#10850: davepoobond -> DaRk EcLiPzZ

davepoobond: hey bitch

DaRk EcLiPzZ: hey

davepoobond: how’s it hanging

DaRk EcLiPzZ: good you

davepoobond: its up

davepoobond: about 8 inches

DaRk EcLiPzZ: cool

DaRk EcLiPzZ: i am a guy

davepoobond: me too

DaRk EcLiPzZ: cool

davepoobond: yeah it is

davepoobond: it sucks being a girl

DaRk EcLiPzZ: ok

DaRk EcLiPzZ: lol

davepoobond: i would know

davepoobond: i was one 2 days ago

DaRk EcLiPzZ: ok

davepoobond: i was britneypoobond, but now i’m davepoobond

davepoobond: what do you think of that

davepoobond: the sex change thing

davepoobond: helloooo

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