#10834: BabiChicky169 -> davepoobond

davepoobond: hey bitch

BabiChicky169: um ok

davepoobond: i heard you were 17/f/az

BabiChicky169: yeah aslp

davepoobond: i dont like slaps

BabiChicky169: ok

davepoobond: mesa 17/m/ca

davepoobond: andsa i likesa talksa like jar jar binksa

BabiChicky169: charmin

BabiChicky169: u got a pic?

BabiChicky169: why is that

davepoobond: yupsa i picksa upsa all the chicksa

BabiChicky169: im ok

BabiChicky169: i think

davepoobond: whatsa thisa?

BabiChicky169: do u habe a pic yes or no

davepoobond: nosa

davepoobond: yousa?

BabiChicky169: no

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