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#10857: davepoobond -> ToFine4U001

davepoobond: if you’re too fine for me, then who’s too fine for you

ToFine4U001: um i dont know

ToFine4U001: who tha fuck is this

ToFine4U001: fuckin answer me bitch

davepoobond: a 20 year old man that fucks 12 year olds 3 times a week

davepoobond: whos this

ToFine4U001: whos this you Imed me

davepoobond: i told you

ToFine4U001: why is it ur fucking business

davepoobond: because i’m making it mine

ToFine4U001: oh ok then

ToFine4U001: my name is chelsea

davepoobond: hi chelsea

davepoobond: how are you

davepoobond: hellzo?

ToFine4U001: im fine

davepoobond: oh yeah?

davepoobond: thats good

davepoobond: fuck you mother fucking bitch whore bitch bitch bitch slut

I warn her to 35% then log off.

#10856: davepoobond -> JoelNBenji247

davepoobond: i’m a guy

JoleNBenji247: kool

JoleNBenji247: gotta pic”????

davepoobond: and i like potatos

JoleNBenji247: thats nice

JoleNBenji247: how old r u ????

davepoobond: yes

davepoobond: i’m yes years old

davepoobond: i’m actually 11

davepoobond: 11 and a half

JoleNBenji247: kool

davepoobond: how about you fucker

JoleNBenji247: where do u live???

JoleNBenji247: im 154

JoleNBenji247: **15

davepoobond: 154? you’re way tooo olddd

davepoobond: mom told me never to talk to anyone over 140

davepoobond: because they were around when the civil war broke out

JoleNBenji247: haha

JoleNBenji247: haha

davepoobond: and they probably have sex with 12 year olds 3 times a week

JoleNBenji247: where do u live???

davepoobond: california

davepoobond: you

JoleNBenji247: kool

davepoobond: yeah it is

davepoobond: what about you

JoleNBenji247: ny

davepoobond: :'(

davepoobond: ssoo o

davepoobond: sooo soo sooo

#10855: davepoobond -> italianbabii20

davepoobond: wow you’re only 96 pounds? i bet you get pounded good

italianbabii20: ok

davepoobond: i fit this description you placed in the chat room

italianbabii20: a*s*l

davepoobond: hey!!….any hot and sweet boys 13-15 Im if you wanna talk to a 13*f*IL dark brown hair,5’1 brown eyes, 96 lbs.

italianbabii20: a*s*l

davepoobond: 14/m/il

italianbabii20: what part of il

davepoobond: the part you live in

italianbabii20: righhht

italianbabii20: im gunna go bye

davepoobond: NOOO

davepoobond: WAITTTT

davepoobond: you didnt answer my question

italianbabii20: what was ur question

davepoobond: do you get pounded good

italianbabii20: fuck you

davepoobond: hey hey hey

davepoobond: whooaaaa there

italianbabii20: go away bye

davepoobond: hi

italianbabii20: LEAVE ME ALONE

davepoobond: no

italianbabii20: fine ill do the smart thing and just block you

italianbabii20: 🙂 bye

davepoobond: fine

davepoobond: bitch

italianbabii20: The last message was not sent because you are over the rate limit. Please wait until sending is re-enabled and send the message again.

davepoobond: bitch

Previous message was not received by italianbabii20 because of error: User italianbabii20 is not available.

I warn her to 20%

italianbabii20: why you warning me?

davepoobond: cause…

italianbabii20: cause i dont want to talk to you

davepoobond: basically

davepoobond: and you won’t answer my question

italianbabii20: its none of ur business

davepoobond: why not

italianbabii20: ur probably not even 14

davepoobond: you’re right

davepoobond: i’m 73 out for a good laugh

italianbabii20: uh huh sure you are

italianbabii20: bye

davepoobond: fine fine

davepoobond: i’m 17

italianbabii20: ok

italianbabii20: still too old

davepoobond: i know this 12 year old that has sex 3 times a week with a 20 year old

davepoobond: now THATS too old

italianbabii20: ok i gotta go bye

davepoobond: ok c ya later

italianbabii20: no you wont

italianbabii20: bye

davepoobond: WHAT

davepoobond: WHY NOT

italianbabii20: cuz i dont wanna talk to you

davepoobond: why not

italianbabii20: UR TOO OLD!!!!!!

italianbabii20: bye

davepoobond: NO I’M NOT

davepoobond: I’M 13 AT HEART

davepoobond: I NEVER GREW UP

Previous message was not received by italianbabii20 because of error: User italianbabii20 is not available.

I warn her to 35%

#10852: davepoobond -> ExeterHarley

davepoobond: i’m hot

davepoobond: and i have a nude pic

ExeterHarley: send it

davepoobond: send yours first

davepoobond: are you going to

ExeterHarley: to what

ExeterHarley: s2r

davepoobond: send yours first

davepoobond: are you?

ExeterHarley: nope

davepoobond: fine then

davepoobond: bitch bitch bitch

ExeterHarley: bi bi bi bi bi

davepoobond: mono mono mono

ExeterHarley: ass ass ass ass ass ass

davepoobond: penis penis penis penis

ExeterHarley: mofo mofo mofo mofo mofo mofo

ExeterHarley: dick dick dick dick dick

davepoobond: anymore

ExeterHarley: fucker fucker fucker fucker

ExeterHarley: anymore

davepoobond: bah bah black sheep have you any wool

davepoobond: yessir yessir 3 bags full

davepoobond: bah bah black sheep is this girl a bitch

davepoobond: yessir yessir 3 times full

davepoobond: AHAHAHA

davepoobond: I GOT YOU


ExeterHarley: wait for this

ExeterHarley: 1,2, you stink like poo 3,4, your a hore 5,6, you have a dick 7,8, its gettting so late ahhh your the worst 9,10 fuck this hen (you)

ExeterHarley: hahahaha

davepoobond: those were all compliments except the first 2

ExeterHarley: the bigest diss u could eva think oof

davepoobond: oh yeah?

davepoobond: i got a bigger one

davepoobond: fuck you

davepoobond: BWAHAHA

ExeterHarley: im a gurl

davepoobond: hey hey

davepoobond: i’m a guy

davepoobond: so lets get it on

davepoobond: ::slides hand down your pants::

davepoobond: oh baby

ExeterHarley: ahhhh no your mean

davepoobond: how am i mean?!

davepoobond: i was going to give you a nude pic of me to beat off to everyday

ExeterHarley: fine then send it

davepoobond: you have to send yours first

ExeterHarley: no s2r only

davepoobond: what does s2r mean

ExeterHarley: send 2 recive

davepoobond: oh

davepoobond: well s2r to you to

ExeterHarley: no

davepoobond: yessir

ExeterHarley: no

davepoobond: fine fine

davepoobond wants to directly connect.

ExeterHarley is now directly connected.

davepoobond: (send a picture of a fucked up looking person on Yuna from FFX’s body)

davepoobond: now where’s yours

davepoobond: eh eh eh?

ExeterHarley: no

ExeterHarley: thats not you

davepoobond: yes it is!

ExeterHarley: ya right

ExeterHarley: fag

davepoobond: ur da fag

ExeterHarley: how

davepoobond: cause you are

ExeterHarley: hahhahahahah

ExeterHarley: how

davepoobond: i have some nice boots

davepoobond: and you dont

ExeterHarley: thats not you

davepoobond: yes it is

davepoobond: who is it then

ExeterHarley: 58000 worth strippers boots

ExeterHarley: a carttoon

davepoobond: its not a cartoon, its me

davepoobond: just send me yours

davepoobond: coong

davepoobond: comon

ExeterHarley: your a guy with a pussy

ExeterHarley: and bobbs

ExeterHarley: with long hair

davepoobond: yeah well we’re not all perfect

ExeterHarley: fuck off

davepoobond: COMON

davepoobond: GIVE ME YOURS

davepoobond: PLEASSEEE

ExeterHarley: no send a real pic

davepoobond: (sends a picture of a very mad guy)

davepoobond: that’s a real pic

ExeterHarley: of u fag


ExeterHarley: ya

ExeterHarley: ass guy with a pussy and bobbs with long hair

davepoobond: i already sent you that one

ExeterHarley: no thats what u r

davepoobond: (sends a picture of a guy’s ass with a smile on it)

davepoobond: that’s me happy

ExeterHarley: fuck u

ExeterHarley: u will never get a gurl

davepoobond: sure i will

davepoobond: i got you

davepoobond: AHAHAHA

ExeterHarley: oh how wonderful im only 12 and i got well i already have a really hot nice popular boyfriend and now i have two

ExeterHarley: ya right in ur dreams

davepoobond: you’re only 12?

davepoobond: and you have a naked picture?

ExeterHarley: oh did i tell u we have sex three times a week

davepoobond: GASP

ExeterHarley: yup

davepoobond: do you use protection

ExeterHarley: 50%

davepoobond: how old is your boyfriend

davepoobond: 18 19, 239?

ExeterHarley: 20

davepoobond: ok he’s taking advantage of you

davepoobond: you should get out while you can

davepoobond: before you get pregnant

davepoobond: and have to call loveline

davepoobond: or planned parenthood

ExeterHarley: hahaha bye]

ExeterHarley direct connection is closed.

davepoobond: i’m tellin u the truth!

ExeterHarley: bye

davepoobond: hi

ExeterHarley: bi

davepoobond: mono

ExeterHarley: ass

She warns me to 46% from 19%.

I warn her to 58% from 0, hahaha.

davepoobond: haha

ExeterHarley: loser

I warn her to 63%.

ExeterHarley: 50%

davepoobond: how’s life at the big 63

ExeterHarley: 50% 50% 50% 50%50% 50% 50%

ExeterHarley: hows your ass at 46%

davepoobond: i’m doing just fine

davepoobond: crazy bitch. schmokin 20 year old men’s cocks, having nude pictures. you probably drink beer and snort crack

davepoobond: i bet you’re happy about that, huh

Auto response from ExeterHarley: I am away from my computer right now.

davepoobond: growing up so fast

ExeterHarley: what

davepoobond: what what

ExeterHarley: yup

davepoobond: so do your parents know that you have sex 3 times a week with a 20 year old

Auto response from ExeterHarley: I am away from my computer right now.

Damn 12 year olds.