#10686: Bcum A Pyro -> davepoobond

Bcum A Pyro: hello

davepoobond: hi

Bcum A Pyro: u smell like poo\

davepoobond: you probably think thats funny huh

Bcum A Pyro: uh huh

Bcum A Pyro: are u attractive?

davepoobond: sure

Bcum A Pyro: r u sexy?

davepoobond: sure

Bcum A Pyro: am i making u hott?

davepoobond: they come hand in hand

davepoobond: no

Bcum A Pyro: oic

Bcum A Pyro: bye

davepoobond: l

Previous message was not received by Bcum A Pyro because of error: User Bcum A Pyro is not available.

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