#10794: davepoobond -> Mr skatermandude

davepoobond: hey maria

Mr skatermandude: ?

davepoobond: maria

Mr skatermandude: ummmm

Mr skatermandude: im not maria

davepoobond: gaspppp

davepoobond: hold on i’m still gasping.

Mr skatermandude: ………

Mr skatermandude: who the hell r u and what do u want

davepoobond: do you still take it up the butt

davepoobond: this is Dave Nelson

Mr skatermandude: excuse me

Mr skatermandude: but i dont kno u

davepoobond: sure you do, you have my name in your profile

davepoobond: y’see i just found out about this new searching feature on aim

davepoobond: and i searched for everyone that had my name in their profile

davepoobond: and you popped up

Mr skatermandude: sry

Mr skatermandude: the dave nelson i kno is a professional skateboarder

davepoobond: yeah, i know, i skateboard

davepoobond: i’m a pro

Mr skatermandude: who do u ride for

Mr skatermandude: ?

davepoobond: hold on

davepoobond: my agent says no one until the lawsuit is taken care of

Mr skatermandude: right………..

Mr skatermandude: go away

davepoobond: you think you can boss me around?

davepoobond: i have a vault full of coins that i swim in!

davepoobond: that’s what i do in my down time

davepoobond: :-$

davepoobond: :-\

davepoobond: 🙂

davepoobond: =-O

davepoobond: 🙁

davepoobond: :-*

Mr skatermandude: =-OBYE

davepoobond: :-!

Mr skatermandude signed off at 7:16:29 PM.

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