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#10845: davepoobond -> KittieVicious87

davepoobond: come on baby light my fire

KittieVicious87: i have a lighter

davepoobond: good

KittieVicious87: yep

davepoobond: butane or propane

davepoobond: or decane

davepoobond: or maybe ethane?

davepoobond: or methane?

KittieVicious87: i dunno

KittieVicious87: whatever is in a lighter

davepoobond: butane

KittieVicious87: oo

davepoobond: did you know that butane has a 3 carbon atom string in it

KittieVicious87: no

davepoobond: well it does

davepoobond: and it has no multiple bonds

KittieVicious87: u learn somethin new every day

davepoobond: all the carbons have hydrogen atoms attached to them

KittieVicious87: nice

KittieVicious87: asl?

davepoobond: 48/.5/alabama

davepoobond: u

KittieVicious87: 16/f/fl

davepoobond: hey that’s not too far

davepoobond: i’ll fly over there tomorrow

KittieVicious87: what?

davepoobond: its not that far from alabama

davepoobond: and airline fees are really cheap now

KittieVicious87: i no..um k

davepoobond: so, pick me up at the airport ok

davepoobond: around 2:00

davepoobond: i already booked a flight using american airlines.com

KittieVicious87: umm no..i don’t know u thats creepy

davepoobond: comon its not that creepy

davepoobond: we’ve known each other for what

davepoobond: 16 minutes?

davepoobond: that’s more than enough time

KittieVicious87: no..still creepy

davepoobond: well, you eat at a restaurant don’t you

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Dammit…I was gonna zap her with some reasoning…I wasn’t actually gonna fly over there anyway…or WAS I?!?!