepoobond: maria

Mr skatermandude: ummmm

Mr skatermandude: im not maria

davepoobond: gaspppp

davepoobond: hold on i’m still gasping.

Mr skatermandude: ………

Mr skatermandude: who the hell r u and what do u want

davepoobond: do you still take it up the butt

davepoobond: this is Dave Nelson

Mr skatermandude: excuse me

Mr skatermandude: but i dont kno u

davepoobond: sure you do, you have my name in your profile

davepoobond: y’see i just found out about this new searching feature on aim

davepoobond: and i searched for everyone that had my name in their profile

davepoobond: and you popped up

Mr skatermandude: sry

Mr skatermandude: the dave nelson i kno is a professional skateboarder

davepoobond: yeah, i know, i skateboard

davepoobond: i’m a pro

Mr skatermandude: who do u ride for

Mr skatermandude: ?

davepoobond: hold on

davepoobond: my agent says no one until the lawsuit is taken care of

Mr skatermandude: right………..

Mr skatermandude: go away

davepoobond: you think you can boss me around?

davepoobond: i have a vault full of coins that i swim in!

davepoobond: that’s what i do in my down time

davepoobond: :-$

davepoobond: :-\

davepoobond: 🙂

davepoobond: =-O

davepoobond: 🙁

davepoobond: :-*

Mr skatermandude: =-OBYE

davepoobond: :-!

Mr skatermandude signed off at 7:16:29 PM.

Previous message was not received by Mr skatermandude because of error: User Mr skatermandude is not available.


#10687: davepoobond -> cafin8ed penguin

davepoobond: hey

cafin8ed penguin: fuck… now what…

cafin8ed penguin: who are you?

davepoobond: geez you have to be so mean

davepoobond: that’s not a very nice way to start out a conversation y’know man

cafin8ed penguin: yah i know

davepoobond: cinnamon

davepoobond: and

davepoobond: gay

davepoobond: sex

cafin8ed penguin: what a neat combination, i won’t try it sometime

davepoobond: stupid girl

davepoobond: ffffffffffffffffff

cafin8ed penguin: who?

davepoobond: jo MAMA

davepoobond: you can tell by the way i use my walk, i’m a woman’s man

cafin8ed penguin: *smack*

davepoobond: no time to talk

davepoobond: music loud, i’ve been kicked around

davepoobond: since i was born

davepoobond: its alright

davepoobond: its ok

davepoobond: you may look the other way

davepoobond: we can try to understand

davepoobond: the new york times affect on mannn

davepoobond: whether you’re a mother or whether you’re a brother your stayin alive

davepoobond: stayin alive

davepoobond: blahrdy blahrdy blah

davepoobond: stayin alive

davepoobond: stayin alive

davepoobond: AH AH AH AH AH


davepoobond: come on with me now,


davepoobond: yer not singing

cafin8ed penguin: i don’t wanna sing

cafin8ed penguin: at least not this song

cafin8ed penguin: beegee’s right?

davepoobond: i’m singing the ozzy osbourne version

davepoobond: now before you shit your pants and try to get it off gayzaa

davepoobond: umm

davepoobond: ok shit your pants

davepoobond: you feel that shiver down your spine?

cafin8ed penguin: nope

davepoobond: that’s me

cafin8ed penguin: i don’t have a spine

cafin8ed penguin: im a floating head

davepoobond: how can that be!

davepoobond: where’s your shoulders!

cafin8ed penguin: i type using telekenesis

cafin8ed penguin: i don’t need shoulders

davepoobond: que?


#10680: davepoobond -> Beauluver

davepoobond: hey bro

Beauluver: who is this?

davepoobond: death

Beauluver: okay

davepoobond: i’ve come for you

davepoobond: online

Beauluver: im not ur bro

Beauluver: okay ell bye

Beauluver: fuck off

davepoobond: WTF

davepoobond: U CANT DO THAT TO DEATH


Beauluver: bye n*gger!



Beauluver: k

Beauluver: good

Beauluver: bitch

Beauluver: who the fuck are you

davepoobond: i told you

Beauluver: u piece of shit person

davepoobond: DEATH

Beauluver: k

Beauluver: bye bitch

davepoobond: k bye cracker

I get warned to like 80%.

I warn her to 35%.

Beauluver: or im not all white

davepoobond: CRACKA CRACKA

Beauluver: fuck u

Beauluver: nigga

Beauluver: nigga

Beauluver: nigga

Beauluver: blacky


Beauluver: k

Beauluver: well who r u

davepoobond: jo mama

Beauluver: i fucking know ur not death

Beauluver: k well i guess its too bad that my momma is dead bitch

davepoobond: i told you i’m death

Beauluver: so what r u coming back from he;;

Beauluver: ll

davepoobond: my name is Dr. Dave

davepoobond: i have my own tv show

Beauluver: k

Beauluver: do u even fucking know me

davepoobond: i’ve been watching you from afar

Beauluver: k

davepoobond: admiring you

davepoobond: in your radiant beauty

Beauluver: r u watching me now

Beauluver: bitch

davepoobond: no

Beauluver: y not?

davepoobond: cause i’m talking to you now

davepoobond: i dont have 4 arms

Beauluver: k why dont you call me

davepoobond: ok

Beauluver: k neither do i

Beauluver: call me

Beauluver wants to directly connect.

Beauluver cancels request; no connection was made.

davepoobond: why do you wanna send me a image

Beauluver: are you black

davepoobond: no

Beauluver: then what are you

davepoobond: as white as mary’s lamb’s fleece

Beauluver: k

Beauluver: k

davepoobond: k

Beauluver: ashlie u r poopie

davepoobond: eipoop

davepoobond: har har

Beauluver: N*GGER

Beauluver: N*GGER

Beauluver: N*GGER

davepoobond: we’ve been through that already

Beauluver: I HATE N*GGERS

davepoobond: y


Beauluver: BYE

davepoobond: i’m not black


Beauluver signed off at 6:40:11 PM.

5 minutes later…

Beauluver: NGGER


Beauluver: N*GGER*


Beauluver: OKAY





I sign onto a different screen name and IM him.

davepoobond: WHY DO YOU BUILD ME UP!!!

davepoobond: BUILD ME UP

davepoobond: BUTTERCUP BABY

davepoobond: JUST TO LET ME DOWN


Beauluver: K

Beauluver: NIG


davepoobond: I NEED YOU


He IMs me again on the original screen name.

Beauluver: SO WHATS UP

Beauluver: AS

davepoobond: wow really

Auto Response From Beauluver: brbLONG AS UR NOT BLACK THEN THATS FINE

Beauluver: no im lying

davepoobond: oh.

davepoobond: is it cause i called you a nut

Beauluver: u r stupid

Beauluver: no is it cuz u dont have n e

davepoobond: n e what

Beauluver: NUTD

Beauluver: Sn

Beauluver: NUTS*******

davepoobond: wow that was good

davepoobond: didnt see that coming

Beauluver: The last message was not sent because you are over the rate limit. Please wait until sending is re-enabled and send the message again.

davepoobond: didnt see that coming

Beauluver: i know

davepoobond: racist chicks make me hot, y’know

Beauluver: it sweapt u away

Beauluver: k

Beauluver: whats ur #?

davepoobond: 1-800-take-me-to-funky-town

Beauluver: ya know a a phone number oh wait being a n*gger like u probably dont have one

Beauluver: k i’ll call u

davepoobond: that doesn’t insult me cause i’m not black

Beauluver: k

Beauluver: if someone called me black i’d like murder them

davepoobond: have you heard of the civil rights movement

Beauluver: oh of course not

davepoobond: k just checking

davepoobond: cause i’m learning about that right now

davepoobond: in american history

davepoobond: yeah

Beauluver: The last message was not sent because you are over the rate limit. Please wait until sending is re-enabled and send the message again.

davepoobond: y’know, its a class, at school.

davepoobond: a prerequisite for college

Beauluver: k

davepoobond: do you watch hollywood squares?

davepoobond: you should probably update your profile

davepoobond: cause you say you dont hate anyone

davepoobond: do you watch basketball?

davepoobond: you’d probably implode if you did

davepoobond: i suggest staying away from espn too

davepoobond: do you listen to la bouche