#10685: CapnChubby -> stimpyismyname

CapnChubby: how can i contact the guy named stimpyismyname from Squackle?

stimpyismyname: thaaaats me

stimpyismyname: why

CapnChubby: o

CapnChubby: he gave my game a 5/10 and called it gay

stimpyismyname: which one

stimpyismyname: brb

CapnChubby: christmas crunch

CapnChubby: basically its because my foot needs to contact his ass but i 5got aboot it until 3day.

stimpyismyname: i see

CapnChubby: well not really

stimpyismyname: do you really care

stimpyismyname: you made it in a day or something

CapnChubby: no like 3 months

CapnChubby: for the contest

CapnChubby: at GMC

stimpyismyname: i thought you said 15 min

CapnChubby: no

CapnChubby: that was the snake one

stimpyismyname: how could it take you 3 months

CapnChubby: how can i make 75 levels in 15 minutes?

stimpyismyname: wow

stimpyismyname: i didnt play it that long

CapnChubby: yeah

stimpyismyname: hehe

CapnChubby: didnt think so thats kinda why im pissed but it still got on Gamehippo and got 5/10 there too and people still download it

stimpyismyname: …k

CapnChubby: so im not too mad

CapnChubby: and i wont beatyou to a bloody pulp

stimpyismyname: uh huh..

CapnChubby: ill kindly thank you for the constructive critism

stimpyismyname: it mostly was

stimpyismyname: i was just kidding on the end

CapnChubby: except the GAY GAY GAY GAY part

stimpyismyname: right

stimpyismyname: i can’t get my mail

stimpyismyname: its pissing me off

CapnChubby: o

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