#10687: davepoobond -> cafin8ed penguin

davepoobond: hey

cafin8ed penguin: fuck… now what…

cafin8ed penguin: who are you?

davepoobond: geez you have to be so mean

davepoobond: that’s not a very nice way to start out a conversation y’know man

cafin8ed penguin: yah i know

davepoobond: cinnamon

davepoobond: and

davepoobond: gay

davepoobond: sex

cafin8ed penguin: what a neat combination, i won’t try it sometime

davepoobond: stupid girl

davepoobond: ffffffffffffffffff

cafin8ed penguin: who?

davepoobond: jo MAMA

davepoobond: you can tell by the way i use my walk, i’m a woman’s man

cafin8ed penguin: *smack*

davepoobond: no time to talk

davepoobond: music loud, i’ve been kicked around

davepoobond: since i was born

davepoobond: its alright

davepoobond: its ok

davepoobond: you may look the other way

davepoobond: we can try to understand

davepoobond: the new york times affect on mannn

davepoobond: whether you’re a mother or whether you’re a brother your stayin alive

davepoobond: stayin alive

davepoobond: blahrdy blahrdy blah

davepoobond: stayin alive

davepoobond: stayin alive

davepoobond: AH AH AH AH AH


davepoobond: come on with me now,


davepoobond: yer not singing

cafin8ed penguin: i don’t wanna sing

cafin8ed penguin: at least not this song

cafin8ed penguin: beegee’s right?

davepoobond: i’m singing the ozzy osbourne version

davepoobond: now before you shit your pants and try to get it off gayzaa

davepoobond: umm

davepoobond: ok shit your pants

davepoobond: you feel that shiver down your spine?

cafin8ed penguin: nope

davepoobond: that’s me

cafin8ed penguin: i don’t have a spine

cafin8ed penguin: im a floating head

davepoobond: how can that be!

davepoobond: where’s your shoulders!

cafin8ed penguin: i type using telekenesis

cafin8ed penguin: i don’t need shoulders

davepoobond: que?

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