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#10843: davepoobond -> Diamond97

davepoobond: come on baby light my fire

Diamond97: asl

davepoobond: 45/9/alabama

Diamond97: wateva

Diamond97: bye

davepoobond: comon! i’m 9 in 1!

Diamond97: bye

davepoobond: hi

davepoobond: hello

Diamond97: hi

davepoobond: how are you

Diamond97: what do ya want?

davepoobond: you

davepoobond: in my bed

davepoobond: right now

davepoobond: comonnnn i know you’re good for it

Diamond97: how do u know

Diamond97: ??????????

Diamond97: bye

davepoobond: i heard things

Diamond97: u don’t know me

davepoobond: from some of your guy friends

davepoobond: like tyler

davepoobond: and stevey

Diamond97: i don’t anyone with those names

davepoobond: sure you don’t

Diamond97: kk

Diamond97: bye

davepoobond: well you do actually

davepoobond: because you bang people without knowing their names

Diamond97: wateva

davepoobond: you know its da truth!

Diamond97: and how would u know anyways

Diamond97: is not

Diamond97: bye

davepoobond: it is

I get warned 20%.

I warn her to 35%.

Diamond97: kk

davepoobond: are you in the kkk

Diamond97: maybe