OnlineHost: *** You are in “Alexyia68”. ***

davepoobond: what the hell

OnlineHost: DarkMatter has entered the room.

OnlineHost: GohanLOTS has entered the room.

davepoobond: who’re you

GohanLOTS: Sexy

The Silent Mole: (( o.o? ))

DarkMatter: -( ….? )-

OnlineHost: Brolli has entered the room.

GohanLOTS: I want to lick your cunt..

Bloodless: ??

Ninja Kinshu: …

OnlineHost: Cloustadio has entered the room.

Bloodless: aaaahhh.

Ninja Kinshu: ok what the hell is this?

davepoobond: what the hell!

OnlineHost: DarkMatter has left the room.

Cloustadio: nancyyyy

Bloodless: topango.

davepoobond: i dont know

OnlineHost: The Silent Mole has left the room.

GohanLOTS: an Orgy..

Bloodless: dubadingdoowaadai.

davepoobond: ok…….

davepoobond: someone wanna tell us why we’re here?

OnlineHost: Nanakiseto has entered the room.

Cloustadio: yay

OnlineHost: InsanityDragon has entered the room.

davepoobond: i have better things to do, like making people’s lives miserable

InsanityDragon: okay?

InsanityDragon: why am i here

Nanakiseto: ya why am I here?

Bloodless: you’ve been chosen

davepoobond: been chosen to do what?

InsanityDragon: as?

Bloodless: for the plan

Bloodless: shush

Bloodless: listen

InsanityDragon: what plan

InsanityDragon: k

davepoobond: ok

Bloodless: ok sit down


OnlineHost: AlacardValentine has entered the room.

Ninja Kinshu: ……

Bloodless: we are to assassinate ninja kinshu

OnlineHost: AlacardValentine has left the room.

davepoobond: BORING

Bloodless: shut up!!!

InsanityDragon: how?

Bloodless: um

davepoobond: why

Bloodless: shoot him

GohanLOTS: I want to assisnate Nikki’s virginity

InsanityDragon: with?

Ninja Kinshu: …..

Nanakiseto: lol


GohanLOTS: haha

davepoobond: dont worry kinshu guy thingy

InsanityDragon: lol

GohanLOTS: Way to make plans

GohanLOTS: with the guy in the room

GohanLOTS: ROFL!!!!

Bloodless: lol

Alexyia: wtf?

Ninja Kinshu: …..

Alexyia: rich.

Alexyia: rich.

davepoobond: seriously, wtf?

Alexyia: rich.

Ninja Kinshu: oooookay

GohanLOTS: Nikki.

Ninja Kinshu: gone

GohanLOTS: I wanna suck your cock

OnlineHost: Ninja Kinshu has left the room.

davepoobond: who the hell are you people

Bloodless: LOL

davepoobond: and how the hell did you get my fuckin’ sn

InsanityDragon: seriously why am i here

InsanityDragon: yeah same questin

GohanLOTS: Nikki has the biggest pecker..

Nanakiseto: lol

Alexyia: yeah

Alexyia: i shove my cock in your face

Alexyia: suck it faggot

GohanLOTS: I love it.


GohanLOTS: You have big tits.

InsanityDragon: wtf

GohanLOTS: I want to grease ym head in oil and rub my face all over them


GohanLOTS: Then grease my cock up and shove it in your tight ass.

davepoobond: i want some answers, i dont want a perverted wacko saying what he wants

Alexyia: ok.

Alexyia: that’s nasty.

Alexyia: k.

InsanityDragon: you know this is a nasty chat

dedoKAT: hello.

GohanLOTS: Hey KAT

GohanLOTS: wanna fuck?

InsanityDragon: for an 11 year old <<<

OnlineHost: Cloud has entered the room.

dedoKAT: sup sweetie.

dedoKAT: remember me?

davepoobond: no

InsanityDragon: bye

OnlineHost: InsanityDragon has left the room.

Cloud: i dont know who invited me and why

davepoobond: tell me why i was invited here

Cloustadio: fg

GohanLOTS: Shut up babies.

GohanLOTS: Its an orgy.

davepoobond: lord distxrbed guy


davepoobond: invited me here

GohanLOTS: Because

GohanLOTS: its an orgy.

Cloud: gohan DBZ fan huh?


GohanLOTS: Not really..

Cloud: then why is it your sn

GohanLOTS: Because

GohanLOTS: CEnturies old.

GohanLOTS: I hardly watch it anymore….

OnlineHost: Madame Mortician has entered the room.

dedoKAT: hello.

GohanLOTS: too busy masturbating.

Madame Mortician: hi.

Cloud: you missed all new episodes

davepoobond: what does LOTS mean?

GohanLOTS: and having sex with all sorts of women..

GohanLOTS: Lots of sex

Madame Mortician: Who invited me here.

davepoobond: …………..okkkkk

Cloud: well im out

GohanLOTS: no, i’ve seen them.

OnlineHost: Cloud has left the room.

OnlineHost: Alexyia has left the room.



GohanLOTS: shes my girlfriend

Nanakiseto: Well, this is real fucking entertaining…………….

GohanLOTS: Hey DedoKAT

davepoobond: she’s gonna break up with you

GohanLOTS: wanna fuck??

dedoKAT: shut up bitch!!!

OnlineHost: Ninja Kinshu has entered the room.

GohanLOTS: Lick me

Madame Mortician: Someone explain to me why I’m here..


davepoobond: ME TOO

GohanLOTS: Now..bend over..

dedoKAT: madame.

Ninja Kinshu: ….

GohanLOTS: ::unbuttons and unzips his jeans..:

dedoKAT: how are you?


Madame Mortician: I see now..

davepoobond: I HATE YOU

GohanLOTS: Ready to get down to the nitty gritty?

Madame Mortician: Hey, hey..Lay off..

Ninja Kinshu: ….

Madame Mortician: Gawd, what am I doing here?

GohanLOTS: Jake cheated

davepoobond: i dont know why i’m here either

GohanLOTS: on Nikki

OnlineHost: LAprincess419 has entered the room.

GohanLOTS: He always does….

Ninja Kinshu: ::doesnt say anything::

OnlineHost: LAprincess419 has left the room.

GohanLOTS: Now shes going to confront him…….


GohanLOTS: non stop….

GohanLOTS: With me..

davepoobond: thats nifty

GohanLOTS: and thousands of other guys.


GohanLOTS: ??

davepoobond: no, you typed it you dumbass

Madame Mortician: Who cheats on who?

Ninja Kinshu: evil……

GohanLOTS: They both do..

davepoobond: they belong to each other then

GohanLOTS: she fucks several guys

GohanLOTS: at a time

GohanLOTS: Like, 15 a day..

GohanLOTS: all together.

Madame Mortician: Good for her..Ta-ta

OnlineHost: Madame Mortician has left the room.

davepoobond: thats nasty…

OnlineHost: Brolli has left the room.

GohanLOTS: No

GohanLOTS: its alright.

GohanLOTS: ya see..

GohanLOTS: jake doesn’t give her enough

GohanLOTS: Hes too busy cheating on her

GohanLOTS: with guys.

GohanLOTS: twice his age.

davepoobond: thats…um……great…….

GohanLOTS: hey

GohanLOTS: I know its wrong.

GohanLOTS: He doesn’t.

Nanakiseto: BYE!!!!! and trust me this hasn’t been fun

OnlineHost: Nanakiseto has left the room.

davepoobond: haha

Ninja Kinshu: …….

GohanLOTS: he loves the attention

GohanLOTS: That those older males give him

davepoobond: thats super…..who’re we talking about again?

GohanLOTS: some are even his own age..

GohanLOTS: Jake

davepoobond: which is…..

GohanLOTS: Lord Distxrbed

davepoobond: oh

davepoobond: that ASS HOLE

GohanLOTS: Hes a jerk.

OnlineHost: Alexyia has entered the room.

Ninja Kinshu: …..

GohanLOTS: he fucks all sorts of guys

Alexyia: gohan.

GohanLOTS: behind nikki’s back..

Alexyia: i know you’re mad.

Alexyia: because you can’t get jake.

GohanLOTS: Yes baby?

Cloustadio: wttttttttttttttttf.

GohanLOTS: mm

GohanLOTS: I’m mad

Alexyia: but you don’t need to take your anger out on him.

GohanLOTS: because I cant get you baby.

Ninja Kinshu: ooooooookaaaay

GohanLOTS: I love you Nikki.

GohanLOTS: I want you……

GohanLOTS: I need you..

Alexyia: i love rich.

Ninja Kinshu: uh….can i leaev now?

Cloustadio: YEAH.

Cloustadio: SHE LOVES ME, NANCY.

Cloustadio: NOW GTFO.

GohanLOTS: I need to shove my cock inside of you..mmm

Alexyia: hahahaaa.



GohanLOTS: RIght

Cloustadio: yeah.

davepoobond: yeah

GohanLOTS: I’ll destroy you…

GohanLOTS: Where do you live”

GohanLOTS: ??

davepoobond: yeah he will

GohanLOTS: Address.

Alexyia: fight!!!!!

Cloustadio: i forgot.

GohanLOTS: I’ll come over..

GohanLOTS: Fucking kill you.

Alexyia: ROFL.

GohanLOTS: thats what I thought, N*gger.

Ninja Kinshu: …….

Cloustadio: but

Alexyia: n*gger HAHAHAHAHA

Cloustadio: but

Cloustadio: i’m not black

GohanLOTS: Shut up.

OnlineHost: dedoKAT has left the room.

OnlineHost: Ninja Kinshu has left the room.

GohanLOTS: Faggot.

Cloustadio: i live

GohanLOTS: You are now.

Alexyia: ROFL he’s calling you a faggot but he likes to fuck men

Cloustadio: pittsburgh, pa

GohanLOTS: I do not Nikki.

Cloustadio: and the rest i can’t tell you because i’m scared.

Alexyia: ok.

Alexyia: sure.


Alexyia: faggot.

GohanLOTS: my God..

GohanLOTS: rofl

Alexyia: faggot.

Alexyia: uh-huh.

Alexyia: faggot.

GohanLOTS: jake is the faggot.

GohanLOTS: I’m not

Alexyia: yeah.

Alexyia: faggot.

GohanLOTS: He tried to fuck me

GohanLOTS: I said no

Alexyia: ok.

Alexyia: faggot.

GohanLOTS: Ok.

Bloodless: lol

Alexyia: ok.

Alexyia: faggot.

GohanLOTS: Dirty goth.

GohanLOTS: take a shower?

GohanLOTS: hear that one before?

Alexyia: no.

Alexyia: 🙂

GohanLOTS: Fucking scumbag.

GohanLOTS: wash your hair?

Alexyia: thx.

Alexyia: no.

GohanLOTS: Brush your teeth?

Alexyia: it’s greasey.

Alexyia: no.

GohanLOTS: shave your pubes?

Alexyia: nope.

GohanLOTS: God.

GohanLOTS: Sick.

Alexyia: bushmonster.

GohanLOTS: GOd..

GohanLOTS: Don’t give me mental pictures.

Alexyia: wanna sniff it?

GohanLOTS: Yeah.

Alexyia: faggot.

GohanLOTS: I do

GohanLOTS: Then i’ll shave it

GohanLOTS: You a virgin IRL?

Alexyia: no.

Alexyia: because.

Alexyia: you’re a faggot.

Alexyia: faggots don’t muff dive.

GohanLOTS: Who would fuck a bush monster.

GohanLOTS: Probably jake

GohanLOTS: tHe little twelve year old.

GohanLOTS: Hes like elian gonzales.

Alexyia: you = the little 9 year old.

GohanLOTS: ANd you rape him..

GohanLOTS: Everyday..

Alexyia: wtf.

GohanLOTS: Its not fair.

Alexyia: you fucking poser.

Alexyia: that’s from ff9.

GohanLOTS: Poser/

Alexyia: fm99*

GohanLOTS: No…

GohanLOTS: fm99??

GohanLOTS: The fuck is that…

Alexyia: tommy and rumble.

Alexyia: dumb bitch.

GohanLOTS: ……..

GohanLOTS: Uhh

GohanLOTS: No?

Alexyia: ok.

GohanLOTS: Sorry..

Alexyia: elian water.

Alexyia: sure.

GohanLOTS: Dont watch queer goth shit…..

Alexyia: poser.

Alexyia: ROFL.

GohanLOTS: Rather watch porno.

GohanLOTS: With some good lookin’ broads.

Alexyia: i’m not goth, sorry.

Alexyia: rofl.

GohanLOTS: Yeah.


GohanLOTS: You’re a fucking bio freak.

Alexyia: he’s trying to be straight.

GohanLOTS: You n*gger.

Alexyia: dude, that’s sick.

Alexyia: n*gger, k.

GohanLOTS: You’re black

GohanLOTS: Thats sick.

GohanLOTS: Slave

Alexyia: you just called me goth.

GohanLOTS: make me sandwich


Alexyia: then n*gger.

Alexyia: no.


GohanLOTS: Fucker

GohanLOTS: yes

GohanLOTS: Now

Alexyia: no.

Alexyia: no.

GohanLOTS: Suck my cock

GohanLOTS: SLut

Alexyia: no.

Alexyia: no.

GohanLOTS: you love it

Alexyia: no.

Alexyia: no.

Alexyia: no.

Alexyia: no.

Alexyia: rich



Alexyia: rofl

GohanLOTS: I’m too gay

davepoobond: uhh yeah

GohanLOTS: to have comebacks

davepoobond: thats right



GohanLOTS: you fucking pussy.

GohanLOTS: You break up with Jake??

Alexyia: how am i a pussy over a screen?

Alexyia: no.

Alexyia: i never was with jake.

Alexyia: dumbfuck.

GohanLOTS: I’d kick your ass IRL

GohanLOTS: N*gger.

Alexyia: rofl.

GohanLOTS: LEts meet

Alexyia: cuz you’re a bigbad man.

GohanLOTS: I’ll shwo you a thing or two

GohanLOTS: then i’d fucking rape you

GohanLOTS: throw you in the river

Alexyia: ahahaa.

GohanLOTS: shoot you with my glock.

Alexyia: like you own one.

GohanLOTS: While your already dead

GohanLOTS: in the River.

GohanLOTS: right

GohanLOTS: I Own two

GohanLOTS: Sorry

Alexyia: lol.

Alexyia: sure you do.

GohanLOTS: Yeah

GohanLOTS: Want pics?

Alexyia: sure.

GohanLOTS: Rofl

Alexyia: you stole them off of the internet.

GohanLOTS: You’re a fag.

Alexyia: i know.

GohanLOTS: No.

Alexyia: rofl.

GohanLOTS: Pics with me

Alexyia: atleast i don’t fuck them.

GohanLOTS: and dead bodies

GohanLOTS: WIth me holding my glock

Alexyia: ROFL.

Alexyia: ROFLMAO.


Alexyia: omfg

Alexyia: what a dumbasss

Alexyia: ahahaaaaa

GohanLOTS: You’re my next victim

Alexyia: logslogs

GohanLOTS: Nah Im joking

Alexyia: sure am

GohanLOTS: I never killed anyone

GohanLOTS: ROfl

GohanLOTS: You’ll be the first person

GohanLOTS: I drive over

GohanLOTS: and kick someones ass


GohanLOTS: You’re a loser.

GohanLOTS: Gotth

GohanLOTS: Smelly

GohanLOTS: Dork…..

GohanLOTS: N*gger Child


Alexyia: since you don’t know me you can assume i’m all those things

davepoobond: a dork is a whale’s dick

GohanLOTS: Yeah.

GohanLOTS: I know what you are.

Alexyia: k

GohanLOTS: jake described you

GohanLOTS: he said your armpits are all hairy

Alexyia: jake is a dumbfuck

Alexyia: rofl

GohanLOTS: because you don’t shave them.

Alexyia: sure he did

GohanLOTS: And you smell….

Alexyia: jake doesnt even know me

GohanLOTS: But that turns him on


Alexyia: not as bad as your dick

GohanLOTS: .

GohanLOTS: I wash my cock

GohanLOTS: daily.

GohanLOTS: after I jerk off..

Alexyia: no

GohanLOTS: usually about 5 times

Alexyia: after you buttfuck

OnlineHost: Cloustadio has left the room.

GohanLOTS: a day

GohanLOTS: after I buttfuck you.

GohanLOTS: Slut

Alexyia: ya

GohanLOTS: YEah

GohanLOTS: Fucking whore..

Alexyia: ya

GohanLOTS: Dont make me bring the big guns in

Alexyia: roflmao

OnlineHost: Ant BIade has entered the room.

davepoobond: ……………………….am i a big gun?



Ant BIade: What do you want?

Alexyia: rofl

GohanLOTS: You..

Alexyia: faggot

Ant BIade: Fuck you.

OnlineHost: Ant BIade has left the room.


davepoobond: lol

Alexyia: dude wtf

GohanLOTS: Whats wrong with Ant

GohanLOTS: Hes my best friend..

Alexyia: he hates you cuz youre gay

Alexyia: queer

GohanLOTS: No.

GohanLOTS: You’re gay

GohanLOTS: queer.

davepoobond: you have no friends, maybe?

GohanLOTS: Fucking scumbag

GohanLOTS: take a shower.


Alexyia: k

GohanLOTS: K

GohanLOTS: Goo

Alexyia: no

GohanLOTS: you’re scum

Alexyia: ya

GohanLOTS: you should be gassed.

Alexyia: k

GohanLOTS: k

davepoobond: i bet that ant guy masturbates on gak

GohanLOTS: Good

GohanLOTS: agree with that?

Alexyia: no

Alexyia: 🙂

GohanLOTS: I do.

Alexyia: sorry

GohanLOTS: You’re going down

GohanLOTS: Bitch

Alexyia: no one else does

GohanLOTS: Im driving over

Alexyia: rofl

GohanLOTS: Kicking your ass

Alexyia: k sure

GohanLOTS: showing you who’s the boss.

GohanLOTS: Where do you live.

Alexyia: a little 13 year old walks up to my door

Alexyia: with a watergun

GohanLOTS: 15.

GohanLOTS: N*gger.

Alexyia: hahahaaaa

Alexyia: 15

davepoobond: aint that amazing

GohanLOTS: With my fists

davepoobond: only 15

GohanLOTS: Comes over

Alexyia: fists

GohanLOTS: Kicks your ass

Alexyia: wow

Alexyia: you can beat on women

Alexyia: machoman

GohanLOTS: I’m jacked up on steroids

Alexyia: rofl

Alexyia: rofl

GohanLOTS: and creatine

Alexyia: rofl

Alexyia: omgh

Alexyia: sfjsf;sf

Alexyia: hahahahahaa

GohanLOTS: Haha

Alexyia: this guy

Alexyia: he talks shit

GohanLOTS: I’m gonna fuck you up.

Alexyia: he aint got none of this shit

GohanLOTS: rofl


Alexyia: yeah i do

GohanLOTS: i do creatine anyway

Alexyia: sure you do

GohanLOTS: Not steroids

GohanLOTS: Yeah


Alexyia: fuckin wannabe

GohanLOTS: want a pic of it?

Alexyia: sure

GohanLOTS: me holding my bottle


Alexyia: you steal that off the internet too?

GohanLOTS: NO.

Alexyia: why you laughin?

GohanLOTS: I bet

Alexyia: im serious

Alexyia: bitch

GohanLOTS: you dont know

GohanLOTS: what creatine is

GohanLOTS: You fucking jew.

Alexyia: i bet

Alexyia: you dont

GohanLOTS: its legal shit.

Alexyia: know

Alexyia: what creatine is

Alexyia: because

GohanLOTS: Yeah it is….

Alexyia: you’ve never had it

GohanLOTS: because i use it

Alexyia: stupid fucker

GohanLOTS: Everyday

GohanLOTS: after I work out

GohanLOTS: Jew.

Alexyia: sure you do

GohanLOTS: rofl

Alexyia: i’m a goth, a n*gger, and a jew

Alexyia: ok

davepoobond: lol

GohanLOTS: It only stuffs your muscle

Alexyia: makes sense

GohanLOTS: with water

GohanLOTS: So it looks bigger…..

GohanLOTS: Pretyt much

GohanLOTS: in gay man words

Alexyia: because you’re a skinny bitch

GohanLOTS: So you’d understand

GohanLOTS: Rofl

GohanLOTS: Right

Alexyia: right

Alexyia: i know

GohanLOTS: atleast I’m not overweight

GohanLOTS: ::Cough::

Alexyia: me neither

Alexyia: 🙂

GohanLOTS: sure

Alexyia: sure

Alexyia: sure

GohanLOTS: fatass

Alexyia: me neither

GohanLOTS: slimfast

Alexyia: 😉

GohanLOTS: yeah,

GohanLOTS: You are.

Alexyia: slimfast is nasty


GohanLOTS: tried it?

GohanLOTS: Figures

Alexyia: just as much as you’re straight

GohanLOTS: You’re not worth my time.

Alexyia: took you awhile

Alexyia: bye

GohanLOTS: What does Jake see in youre fat ass?

Alexyia: looks like you lost

Alexyia: ROFL

Alexyia: hes jealous

Alexyia: he wants jake

Alexyia: ewewewew faggot

GohanLOTS: No.

GohanLOTS: rofl

GohanLOTS: I’m not gay

Alexyia: sure you arent

GohanLOTS: Why do you keep saying that.

GohanLOTS: You jew.

Alexyia: thats why you want jake so much

GohanLOTS: Jewish N*gger.

GohanLOTS: No.

GohanLOTS: I dont

GohanLOTS: I’m just saying

GohanLOTS: Why does he like you?

Alexyia: k

Alexyia: cause he does

GohanLOTS: Why does ANY guy like you?

Alexyia: and he doesnt like you

Alexyia: because

Alexyia: youre a faggot

GohanLOTS: I dont care if he likes me

Alexyia: and hes not

Alexyia: k

Alexyia: kthx

GohanLOTS: Jake is a little boy.

OnlineHost: lord distxrbed has entered the room.

Alexyia: so?


davepoobond: thats…..odd……..


davepoobond: 2 lord distxrbed


lord distxrbed: actually instead of stuffing my face I talked my grandpa into buying d2

Alexyia: REALLY


Alexyia: do you have it

lord distxrbed: yes

lord distxrbed: no

Alexyia: bow

Alexyia: sdlkjlgjss

lord distxrbed: tommorrow

Alexyia: ok

GohanLOTS: Jake

GohanLOTS: she was bad mouthing you.

GohanLOTS: She said you were gay

lord distxrbed: xpac 2 weeks from now

Alexyia: bullshit

GohanLOTS: and that you

Alexyia: i said you were gay

GohanLOTS: were a fucking loser

GohanLOTS: and she hated you

GohanLOTS: and that she has a boyfriend

Alexyia: lol

GohanLOTS: named Rich

Alexyia: ok?

GohanLOTS: Who she rides

GohanLOTS: Daily.

lord distxrbed: stop trying to recruit me to the fag side ok?

Alexyia: rofl

GohanLOTS: …

davepoobond: 15 times

GohanLOTS: Fag?

GohanLOTS: Im not gay.

GohanLOTS: You loser.

Alexyia: sure you arent

lord distxrbed: <^>-.-<^>

Alexyia: thats why you want jake against me so much

GohanLOTS: you’re a little 12 year old……

Alexyia: faggot

GohanLOTS: always will be.

lord distxrbed: Uh huh

GohanLOTS: No.

GohanLOTS: I’m just opening his eyes.

GohanLOTS: To your bitchyness

Alexyia: wow

GohanLOTS: And how much better he can have

lord distxrbed: I like her bitchyness ok!?!?!

GohanLOTS: I can find him a real girl.

Alexyia: hahaa

GohanLOTS: Who’s Nice.

GohanLOTS: and alot more attractive.

Alexyia: nice = pussy whore.

davepoobond: so what…as long as they can have a crack baby through the ass

davepoobond: i’m sure he’d be happy

lord distxrbed: No such thing as more attractive than talia

lord distxrbed: 😛


GohanLOTS: OMg

GohanLOTS: she is black

lord distxrbed: ..No

Alexyia: talia is an itallian name

GohanLOTS: …yes

GohanLOTS: Sure

Alexyia: k


Alexyia: just like

Alexyia: youre a faggot

GohanLOTS: Haha

lord distxrbed: Shes not black…shes really pale o.o

GohanLOTS: Yaeh

GohanLOTS: figures..

GohanLOTS: pale ass goth

GohanLOTS: Whos fat.

GohanLOTS: smells

lord distxrbed: Fuck you

lord distxrbed: Asshole

GohanLOTS: monsterbush

davepoobond: makes pizza

lord distxrbed: She is not fat

GohanLOTS: Fuck you jake.

GohanLOTS: I’ll kill you.

lord distxrbed: No thanks ill pass

Alexyia: rofl

Alexyia: kill

lord distxrbed: You’ll kill me?

GohanLOTS: I’ll kill both you.

GohanLOTS: I’d beat your asses.

Alexyia: hahahaa

GohanLOTS: With my fists.

Alexyia: you wish

lord distxrbed: Oooooh Im afraid!

GohanLOTS: better be

lord distxrbed: Beating up a girl?

GohanLOTS: I know where you live.

Alexyia: i pissed my pants man

lord distxrbed: arent u strong

GohanLOTS: I’m a hulk hogan

GohanLOTS: of our time

Alexyia: rofl

davepoobond: LOL

Alexyia: lmfao

davepoobond: hulk hogan has sagging muscles

davepoobond: in this time

Alexyia: ahahaha

GohanLOTS: Because

GohanLOTS: hes fucking 90

lord distxrbed: brb

GohanLOTS: and took steroids since he was 8

Alexyia: hulk hogan is a faggot

Alexyia: just like

Alexyia: you

GohanLOTS: Just like

davepoobond: y’might as well be a Michael Jackson of this time

GohanLOTS: your dad

Alexyia: yep

Alexyia: i know

GohanLOTS: I bet your mom fucked a black guy

Alexyia: my dad is a faggot

GohanLOTS: And then you came out

Alexyia: even though i’m a gothic jew i’m still a n*gger

davepoobond: me?

Alexyia: right?

Alexyia: yeah

davepoobond: are you talking to me?

GohanLOTS: No.

GohanLOTS: Her

GohanLOTS: .

GohanLOTS: her scummy ass..

GohanLOTS: SO wait..

Alexyia: he keeps saying the same shit over and over

davepoobond: ok

GohanLOTS: You aren’t a goth?

Alexyia: it wasnt even good the first time

davepoobond: how about them Dodgers?

GohanLOTS: Fucking people

GohanLOTS: downloading me

GohanLOTS: off win MX

GohanLOTS: so damna nnoying

Alexyia: wow


Alexyia: who cares

davepoobond: haha


Alexyia: ummm

Alexyia: no one

davepoobond: yer a porn star

GohanLOTS: Your mom cares.

Alexyia: i know

GohanLOTS: Shes sucking me off now.

GohanLOTS: m

Alexyia: i know!!!

Alexyia: what a whore

GohanLOTS: Yeah

GohanLOTS: wha ta sexy whore

Alexyia: just like you

Alexyia: faggot

Alexyia: my moms fat

Alexyia: she has cellulite

GohanLOTS: Yeah

GohanLOTS: mm


GohanLOTS: I grab onto it

GohanLOTS: handfills

GohanLOTS: handfulls

Alexyia: ok

OnlineHost: lord distxrbed has left the room.

GohanLOTS: Ok

davepoobond: ok

GohanLOTS: You little porky

Alexyia: k

GohanLOTS: Rofl

GohanLOTS: you’re gay

GohanLOTS: Crying yet?

Alexyia: not really

GohanLOTS: I certainly am

davepoobond: you make me cry

Alexyia: i don’t know why you’re calling me gay when you sit around and cyber-fuck that gokou bitch

davepoobond: such harsh words, i’ve never seen before

Alexyia: up the ass all day long

GohanLOTS: No

GohanLOTS: I dont

davepoobond: handfulls, and porky, geez…… many

Alexyia: sure

Alexyia: you do

GohanLOTS: Jake does that….

GohanLOTS: he use to

GohanLOTS: All the time

GohanLOTS: Right big tuff jake

GohanLOTS: ??

davepoobond: i dont think he’s here anymore

GohanLOTS: mmmm

GohanLOTS: I want you

davepoobond: no you dont

davepoobond: you dont know what you want

lord distxrbed: back wtf?

lord distxrbed: I dont need to hear your fantasies fag

GohanLOTS: …

GohanLOTS: You’re fired.

lord distxrbed: ….I never worked for you

GohanLOTS: your mom did

GohanLOTS: Lastnight.

lord distxrbed: ouch

GohanLOTS: Slut.


GohanLOTS: Burnt.

GohanLOTS: What are you?

lord distxrbed: not really


lord distxrbed: I fucking hate my mom


Alexyia: it must be degrading to be caught in the act of sucking off someone’s ao-dick, chris.

GohanLOTS: No.

Alexyia: yeah.

GohanLOTS: You answer taht one.

GohanLOTS: Slut.

Alexyia: nice one.

Alexyia: i’m a slut.

Alexyia: hurt.

Alexyia: omg.

Alexyia: i’m gonna cry.

GohanLOTS: yeah

GohanLOTS: the truth hurts………

Alexyia: when it’s actually the truth.

Alexyia: and not some half-baked fucking insult.


Alexyia: k

GohanLOTS: What a goth answer.

Alexyia: lol

Alexyia: what a faggot comeback

davepoobond: who’s seen Jay and Silent Bob strike back?

GohanLOTS: Dirty

Alexyia: | -stats: Single |

Alexyia: i wonder why


GohanLOTS: funny

GohanLOTS: Because my Gf dumped me

GohanLOTS: for a black guy.

GohanLOTS: ::sobs::

Alexyia: b/f***

GohanLOTS: No,

GohanLOTS: Girl friend.

lord distxrbed: n*ggers…urgh

Alexyia: yes

Alexyia: faggot

Alexyia: faggot

Alexyia: faggot

Alexyia: faggot

Alexyia: faggot


Alexyia: faggot

GohanLOTS: God.

Alexyia: faggot

GohanLOTS: nikki

Alexyia: faggot

GohanLOTS: You talking to me?

Alexyia: faggot

GohanLOTS: Or davepoobond?

Alexyia: faggot

davepoobond: i think you

GohanLOTS: didnt think it was me.

Alexyia: faggot

GohanLOTS: Jake

Alexyia: faggot

GohanLOTS: if your going to fuck a bitch

Alexyia: faggot

GohanLOTS: fuck one that has good comebacks

Alexyia: faggot

GohanLOTS: and can insult good

Alexyia: oh yeah

Alexyia: ‘slut’

Alexyia: ‘scummy’

Alexyia: ‘scumbag’

Alexyia: ‘whore’

Alexyia: that’s about it

Alexyia: oh

Alexyia: and we can’t forget the momma jokes

GohanLOTS: Shutup.

Alexyia: those were a big hit too

GohanLOTS: You’re a loser.

GohanLOTS: Enough said

GohanLOTS: Dont have to Impress you

Alexyia: you’re a faggot

Alexyia: enough said

GohanLOTS: No

GohanLOTS: Sure

Alexyia: yep

Alexyia: oh

GohanLOTS: Im a faggot

GohanLOTS: right

Alexyia: you finally admit

GohanLOTS: Omg

Alexyia: thanks

GohanLOTS: hurt

GohanLOTS: hurt


Alexyia: ok

GohanLOTS: Ok

GohanLOTS: Done

GohanLOTS: JAke


Alexyia: dont take too long shoving them up your ass

GohanLOTS: Jake.

GohanLOTS: Jake….


Alexyia: dude


lord distxrbed: ..

Alexyia: he dont want you


Alexyia: shut the fuck up


Alexyia: faggot

GohanLOTS: Shut up

GohanLOTS: Jake likes black guys….

Alexyia: lol

GohanLOTS: He told me

GohanLOTS: in school

Alexyia: sure he does

GohanLOTS: he felt one up

GohanLOTS: By “accident’

lord distxrbed: in school?

Alexyia: sure he did

GohanLOTS: Yeag……

lord distxrbed: wtf?

GohanLOTS: ..

GohanLOTS: You said you did

GohanLOTS: and that you stare at black guys

GohanLOTS: in the shower

lord distxrbed: No i didnt

davepoobond: thats sorta sad

GohanLOTS: at school…..

davepoobond: why would you do that

GohanLOTS: ….Yes you did…..

lord distxrbed: I dont have a shower at school


GohanLOTS: ….

lord distxrbed: no




lord distxrbed: Middleschools dont have showers

lord distxrbed: you fucking idiot

GohanLOTS: Your the idiot.

GohanLOTS: you said you had them

GohanLOTS: Fag.

davepoobond: hahaha


lord distxrbed: ….ok?

davepoobond: ok

lord distxrbed: why are you calling me a fag

Alexyia: i know

lord distxrbed: goddamn hypocrite

GohanLOTS: —–virus uploading—–

Alexyia: he’s the one that sucks cyber gokou cock

GohanLOTS: —-10%—–

Alexyia: rofl

GohanLOTS: ——20%——

lord distxrbed: maybe I should tell your boyfriend

GohanLOTS: —-30%—

lord distxrbed: he would be mad

Alexyia: rofrloflrrof

GohanLOTS: —-60%—–

GohanLOTS: —-80%—-

lord distxrbed: my computer isnt that fast

GohanLOTS: ——90%—-

GohanLOTS: —–100%—–

Alexyia: you’re ieeto now

GohanLOTS: —-deleting C: drive files—–

GohanLOTS: ————

Alexyia: roflmao

GohanLOTS: ——————-

GohanLOTS: ROflmao

GohanLOTS: I did that

davepoobond: oh nooooooooo

GohanLOTS: in this chat

GohanLOTS: “Hi”

GohanLOTS: and everyone left…..

lord distxrbed: we care because?

GohanLOTS: im too 1337 for you

davepoobond: who said we care

GohanLOTS: Looooosa

Alexyia: k

lord distxrbed: …that wasnt clever….at all.

GohanLOTS: Yeah


GohanLOTS: You’re a loser.

GohanLOTS: All your friend think you are cheating on her

lord distxrbed: thats original

GohanLOTS: with a guy

GohanLOTS: Now.

GohanLOTS: that I told them that.

GohanLOTS: ha

GohanLOTS: goodluck explaining to them

GohanLOTS: Bye

OnlineHost: GohanLOTS has left the room.

Alexyia: ?

lord distxrbed: ….

lord distxrbed: huh?

Alexyia: i didnt get it

Alexyia: lol

davepoobond: he left..

lord distxrbed: all my friend…

Alexyia: lol

davepoobond: why’d you invite me “jake”

Alexyia: my tampon looks like a sperm

lord distxrbed: cool

Alexyia: why is brooke so quiet

Alexyia: BROOKE

davepoobond: i’ve never seen u b4

Alexyia: you stupid SLUT


Alexyia: you just sit there

Alexyia: cuz u sux

davepoobond: k

lord distxrbed: ..

davepoobond: lord, wanna tell me?

lord distxrbed: why did u rape that chick anyway?

Alexyia: ????????

lord distxrbed: that chick

lord distxrbed: kept saying I raped her

Alexyia: lol

Alexyia: i dunno i was bored

davepoobond: nyeh

Alexyia: the d2 servers

Alexyia: are down

Alexyia: for fucking

Alexyia: 6 hours

davepoobond: lord! tell me why you invited me!

lord distxrbed: I didnt

davepoobond: and how the hell you got my sn!

davepoobond: yes you did

lord distxrbed: no

lord distxrbed: I FUCKING DIDNT

davepoobond: it said “lord distxrbed invites you to this chat: Alexyia68”

davepoobond: the hell you didnt, then why did it say you did?

lord distxrbed: it was another person posing me

davepoobond: wtf, thats gay

davepoobond: you guys wanna see my site?

lord distxrbed: no

lord distxrbed: that toreador is online

davepoobond: y not

lord distxrbed: tired

davepoobond: ok…..

OnlineHost: lord distxrbed has left the room.

davepoobond: alexyia how ’bout you

OnlineHost: Alexyia has left the room.

davepoobond: uh……..huh…..


crzy4hrses Chat77

You have just entered room “crzy4hrses Chat77.”

crzy4hrses: :-)Hamster Chat!!

davepoobond: yayayayayay

ImGonnaFlySumDay: bye

ImGonnaFlySumDay has left the room.

crzy4hrses: just u and me i guesss

davepoobond: yep

crzy4hrses: see if we can get some more ppls

davepoobond: so

crzy4hrses: 🙂

davepoobond: wats up

crzy4hrses: whats ur hammys name??

davepoobond: my hammys name is Mr. Snuggles

crzy4hrses: My hamsters name is Zoey

davepoobond: what do you feed him?

crzy4hrses: AWWWWWWW thats so cute

crzy4hrses: her, Hartz hmaster food mix u??

crzy4hrses: *Hamster

davepoobond: i feed mine Kibbles n’ Bits.

crzy4hrses: AWWW he likes it??

davepoobond: yeah

crzy4hrses: what breed/ color is your hammy??

crzy4hrses: mine is a banded syrian

davepoobond: ok………

crzy4hrses: she is like ..brown w/ a white band across her back

crzy4hrses: shes cute

davepoobond: thats nice

davepoobond: mine is all gray

crzy4hrses: cute

davepoobond: yes

davepoobond: he’s 10 years old

crzy4hrses: O MY GOD ARE U SERIOUS!!!!!!!


crzy4hrses: Mines only 7 months

crzy4hrses: come on he cant be 10!!

crzy4hrses: i g2g

crzy4hrses: bye

crzy4hrses: 🙂

crzy4hrses has left the room.



You have just entered room “private.”

aaliyah crashed: what about

davepoobond: WOW

davepoobond: WOW

aaliyah crashed: “i wanna fuck a dog”

davepoobond: WOW

edumakacion has entered the room.

aaliyah crashed: thas a good one

elmoisfurry has entered the room.

aaliyah crashed: woohoo

davepoobond: THIS IS PRIVATE

aaliyah crashed: people

davepoobond: WOW

davepoobond: WOW

edumakacion has left the room.

elmoisfurry: OW

elmoisfurry: MY PRIVATES

bitch acrylic: nah i haven’t heard that

davepoobond: i’ve got a private

aaliyah crashed: it rocks =\

davepoobond: ahahaaaaaaa

davepoobond: aaliyah died

aaliyah crashed: we know…

davepoobond: yesterday was a glorious day

aaliyah crashed: mmhmmm

davepoobond: too bad the backstreet boys or nsync werent on the fun fun airplane that went boom

bitch acrylic: LMAO NO SHIT

bitch acrylic: ….

aaliyah crashed: nsync rocks!!!

aaliyah crashed: =X

bitch acrylic has left the room.

davepoobond: ::smack::

aaliyah crashed: lol

aaliyah crashed has left the room.

davepoobond: nyargh

The AtoMic GoaT has entered the room.

The AtoMic GoaT: :-*


Outlaw Bar Hideout

Waddledoo: mwa ha ha!


davepoobond: great

davepoobond: i like it more

Waddledoo: NO U DONT

davepoobond: yes i do

Waddledoo: I HAV 75 VIDS

davepoobond: i have 76

Waddledoo: BEAT THAT!

davepoobond: i did

Waddledoo: SURE U DO

davepoobond: yes, i do

Waddledoo: NO U DONT

davepoobond: its just convenient that i have 1 more than you

Waddledoo: SURE.. SURE..

davepoobond: yep,i am sure

BabyRini: How do we know that waddle isn’t lieing?

BabyRini: mayeb actually only has 5

BabyRini: and just added the tenth place


Melfina AS: we dont thats the beauty of it all

BabyRini: to make her look good

BabyRini: hhmmmm?

Melfina AS: yes

Melfina AS: ^.^

Waddledoo: JOB I HAVE A JOB!

Waddledoo: :::SIGHS::

davepoobond: haha, you have a cruddy job

OnlineHost: Whitetigergrl has entered the room.


Waddledoo: YEH SOOOO

OnlineHost: Whitetigergrl has left the room.

Waddledoo: BE NICE..

Waddledoo: ^_~

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: NEVER!

Waddledoo: YES

Melfina AS: thats nice dear…

Waddledoo: REALLY…

Waddledoo: ~_~

Waddledoo: ……….. HOW OLD R U GUYS?

davepoobond: 15

Waddledoo: IM 14F

BabyRini: 29

Melfina AS: im 17 dont have a job and i go to downtown manhattan all the time…O.o LoL

BabyRini: XD!

BabyRini: j/k


BabyRini: I’m 14

BabyRini: no

Waddledoo: HUM??

Waddledoo: NO?

Waddledoo: OK..

OnlineHost: PrincessHotaru36 has entered the room.


davepoobond: Ohio is a boring place

Waddledoo: SLAYEERS?

davepoobond: you suck


Phoenix Dragon Inn

Max Code: hahahhhahah i am xena

davepoobond: no you’re not

davepoobond: you’re an imposter

JadeX: ::rolls eyes:: here we go again

Elvere: ::flicks a peanut at Phoenix::YOu didn’t warn me..

davepoobond: ::kicks max in the nuts:: hmm….xena has nuts….yeah, i believe you now

OnlineHost: Lord G LaMer has left the room.

OnlineHost: Whitetigergrl has entered the room.

Para: Hmm…

Elvere: Let me go..

Max Code: i am a chik you ass shit

OnlineHost: Whitetigergrl has left the room.

Elvere: ::squirms free::

Max Code: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

davepoobond: hahaha ::laughs anyway:: and?

Elvere: ::walks towards the guy hovering::

Elvere: Why you double crossing no good two bit having plastic potato with big ears..


JadeX: lalalalalala…….

Phoenix: about?

JadeX: z

JadeX: zz

JadeX: zzz

JadeX: zzzz

JadeX: zzzzz

JadeX: zzzzzz

JadeX: zzzzzzz

Max Code: zzzzzzzzzzz

JadeX: zzzzzzzz

Max Code: zzzzzzzz

Max Code: z

JadeX: NO

Max Code: zzzzzzzz

JadeX: z

Max Code: zzzzzzzz

JadeX: zz

OnlineHost: Phoenix has left the room.

Elvere: You locked the door.

Max Code: zzz

Para: hmm….

JadeX: &%$%*^(^$%^$#@#%!@#$%*&(^^(*(

Max Code: zzzz

Elvere: Oh he’s gone..

JadeX: NO!

davepoobond: ………………..

JadeX: Å

Para: ((He got lagged off))

JadeX: aa

davepoobond: stop snoring

davepoobond: ((no….hes still on))

Para: ((I just noticed))

JadeX: ::breathes fire at dabond::

Max Code: urghf urghf urghf

JadeX: z!

davepoobond: ahh! ::gets on fire, but it doesnt matter::

JadeX: aruf arur aruf

JadeX: aruf*

davepoobond: ::releases an electric shockwave onto Jade, trapping her in an electricity net::

Elvere: ::grabs the bowl of peanuts and throws some at Jade::Here dragon…

JadeX: ((arur?lol))

Max Code: do the retard do do do dodododo do do do od dod dodododo do do

Max Code: urghf

Max Code: urghf

Max Code: urghf

Max Code: ueghf

JadeX: everyone has a little dumbness to em

JadeX: everyone has a little jerk

Max Code: everyone has a little little fart a yabedi dart

JadeX: everyone has a little little little little little FART

JadeX: and a yabedy dart

JadeX: lol

Max Code: and thats a fart

davepoobond: yeah!

davepoobond: FARTTTTTTTT


Max Code: fart

davepoobond: you’re talkin my language..!

Elvere: ::yawns and eats some peanuts::

JadeX: what is w/ you and peanuts? ::burns all the peanuts::

davepoobond: roated peanuts

davepoobond: mmh

davepoobond: ::eats the peanuts::

JadeX: grrrrrrrrrrrr

Max Code: grrrrrrr


Max Code: what are you nutless and trying to make up for it

Max Code: once you’re nutered you can’;t get em back

JadeX: rockin around the christmas tree have a happy holiday!

JadeX: ::is drunk::

JadeX: everybody, lets be jolly!

JadeX: deck the halls w/ boughs of holly!

davepoobond: ::tangos with jade:: TANGO!

JadeX: ::hiccup::


Elvere: ::looks around and takes the chance to get out of the place opening the door:: Ha-ha!

davepoobond: yay

JadeX: itsa small wrld after all!

davepoobond: ::twits jade around::


Elvere: You’re from Lupe’?

JadeX: you nasty man! let go of me!::whacks dabond w/ her tail::


Max Code: SHEEP

Elvere: ::closes the door behind him::

JadeX: london bridge is falling down…..


OnlineHost: Elvere has left the room.

JadeX: brooklyn bridge is burning down….tralalalala!



OnlineHost: Para has left the room.


davepoobond: yes…

JadeX: deck the ahlls w/ boughs of holly!

JadeX: tra la la la la la LA LA LA!

JadeX: ::hiccup:: how does that song go again?::aruf::

davepoobond: ::steals away jade, and runs away::


davepoobond: no

JadeX: i know leave me alone!


davepoobond: you guys are mean

davepoobond: ::kicks them both in the shin and jumps on their head::


JadeX: dont fuck w/ dragons

davepoobond: thats not nice though

davepoobond: ::leaves::


ToAT Recruiting Hall / DPOD -> davepoobond

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – ToAT Recruiting Hall”. ***

davepoobond: ((well well, who do we have here))

davepoobond: ((lets leave the stuff behind us….lets be friends))

davepoobond: ((or are you still ignoring me))

DPOD: (( you guys come in and ruin our RP room))

DPOD: ((we do not follow the Rhydin Rules))

davepoobond: ((::shrugs::))

DPOD: ((that’s why we only take certain types…most like Rhydin’s ways))

davepoobond: ((i dont like rhydin’s ways))

DPOD: ((i know you are young..but will you allow me to explain why we have the rules like we do?))

davepoobond: ((sure, why not))

(in IMs)

DPOD: ok a few years ago..we had this guild by another name..and a sister guild that took Vamps and darks and such.

DPOD: wel we had a great member..she was a great MS champ and love to spar in our skrimishes and such….Turns out the Mun had cancer..we didn’t know until right before she died…anyway

DPOD: she gets in a MS with some jerk vamp types..blows them away and they begin to AA her..constantly..we used to set traps for them and fight fire with fire..but , as you know..most people like that never follow the rules anyway….so she had to spend mosr of her time in PRs.

DPOD: she died 2 xmas’s the hospital..they had to have xmas a week early for her kids in the hospital.

(in the chat)

OnlineHost: Maron has entered the room.

Maron: ::runs in and slives DPOD::

OnlineHost: Maron rolled 4 98-sided dice: 40 96 40 62

OnlineHost: Valin has entered the room.

Maron: -DPOD is guild killed and will be banned from the ToAT-

Valin: Hello

Maron: ((LMAO!))

OnlineHost: Valin has left the room.

(in IMs)

DPOD: she asked us to have a guild were normal people can RP and such without the idiots.

DPOD: ::shrugs:: and we did.

DPOD: our rules only pertain to us…Guild death only counts for the members and in out rooms.

DPOD: we do not accept anything from outside our realms…our dice…which everyone starts at 2d20 ,must be earned

DPOD: i started at 2d20 3 years ago.

(in chat)

davepoobond: ::in::

Maron: ::looks around and spots Dave with a grin…::I so hungry… Got any Toat?

davepoobond: uhh, sorry

davepoobond: the toater is broken

Maron: Maybe there a Toater about…? ::looks around raving the place…::Hmmm?

Maron: Damnit!

Maron: ::growls and walks over to DPODS “Slived” body and pissed on it..::punk

(in IMs) davepoobond is thinking “he’s still talking?”

DPOD: we give no free dice for vamps..we don’t even accept them…no one gets nothing unless they earn it…in active members are cut .

DPOD: ::shakes head;:: then you look at the types who come in here some times.

(in chat)

OnlineHost: Tsenn has entered the room.

Maron: ::still stands swaying his penis pissing on DPOD’S forehead::

davepoobond: gain control of that toothpick

Maron: What toothpick? ::spins around and it whips Dave it the eye::

OnlineHost: Xithril Baegorn has entered the room.

Tsenn: ((so wheres the sliver?))

davepoobond: ::grips his eyes:: AH! MY EYE!

OnlineHost: miss lovable hyper lil mandy! has entered the room.

Xithril Baegorn: ::quick steps carry him into the Inn, with a quick twist of the handle and a push from

Xithril Baegorn: his staff, the door swings open as the man strolls in, grinning like some madman…

davepoobond: whoa! a madman!

davepoobond: ::tackles the “madman”::

Xithril Baegorn: he comes to a rest, his gaze sweeping about the Inn as he sets down his staff with a

Xithril Baegorn: gentle tap upon the floor..::

Xithril Baegorn: ::although, he grinned like a madman, didn’t mean he was one::

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ::a young ctarl ctarl lady strides into the bar her hips sway softly side to side

davepoobond: ::didnt matter! tackled him anywayyyyys::

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: with each step. Her white hair swings lightly from her movements along with her cape

Xithril Baegorn: ::gets tackled, and looks up to him, that grin still upon his face… the staff rolls away

Xithril Baegorn: :: Greetings!!

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: flailing lightly at the bottom. Her hair braided with a gold ring at the bottom

Tsenn: ((::waiting to be slived or be called manure or something::))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: she has a blue triangle apon her right cheek. Her tail sways in

davepoobond: ((marron’s been killed already))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: a flicking motion at the tip. Her blue orbs have a serious look within

Tsenn: ((heh i havent been touched))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: Her white brows furrowed showing the facial expression.

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: Wearing a collar with a gold bell hooked on the collar

Maron: ((o.o;; When did Marron die?))

davepoobond: ((whoops….never mind heh))

Tsenn: ((when the jackapple slived him?))

Xithril Baegorn: Why did you tackle me! ::he tilts his head slightly…::

davepoobond: ((that was you))

Maron: ((Hmmm? ::wanks Marron out…::BRB DINNAH!))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: Her face looking young possibly looking the age 18. Along with wearing a tight

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: body suit.:: ((yada yada and all that junk))

OnlineHost: Brightfire has entered the room.

davepoobond: ::he peered up from his place on the floor, on top of Xithril:: hey aisha…

Brightfire: ((Could I get a look at the application…?))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((need that damn BOT! ))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ::looks toward dave:: oh…….you again

Xithril Baegorn: ::his gaze shifts, falling upon -Aisha- a chuckle..:: Can you pick up my staff!

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ::looks toward the stranger that dave has tacklized::

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: sure

davepoobond: ::he raises a brow:: nu! dont

OnlineHost: Brightfire has left the room.

Tsenn: ::umm well he got some letter about a new location so he decided to check it out sliding on

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ::she walked toward the staff bending down she grasps the staff

Tsenn: into the room slowly letting silent footfalls carry him to lean against the wall right next

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: before handing it over toward xithril::

Tsenn: to the door he tilted his head down and skimmed the floor::

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((making me wanna go on my cher sn lol))

Tsenn: ((who? O.o))

Xithril Baegorn: ::-DaBond- is ontop of him…. he reaches up, trying to grab it, but can’t quite get it..::

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((u lol))

Tsenn: ((eh why?))

OnlineHost: DPOD has left the room.

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((i dunno))

Tsenn: hey uhh dave get off the man already…..

davepoobond: eh….all right then

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ::she reachs more so the man can grab it::

davepoobond: ::stands up on top of him, and hops off::

OnlineHost: Raditz has entered the room.

Xithril Baegorn: ::wiggles his fingers finally getting the staff, he grins, and stands::

Xithril Baegorn: Greetings all!

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ::blinks lightly as she raises a white brow::

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: hello to u too

OnlineHost: Raditz has left the room.

Tsenn: greetings? eh is that food?

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: (( ::pounces rick:: hiz!! ::misses:: T.T))

davepoobond: yesssssss……..

Xithril Baegorn: ::a nod is given:: Well then, I wish you all well! ::with that he wonders right on out of

Xithril Baegorn: the bar.::

OnlineHost: Xithril Baegorn has left the room.

Tsenn: ((rick?))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: rich*

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: (( doh ))

Tsenn: ((who the hell?))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: (( raditz!))

Tsenn: ((oh that was him?))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((yesh! ::grummbles and ims him:: ))

Tsenn: ((::not as old as her in LotS::))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: (( ::ish old in lots lol:: ))

davepoobond: ((::heard stuff about raditz::))

Tsenn: ((i know))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((uncle raditz ^.^))

Tsenn: ((since 98 i think))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((::nods nods:: ))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((while i was in school still and uhh a jr? i think lol))

davepoobond: ((how is it uncle…?))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: ((damn shit im old))

miss lovable hyper lil mandy!: (( cuz thats what cher calls him))


ToAT Recruiting Hall

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – ToAT Recruiting Hall”.**

davepoobond: ::tap dances back in::

davepoobond: ::tap dances out::

CloudDancer: :;Clicks a claw on the floor as he drifts quietly::

davepoobond: ::WAIT! tap dances back in::

davepoobond: ::tackles cloud::

davepoobond: ::stomps on his face 1 million times::

CloudDancer: :;The dragon screeches and leaps up knocking the table over hissing loudly::

DPOD: just ignore the jerk , he’s dead in our lands.

CloudDancer: Ok

davepoobond: your lands

davepoobond: haha

davepoobond: my lands are bigger than your lands

davepoobond: ::takes off his pants:: SEE

CloudDancer: :;Flops back to sleep and pushes the dream away::

davepoobond: ::shows him a map::

davepoobond: my land ::points to a big chunk::

davepoobond: your land

davepoobond: ::takes tweezers and tosses it at him::

DPOD: its sad..the losers have no where else to oneelse wants them either.

DPOD: :chuckles:: and you could see why.

davepoobond: yeah, thats why losers like us go to loser places like yours

Daiou: ::Through reality his power was fealt, an image burned into time and space at the same time, his body transended across the flowing rivers of etched space that came to a stop before Dave, a portal of near liquid that formed infront of him, before seeping back into it’s original place as he stood before him and arched a brow.:: What are you doing…

Kethryn: ::she tip toed over to Brandon and took the feather from her hat and tickled his snout::

CloudDancer: :;he sniffled and sneezed on her::

Kethryn: ::she closed her eyes and shuddered:: ewww.. Brandon!

davepoobond: ::in an italian accent:: ey ey…i’m workin ‘ere, ah?

CloudDancer: :;he gives Kethy a sloppy dragon kiss::

Daiou: ::He merely slapped him across the face with a back hand.:: Talk normal english…

Kethryn: ::she laughed softly and staggered back:: now I am sneezed and slobbered on ::she hugged his large dragon neck, partially wiping herself off:: thank you

davepoobond: i dont know, that chair talked me into it! ::points accusingly at the chair next to him::

Daiou: I’m sure….go back to the HQ, before I feed you to the monster that hides under your bed..

CloudDancer: :;he nuzzled her lightly and smiled::

davepoobond: chair: it wasnt mee

davepoobond: hmm….you mean Jean?

Daiou: No, I mean Norma.

davepoobond: ::blink::

davepoobond: norma….

Daiou: Now GO!

davepoobond: aaah! ::runs out::

Kethryn: ::she smiled:: nice dragon ::she petted the top of his head::

davepoobond: ((::leaves character out::))

CloudDancer: Now I know how the family dog feels ::Gives her a cross eyed look::

DPOD: ::nods::

Kethryn: ::laughs softly::

Kethryn: I much rather have a dragon than a dog

Kethryn: ::giggles:: it’ll go well with my unicorn…::smirks::

CloudDancer: And your dog will never get the great hang time that I get

Kethryn: hang time?::blinks::

CloudDancer: Yeah

CloudDancer: You know flying?

CloudDancer: Unless you have a dog with wings

CloudDancer: And in that case I will pay you gold to see that

Kethryn: do such things even exist?

CloudDancer: Not really

CloudDancer: But I will pay if you do

CloudDancer: ::Gives a dragon yawn::

Kethryn: ::grins:: I’ll check in Aran’s books…he’s a great mage

::3 minutes later::

CloudDancer: Ok

OnlineHost: Shadoe has entered the room.

Shadoe: ::walks back in::i was wondering…

Shadoe: if your still ignoring me then don`t answer but i now have a question

Daiou: (LOL! They ignored you to?!)

Shadoe: ((yeah))

Daiou: (::Snickers:: They ignored Dave to….truely desperate and stupid rpers that inhabit this room.)

davepoobond: ((he knows…))

Shadoe: ((they “sliced” me as guild kill))

davepoobond: ((lol))

davepoobond: ((they “slived” me))

Daiou: (LOL! Now that’s comedy.)

davepoobond: ((and then threw us both in a sewer))

Shadoe: ((but i don`t know how,you can`t just kill a vampire so i don`t know))

CloudDancer: :;Coughs up a hair ball::

davepoobond: ((thats stupid, a dragon coughing up a hair ball))

davepoobond: ((dragons dont have any skin, idiot))

Daiou: (I do…but I’m guessing none of the kids here have been able to do research on the subject yet)

CloudDancer: (9hey something he ate could have had hair))

CloudDancer: ((Cows horses your mother))

Daiou: (That would have to be something, very…big.)

davepoobond: ((probably that chick’s armpit hair))

CloudDancer: ((he is a very big dragon))

davepoobond: ((so what if he is, makes it even bigger))

Kethryn: (Hun ignore the three stooges)

davepoobond: ((and dragons usually are big))

Shadoe: ((FRUIT LOOP!!))

Daiou: (LOL! THree stooges…it finally talked! Took you this long to think of that?)

CloudDancer: :;Runs out quickly::

Shadoe: ((lol))

davepoobond: ((sure it does))

OnlineHost: CloudDancer has left the room.

Kethryn: ::smiles:: byee Brandon!

DPOD: ::smiles at Cloud:: its nicer to just get rid of the jerks…that’s why they are dead.

Daiou: (Run?….Ok, so which city or near by village just go trampled by this VERy big dragon?)

Shadoe: ((i was a jerk because i didn`t ask a question right away))

davepoobond: ((how’d he get in in the first place?))

Daiou: (I don’t recall anyone doing anything to me…which reminds me ::Takes Veg out of the room IC wise.:: Now then…try your cheap tricks against someone that is not even there in the first place you small minded absent dicked ass.)

DPOD: ::slices Vegeta::

OnlineHost: DPOD rolled 4 92-sided dice: 26 59 67 41

Daiou: (LMFAO!!!)

Daiou: (ROTFLMFAO!!!!!)

Shadoe: ((LMAO))


DPOD: Vegeta is now Guild be ignored in all TOAT lands.

davepoobond: ((LOLL))

Shadoe: ((WTF MAN?!))

Kethryn: ::smiles:: thank you Kree… his stench was getting rather foul

Daiou: (Vegeta isint even there ROTFLMAO!!!)

DPOD: ::sweeps it into the sewer trap::

davepoobond: ((LOL))

Shadoe: ((ROTFLMAO))

Daiou: (Try deciphering what is character and what is not, you small child, before you take on someone more influential in Rhydin than you will hope to ever be.)

DPOD: its a shame to stink up that sewer that way.

DPOD: but manure is manure.

Kethryn: ::nods:: yeah…..poor rats down there…

OnlineHost: Videl has entered the room.

Daiou: (LOL! Must be insulting the person he is talking to, since the character isint even there LOL!)

Shadoe: ((um,are we supposed to get mad at you?))

Daiou: (I think so….not sure.)

OnlineHost: RikkiOh has entered the room.

Shadoe: ((this is good entertainment))

Daiou: (Cai, bring in LotS….show them what Roleplayers really are.)

Shadoe: ((::pulls over some popcorn::))

Daiou: Cait*

Videl: (Ok ^.^)

RikkiOh: (Hey Damen…can i use Ricky ::grin::)

Daiou: (::Snickers:: Tried to kill Veg when he’s not even there.)

Videl: (LOL!)

Videl: (That…is classic)

Shadoe: ((oh,but don`t ask him about it))

Daiou: (Action of DPOD: “::slices Vegeta”::)

RikkiOh: (Prolly ole Sim)

DPOD: sorryVidel your life scroll doesn’t meet our standards.

Shadoe: ((he`ll TOS you))

Daiou: (LMAO!!)

Daiou: (So what?!)

RikkiOh: (hehe)

RikkiOh: (hehe)

Daiou: (ToS is backed up for over a year!)

Shadoe: ((but you`ll get TOS`d))

davepoobond: ((lol))

Videl: (::dies laughing::)

RikkiOh: (Newbie Moders! e.e)

RikkiOh: (XD)

Daiou: (Think….will they even care what happened a year ago? Nope!)

Shadoe: ((you know what happens when you get TOS`d,don`t you?))

Daiou: (I know perfectly well….nothing…I have several people that work for these people.)

davepoobond: ((yes, i’ve had 2 for vulgarity ::growl::))

davepoobond: ((they said 1 more time and i’ll lose AOL))

Daiou: (LOL! It’s comical)

Kethryn: look Kree… the other cockraches are following their friends in..

davepoobond: ((thats been over a year though….))

Daiou: (It’s erased after 6 months.)

Daiou: Cochroaches*

davepoobond: ((hmm….oh well))

Kethryn: ::she takes out her dagger and throws it atVidel::

Videl: (LMAO!)

OnlineHost: Kethryn rolled 2 53-sided dice: 40 31

davepoobond: ((videl isnt even in there))

Daiou: (LOL! Not even in the room….how pitiful.)

Videl: (Duh)

RikkiOh: (Err…..isVidel even in ther.e….No)

RikkiOh: (Stupid!)

Daiou: (I truely hate morons like this.)

Videl: (They obviously don’t know the difference between IC and OOC)

Shadoe: ((WTF??))

Daiou: (Cait…that was shown to us long ago LOL!)

RikkiOh: (XD)

Videl: (LOL)

DPOD: Very good.

RikkiOh: (Is ToAT supposed to be Toast? Buttered Toast!)

davepoobond: ((leave it up to shadoe-mun to find the good places))

DPOD: another mound of manure gone.

Daiou: (YES!)

Kethryn: Videl is Guild Killed and to be banned from all ToAT lands

Videl: (LOL!!)

Shadoe: ((LOL))

Daiou: (LMFAO!!!)

Shadoe: ((LMAO))

RikkiOh: (LOL! Moder MODER MODER! LOL)

Videl: (Oh my god, I NEEDED a laugh…)

Daiou: (Like that matters!)

davepoobond: ((ToAT lands again))

Kethryn: shall I get the last one?

Shadoe: ((ROTFLMAO))

DPOD: be my guest

davepoobond: ((LOLLL))

RikkiOh: (Oh My God! These people dont even know how to RP)

DPOD: you can use the xps.

Daiou: (Does it also mean “Hey man…” ::takes a drag of weed:: “Im toasted..”)

Videl: (LMAO!)

Kethryn: ::she grins:: thank you

davepoobond: mucus

RikkiOh: (Ed:: Buttered ToAT!)

Videl: (It would be believable with the way they RP though)

Daiou: (Hey man…Im fuc*n wasted)

Kethryn: ::she yawned and tossed her dagger over to RikkiOh::

OnlineHost: Kethryn rolled 2 53-sided dice: 22 39

RikkiOh: (heh)

RikkiOh: (Im not even in the room stupid)

Daiou: (LOL! isint event he character’s name)

RikkiOh: (Hes not even in the room)

Daiou: even, the*

DPOD: good job.

davepoobond: ((and its pitiful dice too))

Videl: (LOL I’m laughing soooo hard that my face is turning red.)

Kethryn: RikkiOh is Guild killed and is to be ignored in ToAT lands

Shadoe: ((i know))

Daiou: (Good job, you acted like an idiot, here’s some experiance points!)

davepoobond: ((LOOOOOLL))

RikkiOh: (Dumb….Just dumb)

DPOD: post it.

Shadoe: ((ROTFLMAO))

Videl: (Hey Shawn! Did you know your character was just killed even though he’s not even in here?)

davepoobond: ((ooooh, post it!))

RikkiOh: (Blacklist!!!!)

Videl: (LOL!)

Kethryn: ::nods:: will do

RikkiOh: (Hehe! Thats funny Cait!)

Shadoe: ((post its?where?))

davepoobond: ((i’m credited with that though))

Videl: (LMAO!)

Daiou: (Now…how’s this…::Cracks his fingers:: I post you across my own blacklist, and about

Shadoe: ((i need some post~its))

Daiou: thirty other Rhydin guilds and forums lists….you will never need to worry about

Daiou: going outside of your own little minded world…cause no one will want to be around you LOL!)

Videl: (::grins:: I love it when Damen gets like this.)

DPOD: its much beter when they are all down in the sewers.

RikkiOh: (XD!!!)

davepoobond: ((heh))

Shadoe: ((::writes something down::post…its…))

RikkiOh: (what in idiot!)

Videl: (LOL!)

RikkiOh: (DPOD is such an idiot)

davepoobond: ((wtf is with you guys and sewers))

davepoobond: ((toilets are cool, not sewers))

Daiou: (::Just busts out laughing:: Is that all he can think of?! Sewers? He must live in one or have a secret lair in one near by to use that word so much.)

Shadoe: ((what`s with DPOD anyway?))

RikkiOh: (Just a retard)

Shadoe: ((hey!D~POD,MAN!))

davepoobond: ((he cant hear you, he ignored us all))

Shadoe: ((i got some willows,we gonna get toated!))

Videl: (LOL!)

davepoobond: ((since he did, he wont here this:))

Daiou: (All the better…I say we take over his room and use it as a CRF room.)

Kethryn: ::nods:: I must agree Kree

davepoobond: ((YOU’RE A POOPY HEAD MR. DPOD))

Videl: (LMAO!)

Shadoe: ((::falls off his stool laughing::))

Videl: (I like that idea Damen)

davepoobond: ((heh))

RikkiOh: (yep!)

Daiou: (That’s it….LOL! It’s OURS NOW!)

Videl: (Yeah!!!)

davepoobond: ((yay))

Daiou: (Hell I may make this our temporary HQ.)

Shadoe: ((::cries from laughing so hard::))

Videl: (LOL! Send an email out to all of LotS!)

Shadoe: ((hey,D-POD my man!))

Videl: (People are always talking about wanting to publicly RP ::snickers::)

Shadoe: ((::thinks of black guys buying weed from a guy named D-POD::))

davepoobond: ((heh))

Videl: (Well, this made my night, that’s for sure)

davepoobond: ((yeah, and i’m gonna put this shyte on Squackle))

Shadoe: ((it`s not over yet))

Daiou: (Done)

RikkiOh: (They are just prolly five year olds that dont even know what to do)

Daiou: (This room is now the LotS HQ for the next week.)

Shadoe: ((yeah))

Videl: (Darn, I should have logged this and sent it to everyone.)

DPOD: what was a real shame? of then wasn’t too bad

davepoobond: ((i’ve got it all and more))

DPOD: the others were mindless and had to use OOC all the time.

Daiou: (LOL!)

RikkiOh: (o.o)

Shadoe: ((they`re slicing and sliving people that haven`t even entered yet))

RikkiOh: (LOL!!!!)

Daiou: (Like a character knows what OOC is!)

Kethryn: ::nods:: mmm hmm, but they had to be the lackeys of the wrong crowd…pity

Videl: (LMAO!!)

RikkiOh: (they havent even killed anyone)

davepoobond: ((yeah, they did))

RikkiOh: (no…-.-)

DPOD: that’s how they get together..all the sludge collects together.

davepoobond: ((they killed me and shadoe))

Shadoe: ((yeah,man))

Daiou: (They “slived” Dave IC…yet he’s a shapeshifter mound of goo..)


Videl: (They killedVidel even though she wasn’t in the room, now THAT is talent)

RikkiOh: (Dave is still alive…they just moded)


Daiou: (Kind of hard to “slived” someone that can’t be harmed by blades.)

RikkiOh: (And they killed Ricky and he never even entered the fricken place)

davepoobond: ((i must learn that technique, to kill someone not in the room))

Shadoe: ((i`m a vamp))

Kethryn: ::nods:: just glad we’re finally rid of them

RikkiOh: (What a bunch of moders)

Shadoe: (you can`t just kill a vamp))

Daiou: (No, moders aint the word for these kids.)

Kethryn: ::grins:: and I got to make my first guild kill too

RikkiOh: (Just Newbies?)

Videl: (::dies laughing::)

davepoobond: ((lol…thats stupid))

OnlineHost: Shadoe has left the room.

Kethryn: maybe them bringing in their lackey’s isn’t so bad afterall

DPOD: ::grins:

Videl: (I wasn’t anything CLOSE to that when I was a newbie)

Daiou: (Decapitation and burn the head and body seperately…that’s how you “just” kill a vamp)

OnlineHost: Shadoe has entered the room.

davepoobond: ((lets have guild kills, damen…we can prance around RhyDin killing them all))

RikkiOh: (LOL! Kethryn mun/char is stupid, its so funny!!)

DPOD: hey each one is worth points, doesn’t matterto me.

Daiou: (Nah, we don’t want to stoop to their level.)

Videl: (LOL!!!)

davepoobond: ((yeah, i guess not then))

Shadoe: ((if you re enter than are you automatically off ignore?))

RikkiOh: (Dave send me the log!!!))

Videl: (You have the log?!)

davepoobond: ((not over yet, lol))

Videl: (Send it to me when it’s done!!!!!)

RikkiOh: (Hurry up!!!!!)

davepoobond: ((i’ll put it up on squackle, its too big))

Videl: (Oh my god…now I see why Aimi asked me if I ever go into Rhydin rooms and turn on a log and just let the newbies play)

Shadoe: ((hey D-POD!WE GOT SOME DOPE-ASS SH*T!))

Videl: (Send it as attachment?)

Daiou: (Im bringing in a Rhydin expert on this LOL!)

Shadoe: ((ABOUT 50 G`S MAN!))

RikkiOh: (thats why i never let BroliKen go to Rhydin)

RikkiOh: (Because the people suck!!!)

Daiou: (Now now)

Videl: (This…is classic…this really made my night, I’m still laughing)

Shadoe: ((i`m still thinking about D-POD the drug dealer)

RikkiOh: (ya!)

Daiou: (No not yet)

davepoobond: ((all right then))

Daiou: (Let’s see what our Rhydin specialist has to say when he gets here LOL!)

Videl: (Do I know this person Damen? Or no?)

davepoobond: ((hurry up, my mom might come in and take away the comp forever….))

Videl: (Well then I’ll turn on a log to take over where you leave off)

Daiou: (Nope)

Videl: (Log On ^.^)

davepoobond: ((uhh…..i have a lot more than u))

Videl: (I know, but at least I’ll get what you miss)

Daiou: (Perhaps I should drag Zach or Forte in here and just kill them to their own guild?)

Daiou: (Oh wait!)

Daiou: (I have Kym Nark Mar the Dragon God on instead of Forte LOL!)

Videl: (LOL! )

Daiou: (Oh jesus…I cant stop laughing at these idiots)

davepoobond: ((they’re not even talking))

Videl: (You and me both)

Daiou: (Damn, he can’t make it, he’s busy doing something *”IC”*)

Videl: (*gasp* IC?! What’s that?!?!?)

davepoobond: ((oh god wtf is that))

Daiou: (I heard a myth about it once..)

Shadoe: ::takes out his nailgun and aims it at DPOD`s nuts::

davepoobond: ((that concept is too confusing))

Videl: (LOL)

Daiou: (That its where you play your characters, without using any type of relation to yourself.)

Shadoe: ::fires::BAM!!!

davepoobond: ::slives DPOD and Kethryn::

Videl: (Oh my god! Is that possible Damen?! It seems sooo hard!)

Shadoe: ::slices them::

davepoobond: You are now dead in the Lands of Dave. You will now be ignored forever again in the Dave

Daiou: (I know, it seems like the impossible is upon us!)

Videl: (LMAO Dave!!!!)

Daiou: (LOL!!!)


Daiou: (LMFAO!!!)

Shadoe: oh!not on the garden gnome!

davepoobond: ((::second time, but seems to get a better result the 2nd time::))

Daiou: (LOL! They stopped talking totaly)

Videl: (That’s a shame…I’m sure they’ll have more to say once other members start comin’ in here on a daily basis. ::snickers::)

Daiou: (Out numbered, outclassed, hell…totaly outmatched in anything…even by Dave…and that’s astonishing!)

Videl: (LOL!)

davepoobond: ((thats not nice ::sniffle::))

davepoobond: ((i came a long way))

Videl: (Aww…)

Daiou: (Dave, that’s a compliment!)

Daiou: (It means you are WAY better than they are!)

davepoobond: ((i had pretty much 1 to 3 word actions all the was hard to do 6 words an action))

Shadoe: ::takes down his pants and rubs his ass in DPOD`s face::SAY MY NAME!

Videl: (I mean…when I first started out, even I wasn’t THAT bad…I mean…they must have never heard of a little thing called “common sense”)

Shadoe: ((ROTFLMAO))

Daiou: (Assman?)

Videl: (LOL!)

davepoobond: ((so, i started using Adjectives))

Daiou: (Common sense? What’s that?)

Videl: (LOL!!)

davepoobond: ((DPOD> doy….uh…..hmm……..i’m on drugs….oooooooo))

Shadoe: ((ASSMAN!::batman theme::))

Daiou: (DPOD: “Hey man…I’m fuc*in wasted…)

Videl: (LOL)

Shadoe: ((danananananananana,ASS,MAN!!!!!))

Daiou: (LOL!)

davepoobond: ((kethryn> ::inhales deeply:: yep….got another box of OJ?))

Videl: (LMAO)

OnlineHost: Bass number has entered the room.

Bass number:: whats up

davepoobond: hi

davepoobond: watch out, they’ll kill you

Videl: (::sits back and watches::)

Shadoe: ::rubs his ass inthey ignored us ooc

davepoobond: ::points to DPOD and kethryn::

Shadoe: they`ll slive and slice you

Bass number:: what are youll recruiting in here


Daiou: Us? No, we took over the room.

davepoobond: ITS BAD

Bass number:: how old r youll

davepoobond: 15

davepoobond: y

Bass number:: just wondering

davepoobond: u?

DPOD: ignore the olders Bass..they are dead in these lands.

Shadoe: ASSMAN!duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh

DPOD: others*

Daiou: Old enough to say I can’t have sex with small kids, or I’ll go to jail.

Shadoe: ASSMAN!duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh

davepoobond: lol, again with “these lands”

Bass number:: im 16

Videl: Dude, if you DON’T know the difference between OOC and IC, then THIS is the guild for you!

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: definatly

Daiou: Hey, chill….I doubt he’s a rper right now.

Shadoe: ASSMAN,ASSMAN,assman,

Bass number:: what the hell is that

Videl: LMAO

Videl: ::dies laughing::

davepoobond: its all right bass, dont worry

Daiou: CHILL!!!

Shadoe: shanananananananana,ASSMAN!!!!!!!

davepoobond: just know to not join this place

davepoobond: ToAT or whatever

RikkiOh: Toast!

RikkiOh: XD

RikkiOh: ^.^

Bass number:: well what r youll doing n here

Daiou: Bass….I take it your aren’t a roleplayer are you?

Shadoe: let`s make some toat,i`m hungry!

Videl: Being entertained, you could say.

Daiou: Sounds like you’re trying to say Toast with a lisp…


Videl: LOL!

Bass number:: lets go talk shit ………all of us ……in another room

davepoobond: no! you’re a spy

Videl: Lol

Daiou: Nope, we took over their room…so we’re staying here.

davepoobond: you probably want us to get out of here

Videl: Yeah, they want us to leave, therefore, we’re staying.

Shadoe: it`s toaty warm in here

Videl: XD

Daiou: LOL! lisp again!

davepoobond: lol

Daiou: You should get that checked.

RikkiOh: Buttered TOAT!!

davepoobond: i want a toater

Videl: LOL

Shadoe: i`m gonna toat you with my dope-ass shit!

Daiou: Im going to use my Toater on you and make you into creamy toat that will water the mouths of all toat eaters out there!

Shadoe: ((::his sides hurt from laughing so hard,he wipes his tars away for morew to come::))

Videl: LMAO

Shadoe: i like cinnamon toat

Daiou: I thought it was cimmanon since we’re talking with lisps..

Videl: thimmanon

Daiou: LMAO!!!

Shadoe: ((i g2g guys,send me a log))

Daiou: They haven’t talked for a good twenty minutes

Videl: Okies, baiyo!

RikkiOh: Thats because they are crying

RikkiOh: because they suck!

Daiou: To their mommies

Shadoe: ::Walks out pulling his bag off dope-ass weed with him::

OnlineHost: Shadoe has left the room.

OnlineHost: Daiou has left the room.

OnlineHost: Daiou has entered the room.


Videl: LOL!!!

RikkiOh: o.o

RikkiOh: Damen whatcha been smokin? o.O

Daiou: Shawn, you can have the guy…me and Cait will take the….other one…though I think we

davepoobond: byes

OnlineHost: davepoobond has left the room.

RikkiOh: O.o..<^>

Daiou: will have to do some surgery first to estabilsh it’s gender

Videl: LOL!!!!!!

RikkiOh: Shes a duck!

RikkiOh: O.o


Videl: LMAO!!!!

RikkiOh: LOL!!!!!!!!!

OnlineHost: Tamberlin has entered the room.

RikkiOh: LOL!

RikkiOh: Funny they are still quiet!

Daiou: Nope, he aint one of em…he’s an RoAer though..

Videl: And they haven’t tried to kill the newcomer yet, that’s a record!

RikkiOh: Hey Tamberlin mun, your character is gonna get killed while in yer pocket

Daiou: I may hate RoA…but I won’t damn anyone to them…not even Berto or Maggie….Tamberlin mun

RikkiOh: DPOD and Kethryn are gonna kill him with 2d rolls!

Daiou: dont even try to rp in here….the moderistic idiots that run the place are way to stupid to understand anything IC or OOC

Videl: Or the difference between it for that matter…

Daiou: That to

Tamberlin: I take it your referring to me? Heh, I’ve heard about them

Daiou: I’m sorry.

RikkiOh: o.o…..

RikkiOh: Come on i want to read the log!

Videl: Oh!

Daiou: I’m sorry you’ve heard of this pathetic wasteland of roleplayers.

Videl: Hang on let me d/l it and get it sent!

Videl: LOL!!!

Tamberlin: Too bad, they’re not talking anymore? Might have been funny to see.

Daiou: Oh God, it was hilarious

Videl: Funny, is an understatement.

Daiou: They killed my character, Rikkioh’s, andVidel’s and several others without them being IC

Tamberlin: Been awhile since I’ve seen a moder…which is pretty surprising.

Daiou: Now THAT is talent worth exploring!

Tamberlin: Indeed, I must learn how they perform such an amazing trick.

Daiou: It’s easy…they suck.

Daiou: All we have to do is “slive” someone and we can do it to!

Tamberlin: Ahhh, so there in lies the secret!

Videl: LMAO

OnlineHost: Ranger has entered the room.

Daiou: BRAD!!! LOL!!!

Ranger: That’s me. Heh.

Videl: You missed it!

Daiou: DOn’t go IC! They will “slive” you till you die from the one hit!

Videl: Damen do you wanna send the log out, or shall I? To all of LotS I mean.

Ranger: What happened?

Daiou: I will, heh, I want the honors

DPOD: ::looks to Tamberlin:: you should have been here before.there was a whole room full of moder

Videl: Okies!

Daiou: SEE LOL!

RikkiOh: LOL!!

Videl: LMAO!

Daiou: He just proved it!

Videl: Thank God I didn’t turn off the log yet!

Tamberlin: Who’s the other one?

Daiou: His accomplice in stupidity

RikkiOh: Kethryn

Tamberlin: Um…DPOD? It would be wise for you not to open your mouth again.

Videl: LMAO!

RikkiOh: LOL!


DPOD: why?

Daiou: KILL HIM!!!

Tamberlin: Just trying to save you some embaressment.

RikkiOh: Because you’re an idiot!

Videl: LOL!!!

Daiou: Jut out right kill him!!!

DPOD: are you a lost loser too?

Daiou: Do it before he gets the chance!

Videl: Public display of stupidity, my favorite show.


Daiou: Brad to! Use two word actions!

Tamberlin: Kill them? Well ok

RikkiOh: No hes a smart boy you dope

Daiou: It should be a crime…

Tamberlin: ::punch…kick…::

Videl: You mean like ::killz u::

OnlineHost: Tamberlin rolled 1 1-sided die: 1

Daiou: Aim it at DPOD

OnlineHost: LyWrynn has entered the room.

Tamberlin: I DID IT!

RikkiOh: ::Kill DPO::

Daiou: and use your RoA dice

Videl: LOL

DPOD: ::shakes head:: slashes Tamberlin for Guild Kill::

OnlineHost: DPOD rolled 4 92-sided dice: 15 69 89 90

Daiou: LMAO!!!!

RikkiOh: LOL!!

Videl: ::just dies laughing::


Ranger: I was about to say..

DPOD: He is now dead in all TOAT lands and to be ignored.

Daiou: NO way Hes funny!

Tamberlin: Oh, I have to do this just one moment…

Ranger: RoA Flunkie..

Daiou: Hey now

DPOD: ::sweeps he away with the others::

RikkiOh: Brad yo…hes cool

RikkiOh: dont worry

Daiou: We’re all on the same team here

Ranger: Oh, okay.

Ranger: I didn’t know. Heh.

LyWrynn: ::a cloaked figure steps in::

Daiou: RoA he may be…but he’s on our side for the time being

Tamberlin: ::Arms crossed over his chest, a smirk spreading across his visage as icy blues regarded the man and his…attack:: Nice…may I try? ::placing a hand on the man’s chest, he almost absentmindedly discharges a ki blast::

RikkiOh: And oh yea…-Shawn

RikkiOh: (::goes into the bubbles for now::)

Videl: (::follows, since she KNOWS the difference between IC and OOC unlike some people::)

Daiou: (::Goes IC for the hell of it, since he did declare this LotS’ HQ for a week.::)

Daiou: ::Goes cheap as they do for entrances…::

Daiou: -In

Daiou: (No…I can’t stoop to that level….I’m sorry…IVE COMMITED A GRAVE SIN!!!)

Ranger: ::Does a cheaper one.::

Ranger: ::Ish in.::

Ranger: [ We must repent, Damen! ]

Daiou: (YES! Repent!!!)

OnlineHost: Bass number has left the room.

Videl: (LOL!!)

OnlineHost: Tamberlin rolled 4 93-sided dice: 26 53 35 65

Tamberlin: ((Phew, and I’m spent))

Ranger: [ To the Holy Online Host give us forgiveness! ]

Daiou: ::Through the void of both evil and good, he laid…upon the woven fabric of reality his eyes remained closed, until they burst forth openly and gave birth to sight, his form vanished from the void, only to appear in the establishment that was now designated as the

Videl: (Damen, are you sure they understand those types of words?)

DPOD: hi Wyrnn, just step around the MAnure.

Daiou: HQ for the time being. His eyes stared upon the place with disgust.:: I can’t believe he would do this to us…

LyWrynn: ::: buys the house a round of ignore ale and passes it around

Daiou: (Do I look like I care, Cait?)

Videl: (No, just makin’ sure.)

Videl: (Do you ever? ::grins::)

Daiou: (Um…no?)

LyWrynn: ::she smiles as the sounds of silence fills the room::

DPOD: ::smiles:: Kethy this is Wyrnn,,,Wyrnn Kethy.

LyWrynn: Hello Kree Im back for a short while

Daiou: (AAAHH!! It’s one of them to!!! KILL IT KILL IT!!!)

LyWrynn: Kethy well met

Videl: (LMAO!)

Kethryn: ::she gave a friendly smile to LyWrynn and nodded:: tis a pleasure

Ranger: [ We still outnumber them. Heh. ]

Daiou: ::His eyes stared upon the three that congested reality with their existance, and with that

RikkiOh: (Im not gonna let Ricky in here…he will bust the heads off of people)

Daiou: he raised his hand into the air and screamed outwards and released a plight of energy into

LyWrynn: ::she take a seat at Krees table::Im suprised to still see you out this late Krre

Daiou: the area that tears the building asunder, destroying it utterly, only to give way to the wrecking crew that comes in and rebuilds it as the CRF/LotS Headquaters.::

DPOD: ::nods:: a bit longer tonight

Kethryn: well I should go ::she stood up and nodded to them both:: be well you two.. it was nice meeting you Wrynn

DPOD: see you tomorrow we have to get some skrimishes in.

LyWrynn: ::smiles:: safe journeys my lady Kethy

Daiou: (Oh and by the way…I am serious about this place being the new HQ.)

Kethryn: ::nods:: you can count on it Kree

DPOD: ::grins::

Videl: (I know ^.^)

Videl: (This will be great)

Kethryn: ::smiles:: thank you Wrynn … ::she walked towards the door and stepped out::

OnlineHost: Kethryn has left the room.

Daiou: (Us being on ignore…they have no clue as to what awaits them.)

Videl: (::smirks:: Which makes it all the better!)

Videl: (Every time I come in here, I’m going to log it. It should make for some wonderful comedy.)

DPOD: grins:: should have been here sooner , we set a record for guild kills.

Daiou: (Just something to brighten everyone’s lives.)

RikkiOh: (hold on…going on BroliKen SN)

Videl: (Okies!)

LyWrynn: ::sigh:: You know I always disliked the whole killing issue

OnlineHost: RikkiOh has left the room.

DPOD: yea but vermin doesn’t count.

Videl: (Wow, I guess that works out with that character then, since there was no actual killing eh?)

Daiou: (Ya know…by our standards…they’re dead.)

Videl: (Yup.)

LyWrynn: ::holds up a bottle of ignore::Perhaps but one drop of this and the problems disapeer

DPOD: ::grins::


Daiou: (Especially when they ignore being killed by Veg…that’s just a sin right there..)

Videl: (LMAO!)

DPOD: hey, while you are here we can get some quick skrimishes in!

Daiou: OH!

Videl: (O.o)

LyWrynn: ok ok Im rusty though

Daiou: ::grabs Veg back out since he doesn’t care for using him in the confines of stupidity::

Videl: (LOL)

Daiou: We get to see how stupid they really are!!!

DPOD: i know but at l;east you’ll have some for the records.

LyWrynn: :::shimmers into a non script grey wolf and heads for the door::

Videl: They can’t prove themselves to be even more stupid than they already have.

Daiou: Ten bucks…I place ten bucks, none of the dice that they have are earned from the D20 start

DPOD: comon…

Daiou: Anyone care to place a wager against that?

OnlineHost: DPOD has left the room.

Videl: Nah..

Tamberlin: ((Awww…I thought we were going to have a show here))

Tamberlin: ((And me without my popcorn))

LyWrynn: ;;the wolf turns back and seems to say ::,”what are you waiting for?”

OnlineHost: LyWrynn has left the room.

Daiou: ::Snaps his fingers and Porno pops up on the big screen.::

Videl: LOL Deb just signed on too.

Daiou: GOOD!

Ranger: Heh.

Daiou: But there are none left

Videl: Aww damn, they went into a private room.

Videl: No more fun for us.

Daiou: We can’t have fun with them

Tamberlin: ((::yawns:: Well it’s getting late where I am, so I’m calling it a night. Cya everyone))

OnlineHost: Tamberlin has left the room.

OnlineHost: Brolly has entered the room.

Videl: LotS wins again!!!!


RhyDin Night Club

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – RhyDin Night Club”. ***

Virgoshio: looks like im running things

davepoobond: ::jumps in, wearing a suede jacket, black shoes, and long white pants::

Holmes: wow finally a freakin customer

Virgoshio: Can i help you ?::looks at davepoobond::

davepoobond: ::tap dances over to shio:: sure you can…you can tell me your phone number sweet cakes

Virgoshio: ok its 555-6996

davepoobond: hmm…nice

Holmes: eww shio thats nasty

Virgoshio: ::to himself:: not

davepoobond: ::takes out a cell phone and dials it::

davepoobond: ::an old grandma picks up on the other line::

davepoobond: old grandma: yes?

davepoobond: hello, shio…

davepoobond: sweet cakes*

davepoobond: ((make it sound funnier…ehh))

Holmes: ::Laughs::

davepoobond: old grandma: i already told you i have toothbrushes!

Virgoshio: anything else?

davepoobond: …how about toilet brushes?

davepoobond: old grandma: ::hangs up::

Holmes: shio shut up and let the customer talk

Virgoshio: need any thing else?

davepoobond: sure

davepoobond: how about a bag of cheetos

Virgoshio: what?

Holmes: ::goes behind the counter::

Virgoshio: ::hands him a bag of cheetos:: 1.00

davepoobond: nuh uh…not that easy…i want it on your head…

Virgoshio: why?

Holmes: ::grabs some “Hello my name is:” tags and writes “Manager”::

davepoobond: do it

Holmes: ::slaps it on my forehead:: i’m the manager now

Virgoshio: ::rips tags off and throws holmes back in his seat::

Holmes: hey thats my skin on that tag

Virgoshio: ::puts the cheetoes on his head::

Virgoshio: o well shut up!

Virgoshio: now what?

Holmes: don’t tell me what to do, remeber you work for me

davepoobond: ::laughs at him::

Virgoshio: Not in here!

Virgoshio: you fag

Virgoshio: Now what?

Holmes: hey we talked about the anger problems

davepoobond: what are you talking about?

davepoobond: i dont know who you are

Virgoshio: i have the cheetoes on my head now what?

davepoobond: deposit yourself into a bank

Virgoshio: no!

davepoobond: yes!

Virgoshio: ::hands davepoobond the cheetoes::

Holmes: why not? save some of yourself for your later years

Virgoshio: Shut up holmes!

davepoobond: he’s got a point

Holmes: the customer is always right

davepoobond: in your state, you wont be….how do i say

davepoobond: stocky

davepoobond: all your life

Virgoshio: Well in your state you wont be a bitch all your life!

Holmes: wow attitude

davepoobond: ::blinks a few times:: isnt that a good thing?

Holmes: and you wonder why no one comes into this place

Virgoshio: yea but still just shut up!

Virgoshio: We JUst opened you tart

Holmes: my store is crowded with customers

Virgoshio: My ass i work there

Virgoshio: there is never anyone in there

Holmes: yeah watching my sandwich

davepoobond: ::fart:: i’m your only customer, bask me in glory

Holmes: and what happened to my sandwich the LAST time i said watch it?

Holmes: HUH?

OnlineHost: Metallicdraco has entered the room.

Holmes: some one ATE IT

Virgoshio: ::hands Da a freee pepporoni pizza::

davepoobond: hey, pepporonni pizza

Holmes: don’t eat it, he doesn’t wash his hands

davepoobond: ewwww

Virgoshio: thats what you get for me being a total jack ass

davepoobond: that means….theres toilet paper particles on this pizza?

Virgoshio: ::punches holmes in the face::yes i do!

davepoobond: and all other types of particles

Virgoshio: No thre isnt

OnlineHost: Metallicdraco has left the room.

davepoobond: yes, i bet there is!

Holmes: he doesn’t believe in toilet paper

OnlineHost: Jaysun Iverson has entered the room.

Virgoshio: i washmy hands

Holmes: he uses his hands

davepoobond: even worse!

Holmes: and picks it all out

Virgoshio: holmes your a fag!

Holmes: at least a “fag” who washes his hands

davepoobond: true true

Holmes: is better then you

OnlineHost: XxSuPa AnGeLxX has entered the room.

Virgoshio: I Wash My Hands YOU FUCK NUT!

Holmes: fine fine you wash your hands

Holmes: in the urinal

Virgoshio: Holmes i hate you when your drunk!

Virgoshio: No thats where your mom washes her hair!

OnlineHost: Jaysun Iverson has left the room.

davepoobond: that was a bit random…

OnlineHost: XxSuPa AnGeLxX has left the room.

Virgoshio: Hey thats the price to pay!

Virgoshio: he pissed me off!

Holmes: that hurt

davepoobond: actually, urinals are places to wash your feet though

Virgoshio: No urinals you Piss in!

Holmes: eww you filthy animal

davepoobond: ewww

OnlineHost: Sk8erchicky81 has entered the room.

davepoobond: so i got a urinal for nothing


OnlineHost: Sk8erchicky81 has left the room.

Virgoshio: Bucause thats what they are used for get the fuck out of the club!

davepoobond: hahahaha

Holmes: fine but i;’m going back to my shop

Holmes: and you better get working

Virgoshio: Fine see ya later!

Virgoshio: are you leavin?

Holmes: no

Virgoshio: ok

Virgoshio: fin

Holmes: fin in french means the end

Virgoshio: Fine*

Holmes: fine in english means ok

davepoobond: or

davepoobond: pretty

Virgoshio: No shit sherlock

Holmes: yeah in context like: “Damn baby-girl, you like fine!”

Holmes: watson, are you constipated

Virgoshio: Hey Da why dont you suck holmeses dick?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

davepoobond: …not occasionally…

OnlineHost: Lechuza has entered the room.

Virgoshio: Ok

OnlineHost: Lechuza has left the room.

Virgoshio: well go some where and suck his dick then

Holmes: nah not right now

Holmes: gotta get in the mood

davepoobond: actually i dont

Holmes: does this place sell viagra

davepoobond: you do today

davepoobond: ::shoves shio onto holmes::

Holmes: O.o if you want some shio just ask!

Virgoshio: ::kicks davepoobond in the face::

Virgoshio: ::punches holmes::

davepoobond: ::kicked in the face and blows up::

Virgoshio: ::hit::

Virgoshio: ::hit::

davepoobond: aahhhhhh

Holmes: ::punched:: ow

davepoobond: ::body slams shio::

davepoobond: ::hit::

davepoobond: ::hit::

davepoobond: ::hit::

Holmes: ::hit::

Virgoshio: ::gets up and grabs them both and throws them out side::

Virgoshio: ::hit::

davepoobond: ::not hit, thrown outside::

Virgoshio: ::locks doors::

Holmes: ::moves like a boomerang and comes back through an open window::

davepoobond: ::seeps in through the cracks of the door::

davepoobond: you cant keep me out

Virgoshio: Ok fine just leave me alone

Virgoshio: and let me work

davepoobond: all right

Holmes: ok

davepoobond: work on what

davepoobond: nothing

davepoobond: ::takes a chair and smashes it:: here’s something to work on

davepoobond: hahahaa

Virgoshio: ::snaps fingers and the chair is fixed::

Holmes: wow

Virgoshio: any thing else?

davepoobond: how about a cheeseburger

Holmes: ::runs to bathroom and clogs and floods the toilets::

Virgoshio: ::snaps fingers and a cheeseburger is in da’s hands::

Holmes: ::pisses on the floor::

Virgoshio: ::snaps and fixes the toilets::

davepoobond: thanks ::runs in the bathroom and stuffs it in the sinks and turns them on::

Virgoshio: ::snaps and cleans the floor::

davepoobond: ::jumps in and bathes in the sink::

Virgoshio: ::Snaps and unclogs it::

Holmes: ::snaps and cleans shios nose out::

Virgoshio: ::snaps and davepoobond is back in her seat a s well as homes::

Virgoshio: ::da and holmes are back in thier seats::

Holmes: ::moons shio::

Holmes: Theres a crack in my ass! can you fix that?

Virgoshio: ::snaps and holmeses pants are back on::Virgoshio: ::snaps and Holmses ass crack fills up::

Holmes: thanks

Virgoshio: no prob

davepoobond: how about this? i got a brown thing coming out of my ear…

Virgoshio: ::snaps and fills in das ear::

davepoobond: i cant hear

Virgoshio: good

Holmes: my nipples are more square then round

davepoobond: whats that?

Holmes: can you fix that

Virgoshio: nuttin

Virgoshio: ::snaps and holmes has no nipples::

davepoobond: sure, i’ll take some toilet water, thank you

Holmes: aww darn no breastfeeding today

davepoobond: yes yes, i’ll feed the gerbils while your gone…

Virgoshio: any thing else?

davepoobond: no

Virgoshio: k

Holmes: can you fix your name? it sounds stupid

Holmes: shio…

Holmes: and your face

Virgoshio: ::snaps and holmes cant talk::

Holmes: it looks like you have a beard of pimples

Holmes: ::pokes shio in the eye::

davepoobond: this chair is talking to me

Virgoshio: ((i dont have pimples))

davepoobond: help

Virgoshio: OW

Holmes: ((oh thats your chars face))

OnlineHost: Keith Vigors has entered the room.


davepoobond: ::friggin knocks shio away with the talking chair::

Holmes: ::mumbles cause he can;t talk and shakes violently::

Virgoshio: ::falls and then gets up::

OnlineHost: Keith Vigors has left the room.

davepoobond: ::farts in shio’s face::

davepoobond: get down!

Virgoshio: ::throws a table at her::

Virgoshio: ::hit::

davepoobond: theres a nuclear bomb!

davepoobond: ::not a she….::

Holmes: ::hops around with the chair::

Holmes: ::snaps and he can talk again:: and your mother can’t cook!

Virgoshio: i know

davepoobond: haha

Virgoshio: knocks holmes over

davepoobond: your book is a pie

Holmes: you wanna knock me over?

Virgoshio: yes?

Virgoshio: yes*

Holmes: …

Holmes: ((forgot the :: :: dummy))

davepoobond: ((you’re messin up))

Virgoshio: ((my bad))

OnlineHost: Virgoshio has left the room.

Holmes: hahahahaha

Holmes: he’s fun to mess with


TA H00TERs bar

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – TA HO0TERs bar”. ***

OnlineHost: BIGCHAMPION has left the room.

OnlineHost: Loca Jen has left the room.

VCaine: so how come you dun have a boyfrined/

davepoobond: ::scratches his eye:: hmm

VCaine: yer cute…n…dare i say…lovable…::Shakes his head::

VCaine: i sound 40.

davepoobond: he’s trying to sweet talk you to get into your pants! dont fall for it!

Elisa: umm ,i dunno

VCaine: Hey! i am not!

davepoobond: sure you are

VCaine: im a Vir….Never mind..

davepoobond: you wanna do her in zero gees

davepoobond: so what, theres a first time for everything

VCaine: ……

davepoobond: …..

VCaine: ::Frowns::

davepoobond: ::frowns::

VCaine: ::leaps down::

davepoobond: ::leaps down too::

VCaine: ::Walkson out::

davepoobond: ::kicks him out::

OnlineHost: VCaine has left the room.

davepoobond: ha! showed him

OnlineHost: Shaggygirl has entered the room.

davepoobond: ::dances around::

Shaggygirl: hi

davepoobond: hi

Shaggygirl: im a model

davepoobond: really

davepoobond: you’re hired

Shaggygirl: cool

davepoobond: ::puts a hooters shirt on her::

davepoobond: now, as your job, you have to stay in here and not do anything

Shaggygirl: ok

davepoobond: and possibly riverdance every 30 seconds or so

davepoobond: even if no one is in here

Shaggygirl: im riverdance ing

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: you’re bad at dancing

Shaggygirl: ok

davepoobond: you’re fired

davepoobond: get outta here!

Shaggygirl: fu

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: fu u

Shaggygirl: im cry

davepoobond: im sweat

Shaggygirl: im crying

davepoobond: whats your point

Shaggygirl: 🙁

Shaggygirl: kiss

Shaggygirl: 🙂

OnlineHost: VCaine has entered the room.

davepoobond: great

davepoobond: thats just great

VCaine: ::Walks back in::

VCaine: the hell i leave for?

davepoobond: ok, you’re hired again shaggy

Shaggygirl: cool

VCaine: i can kick yer ass if ya put me down one more time..

davepoobond: now give a lap dance to him and fondle him ::points to vince::

Shaggygirl: ok

VCaine: ::Snarles::

VCaine: ::looks for liz::

Shaggygirl: 🙂 🙂 🙂

VCaine: liz?

davepoobond: she’s dead

davepoobond: ::stands in front of the bathroom door:: she’s definately not in here

Shaggygirl: no im not

davepoobond: not you

Shaggygirl: who

Elisa: hi

davepoobond: liz

davepoobond: told you she wasnt in here ::points to the bathroom::

Elisa: whats up

Elisa: huh?

Shaggygirl: hi Elisa

VCaine: Hey…

Shaggygirl: a/s/l

davepoobond: 15/m/ca

Elisa: hellos

VCaine: ((16/M/CA))

Shaggygirl: im riverdance ing

davepoobond: cool. me too

VCaine: wanna umm sit down?

Shaggygirl: 15 f ohio

VCaine: ::Sits down on a comfy couch::

davepoobond: ::jumps on it:: dont mind if i do

Elisa: :: sits down too::

Shaggygirl: sits down too::

VCaine: ::looks at liz:: so you go to school here?

OnlineHost: Pianoman48 has entered the room.

davepoobond: ::has his legs up towards Vince’s face, lying down on his back::

VCaine: ::twists his leg makin a snaping sound:: BA

davepoobond: ahh…..

OnlineHost: VCaine rolled 1 50-sided die: 32

VCaine: ::almost::

OnlineHost: Shaggygirl has left the room.

davepoobond: ::blinks:: that didnt hurt…i actually enjoyed that

VCaine: ::licks his fangs as he looks back to liz::

VCaine: ::Twists again::

OnlineHost: VCaine rolled 1 50-sided die: 44

VCaine: ::Snap:

davepoobond: give me more!

davepoobond: harder harder

VCaine: ((whoa…ok moderism…i see…))

davepoobond: ((no…))

Elisa: yikes

davepoobond: ((he’s a sadist))

davepoobond: ((he likes pain))

davepoobond: ((and he’s a shapeshifter, so it doesnt matter how many times you twisted his leg))

davepoobond: ((it’ll just keep turning))

VCaine: ((well he cant walk now…))

OnlineHost: Shaggygirl has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Pianoman48 has left the room.

Shaggygirl: hi

davepoobond: ((sure he can, he can just regenerate it))

VCaine: ::turns his back to him::

VCaine: so do you go to school here?

Elisa: :: smiles an waves::

davepoobond: there is no hooters school

Elisa: at ta?

OnlineHost: XXSiK has entered the room.

VCaine: im sorry bout that…

Shaggygirl: hi liz

VCaine: No…in rhydin..

Elisa: hi

Shaggygirl: can i get some school

davepoobond: ((lol…that looks funny))

VCaine: ::pokes Liz::

Shaggygirl: da what is your hobie

davepoobond: pooping

davepoobond: and…playing video games

XXSiK: any females with pics email them 2 me

davepoobond: no

VCaine: ::kisses her nose::

davepoobond: you’re not worthy of my pic

VCaine: say sumthin!

VCaine: ur so…

VCaine: quiet…

VCaine: want me to go?

OnlineHost: XXSiK has left the room.

Shaggygirl: i thought its secret

davepoobond: ((liz: yes, you’re a loser))

davepoobond: ((hahah))

Shaggygirl: 🙂

VCaine: ((hey what division in TA are you?))

Shaggygirl: 🙂

Shaggygirl: 🙂

davepoobond: ((Solar Flare))

Shaggygirl: 🙂 hahaha

VCaine: ((great way to impress a DC in ur guild))

VCaine: ((::Shakes head::))

davepoobond: ((i’m jest playing around man))

VCaine: ((i know hehe))

davepoobond: ((you’re actually taking this seriously?))

VCaine: ((god no))

Shaggygirl: can i get a job

davepoobond: ((anyway…what does Solar Flare do anyway?))

VCaine: Well?

Shaggygirl: can i

davepoobond: yes

davepoobond: now go away

Shaggygirl: solar flare disrupts communications

davepoobond: ((… TA?))


VCaine: ((no))

VCaine: ((shaggy dun RP))

davepoobond: ((i know that))

VCaine: ((she doesnt have an entrance or an exit or a RP profile))

Shaggygirl: i need a outfit

davepoobond: ((so…what does Solar Flare do?))

Shaggygirl: solar flare disrupts communications

davepoobond: ((Shut up you))

Shaggygirl: solar flare disrupts communications

Shaggygirl: solar flare disrupts communications

VCaine: ::Runs off::

Shaggygirl: solar flare disrupts communicatisolar flare disrupts communicationsons

OnlineHost: VCaine has left the room.

davepoobond: ((NUUU))

Shaggygirl: as you can see

OnlineHost: Leper85680816611 has entered the room.

davepoobond: ::busts a cap into shaggy’s head::

OnlineHost: VEGAA has entered the room.

Shaggygirl: ouch

Leper85680816611: what the fuck is this

davepoobond: its a hooters bar

davepoobond: welcome

davepoobond: you’re hired

OnlineHost: Leper85680816611 has left the room.

Shaggygirl: go a wayLeper85680816611:


Shaggygirl: me

davepoobond: moi

Shaggygirl: c 36 b

OnlineHost: VEGAA has left the room.


Travelers Inn

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Travelers Inn”.


JonasTheElf: ((LOL sorry, trying to scare people away))

davepoobond: ::walks in::

davepoobond: hum dee dum dee doh

OnlineHost: Tsenn has entered the room.

LadyKatrina: ::shakes her head:: great, jonas is going isane

Mac: ::grins:: Rush? ::kisses her again, this time more deeply::

davepoobond: ::walks over and smacks Mac in the head::

JonasTheElf: ::he climbs onto his bed::

Mac: ::is upstairs::

davepoobond: ::is upstairs too then::

Caca Master: [Lmao. Not again, Dave.]

davepoobond: ((shhhhhhhhhh))

LadyKatrina: ::looks at Jonas:: good night

Mac: ::Pulls USP and blows Bond away::

davepoobond: whoa! ::blows up::

Tsenn: ((he got blown away lmao))

davepoobond: ::unblows up::

Chloe Steele: ((LOL…I can’t work with this people! LOL))

JonasTheElf: ::pats the bed next to him:: join me?

davepoobond: hey, that reminds me of a story

davepoobond: that story is “unblown up”

Mac: ((oh god))

Caca Master: [Lmao. Mac-“::Drops to his knees.. And blows Dave away..::”]

davepoobond: theres this guy you see

Caca Master: [Lmfao.]

LadyKatrina: ::looks at Jonas:: perphaps when we know each other more

davepoobond: he came to an inn

Tsenn: ((oh no bob its storytime))

davepoobond: and there was this guy

Caca Master: [Oh god.. Not story time.]

davepoobond: he didnt like men

davepoobond: so he took his gun

davepoobond: and blew him up

davepoobond: he blew him up so much, he unblowed up

LadyKatrina: ::stands up::

davepoobond: he got mad

davepoobond: thats it

Caca Master: [Rofl. I’m so tired, this is actually funny.]

davepoobond: ::sits on Mac’s head:: i know a person named Squack-Mack. do you know him?

LadyKatrina: ::watches for his reaction to what she had said::

davepoobond: that reminds me of a story about Squack-Mack

davepoobond: he came to a inn once

JonasTheElf: :::smiles and winks, takes off shirt::

davepoobond: there was this guy upstair

davepoobond: s

davepoobond: kissing a wall

davepoobond: i dont know what he was doing really

OnlineHost: Tsenn has left the room.

davepoobond: i think he was practicing to kiss the chair

davepoobond: so, anyway, he sold drugs, y’see

LadyKatrina: ::sighs as she prepares to walk out the door::

OnlineHost: Tsenn has entered the room.

davepoobond: so, he came to the room and before he could sell any drugs

OnlineHost: JonasTheElf has left the room.

davepoobond: the stupid guy blowed him up with his gun

Tsenn: ((bob hes at the stories again?))

OnlineHost: Mac has left the room.

OnlineHost: Chloe Steele has left the room.

davepoobond: then he blewn up

Caca Master: [Not for long.. Looks like everyone left.]

davepoobond: he got mad

Caca Master: [Good going, genius.]

OnlineHost: LadyKatrina has left the room.

Caca Master: [Lmfao.]

davepoobond: ((ahaha. my plan worked though)))

Tsenn: ((lmao you scared them))

davepoobond: ((i kill rooms))

davepoobond: ((i’ll look for another room))

davepoobond: ((just follow me))



Note: This was a very weird chat (meaning davepoobond didn’t even have to get involved really, it was fucked up already)

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – hell”. ***

Cultivar: ::Bwhahaha::

DeMatt: :lol::

OnlineHost: Maron has entered the room.

MistressManson: Hello


DeMatt: ::jacks off, to make Matt mad::

DeMatt: lol

Vile: yep and im pissed off at the posers

Cultivar: :: ish Gay so he enjoys it::

LittleSecret: yeh? well wat did they do ta u

davepoobond: ::walks in::

OnlineHost: Darkcherub has entered the room.

Vile: ther not real

OnlineHost: MistressManson has left the room.

OnlineHost: Darkcherub has left the room.

LittleSecret: thats caz its internet

Cultivar: Duh

LittleSecret: lol

davepoobond: ::tosses a batch of “frisky” craisins::

DeMatt: ::ish bisexual… enjoys himself::

DeMatt: ::plays with BOTH::

Cultivar: I thought it was a cracker jack box

davepoobond: ::at everyone::

DeMatt: ::lmfao::

Cultivar: ::Blinks::

Vile: duh fuck u

Cultivar: Bi Sexual means you swing both ways stupid

davepoobond: ….

Cultivar: you don’t have both!

DeMatt: hey Vile

DeMatt: ever been gay!?


LittleSecret: woah…

DeMatt: we could go to a pr alone…

Cultivar: Of Course it’s his religon

DeMatt: lmfao


DeMatt: you and me baby and nuthin but mammals….

Vile: u can suck my dick u little fag

DeMatt: he is gay!

Cultivar: took you long enough to say it


Cultivar: and I am Gay so it doesn’t really hurt me

DeMatt: lol

DeMatt: threesome!

DeMatt: lmfao

Cultivar: Hurrah!

DeMatt: ::bisexual::


DeMatt: lmfao

DeMatt: lets do it like they do on the discovery channel

LittleSecret: lol

DeMatt: ::ish seen humping a rhino::

DeMatt: um…..

Cultivar: ::Blinks::

DeMatt: ::hops off and runs to the woods::

Vile: u wish i was gay

Cultivar: Kai likes dead things

OnlineHost: ClownLovinPsycho has entered the room.


DeMatt: lmfao

DeMatt: ::kills vile::

DeMatt: ::the humps him::

OnlineHost: Maron has left the room.

DeMatt: lmfao

LittleSecret: yeh….we all wish u were gay..**roll my eyes**

Cultivar: Bwhahaha

ASS KICKIN ANGEL: hi clown lovin psycho

DeMatt: then*

ClownLovinPsycho: what up

OnlineHost: Jonny4u has entered the room.

DeMatt: what up, chicken butt

Cultivar: I’m going to go die now b ecause Vile isn’t Gay!

Jonny4u: is this heaven?

OnlineHost: Tallgeese has entered the room.

Cultivar: it’s so not far!


DeMatt: fair*

Cultivar: all the hotties are straight

Cultivar: lol

Cultivar: Thanks matt

DeMatt: lol

Vile: ill fry ur testicles and make u eat them

DeMatt: Dang.

ClownLovinPsycho: heavens a journey

Jonny4u: I like to eat pie

ClownLovinPsycho: hells just around the way

DeMatt: Thats why i’m a rapist, Kai.

Cultivar: you can eat my Testicles Baby

ASS KICKIN ANGEL: hi tallgeese

Tallgeese: HI

ClownLovinPsycho: wft

DeMatt: i like my testicles how they are.

OnlineHost: Shylohcade has entered the room.

ClownLovinPsycho: gay shit

LittleSecret: C yall all! ^.~ miss me

Cultivar: LoL

Jonny4u: I have a big PINIS

OnlineHost: LittleSecret has left the room.

ClownLovinPsycho: i’m out

Cultivar: bwhahaha!

Vile: bullshit

DeMatt: hanging right next to the pus—yes?

OnlineHost: ClownLovinPsycho has left the room.

Cultivar: Oh we will

davepoobond: everyone wants a big pinis

davepoobond: whats a pinis

OnlineHost: Shylohcade has left the room.

Jonny4u: yes

Cultivar: Vile Doesn’t know what a penis is

DeMatt: everyone has one

Jonny4u: yes they do

Cultivar: since he doesn’t have one

DeMatt: lol


OnlineHost: Bushido has entered the room.

DeMatt: Yes, very true.

OnlineHost: DraGoN has entered the room.

Cultivar: Pen?

Jonny4u: Whats a penis?

Cultivar: is?

DeMatt: lmfao!

davepoobond: no, a pinis

Cultivar: don’t call it a penis

DeMatt: what a pen is?

Cultivar: it’s a fire man!

davepoobond: i was spelling it right

Jonny4u: I’ve heard of PINIS

DeMatt: i have no idea what a pen is.

Cultivar: and when you rub his hat he shoots water in your eye

Jonny4u: but never PENIS!

davepoobond: ok


davepoobond: thats great

DeMatt: hardy har har


Cultivar: Bwhahaha

DeMatt: lol

OnlineHost: Tallgeese has left the room.

OnlineHost: Bushido has left the room.

DeMatt: Bwa hahahahaha


OnlineHost: Dracoli has entered the room.

davepoobond: whatever, you guys are messed up, and boring

DeMatt: we’re all ready here

DeMatt: dumbass

davepoobond: hey! we’re all ready here!

DeMatt: lol

ASS KICKIN ANGEL: we r in hell jestersdragon

Cultivar: no way!

Jonny4u: I’ll see you in Mexico

OnlineHost: Dracoli has left the room.

ASS KICKIN ANGEL: im the angel of hell

Vile: yo DeMatt u suck dick u fucking poser

Cultivar: Bwhahaha!

DeMatt: i know i do

DeMatt: you don’t have to tell me.


Cultivar: thats why he’s gay

Vile: u fag

OnlineHost: Jonny4u has left the room.

DeMatt: Of course, i do it with all the rest of your family.

Cultivar: you know thats the entire point in being gay

DeMatt: So why don’t you give in?


Vile: i got sa big 10″ for u

Cultivar: oh god


Cultivar: He’s Delirous

DeMatt: …….if i werent gay…..

DeMatt: that would be sick.

Vile: dont u wish?

DeMatt: but bring it!

DeMatt: lol

DeMatt: lmfao



Vile: i like to suck a.polsk,ps,mu9n


DeMatt: …..

DeMatt: um….

Cultivar: …..

DeMatt: he is delirious.

Cultivar: your dumb

ASS KICKIN ANGEL: u people r crakin me up


DeMatt: lets get him a therapist.

DeMatt: ::brings a therapist in::

Vile: bet u dont know what that is

DeMatt: Sex is bad, mmmm k?

DeMatt: ::slaps the therapist away::

Cultivar: your mom

OnlineHost: Hartz has entered the room.


Hartz: hello

Vile: a big pussy do u good

ASS KICKIN ANGEL: oww i fel out of my chair


Hartz: shut up dont curse

Hartz: freak

Hartz: do not curse okay?

Hartz: that is bad

Cultivar: your mom


Cultivar: Bwhahah

Cultivar: ::has a new come back::

DeMatt: lol.

Hartz: stop cursing

DeMatt: your dad

OnlineHost: Hartz has left the room.

OnlineHost: Badgirl has entered the room.


ASS KICKIN ANGEL: i like hell hell is fun

OnlineHost: Hartz has entered the room.

DeMatt: your dad

Hartz: dont cuse

Cultivar: your cousin’s brother


OnlineHost: Badgirl has left the room.


Hartz: hello?


Cultivar: bwhahahaa


Hartz: hello?

Hartz: stop cursing

Cultivar: No fuck your Mamma!

ASS KICKIN ANGEL: no hell is cool

DeMatt: your cousin’s aunt’s husband’s brother’s sister’s fish.

Vile: dont tell any one to not cuss u motherfucker

Cultivar: Fish!?

DeMatt: biotch.

Cultivar: ok

DeMatt: lmfao.

OnlineHost: MandyCandy has entered the room.

Cultivar: Bwhahaha!

Hartz: I am telling my mom goodbye you freaks go to hell well tootles

OnlineHost: Liquid Flame has entered the room.

OnlineHost: Hartz has left the room.

Cultivar: We need to get Vile in on this action

MandyCandy: hey

ASS KICKIN ANGEL: we r already here

DeMatt: ::goes to heaven::

Liquid Flame: hey

Cultivar: Red! ::falls over::



Cultivar: :: Hugs matts Leg So he goes to Heaven to::

ASS KICKIN ANGEL: cause hell is cool


DeMatt: ::lol::

davepoobond: ridiculous…


Dragonarmy Tavern

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Dragonarmy Tavern”. ***

Sanjouin: ::takes a clean swatch of linen and begins carefully cleaning the wound:: This might sting a bit.

davepoobond: ::walks in::

Alix Doroute: i don’t believe so.

davepoobond: hmm…you guys dont look that boring

davepoobond: <vs> ‘course i could always be wrong

Asakura: Not a problem…I can take it.. ::he smirked, running a hand through his hair, bracing

Sanjouin: ::cleans the blood away from Vince’s shoulder with the alcohol::

Asakura: himself against the pain::

Sanjouin: ::cuts Vince a bemused look with his pale eyes and continues working::

davepoobond: ::walks over to the bar::

davepoobond: wheres the toilets here?

davepoobond: i demand to see a toilet

davepoobond: ::pounds his fist onto the bar::

Sanjouin: There’s a comfort stall out back, I believe, sir. ::continues tending to Vince::

davepoobond: comfort stall?

davepoobond: i dont need to buy a matress

Sanjouin: An outhouse.

davepoobond: yeah, i’d hope your house is out…

Sanjouin: ::bends over Vince’s shoulder, muttering::

Sanjouin: It must be Freyasday. That’s when all the loons come in to roost.

davepoobond: i’m not a hen

davepoobond: nor do i roost

Asakura: You look like a hen. A biddy.

davepoobond: how do you think i look like a hen? ::he moves a lock of hair away from his eye::

Sanjouin: ::begins winding fresh linen around Vince’s shoulder::

Sanjouin: Obviously some other village has temporarily lost its idiot.

davepoobond: right…

davepoobond: thats what happened

davepoobond: ::looks around:: so…where’s the idiot?

Sanjouin: ::has no mirror handy::

davepoobond: ::grabs a chair:: is this the loon?

Sanjouin: Excuse me, sir, I must tend to my companion. He’s injured.

Sanjouin: ::turns his back on DaBond::

davepoobond: aww poor baby…

davepoobond: ::jumps up onto the bar and sits on it::

Sanjouin: Fortunately the wound isn’t serious. Otherwise you’d have bled to death by now.

davepoobond: you’d think the mental hospital wasnt boring….but nuuu

davepoobond: just a bunch of boring people

davepoobond: so i go to a tavern, and theres a bunch of people that are discrimative against chairs…

Sanjouin: ::removes his cloak and puts it around Vince’s bare shoulders::

Asakura: I guess that’s good.. ::he smiled faintly at Sanjouin:: Yeah, bleeding to death would have

Asakura: been bad, but I’ve had worse go untreated and they didn’t kill me.

Sanjouin: ::smiles gently at Vince:: Well, do your best to avoid anything worse.

Sanjouin: If you died, it would ruin my entire day. ::strokes one bare hand down the back of Vince’s hair::

Alix Doroute: ((back))

davepoobond: ((yay. lets have a party. i’ll bring the drinkable yogurt))

Alix Doroute: ::he comes out of his reverie, looking around, his gaze turning to vincent:: No, no more stories from me.

Asakura: It’d ruin mine, too, I’d think..

davepoobond: i’ve got a story

davepoobond: its about the toilet and the man

davepoobond: the man was looking for a toilet

davepoobond: so he came to a place called dragonarmy tavern

davepoobond: it looks just like this

davepoobond: only different

davepoobond: because there were 3 people in it

Asakura: Thanks for the.. ::he gestured to his shoulder with his free hand, nodding::

OnlineHost: DigitalDuo05 has entered the room.

davepoobond: that were being weirdos and wouldnt give a straight answer to where the durn toilet was!

Sanjouin: ::nods to Vince:: No thanks necessary.

Alix Doroute: ::he gets up from his stool, looking around:: Well..i’ll be going…i’m sure you can handle the tavern, talon commander.

Sanjouin: ::would volunteer a comment or two on Vince’s ability to handle things, but decides to keep his peace::

Asakura: Goodnight, Shaw…keep working on those chicken golems…we might need them..

Sanjouin: ::blink::

Sanjouin: Chicken…golems.

Alix Doroute: Are you serious?

Asakura: Nobody would ever suspect the chicken golem.

Alix Doroute: ::he just nodded and made his way to the door:: Right vince..

Alix Doroute: ::he quickly leaves::

OnlineHost: Alix Doroute has left the room.

Sanjouin: No one expects the Spanish Inquisition either, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.

davepoobond: i have a story about the spanish inquisition

davepoobond: one day this spanish guy said “i’m bored, i think ill go to a tavern called dragonarmy

davepoobond: tavern and find a toilet”

davepoobond: so he went to the dragonarmy tavern, and they wouldnt tell him where it was

davepoobond: so he got mad

davepoobond: thats all

Asakura: I wish this place still had booths..

Asakura: Talon Commander Auran had the tavern remodelled and decided not to include them..

davepoobond: talon commander auran is a spooty head then

OnlineHost: Hungry Wolf has entered the room.

Sanjouin: ::sits beside Vince::

Asakura: ::he smiled and put an arm around Sanjouin, resting his head on his shoulder::

davepoobond: ::jumps up and hugs sanjouin and the other guy really tightly::

Hungry Wolf: [::Drools.:: Coooooll.. A male and male relationship.]

davepoobond: i hate you guys so much, but i’m so ecstatic with joy that i’ll tell you another story!

davepoobond: its about this guy, that wanted to get drunk and barf in a toilet

davepoobond: so he found a place called “dragonarmy tavern”

davepoobond: and there were 3 spooty faces in there

Sanjouin: ::puts his arm carefully around Vince’s shoulders, mindful of his injury, and holds him close::

davepoobond: there names will remain…

davepoobond: anonymous

DigitalDuo05: ::she steps into the tavern her eyebrows raising at the hugging group:: uh….

davepoobond: so he went to the place and they didnt tell him where the durn toilet was

davepoobond: so he got mad

davepoobond: thats the end of the story

Hungry Wolf: [::Smacks Dave!::]

Hungry Wolf: [Gah, Dude!]

Hungry Wolf: [Bah.]

Asakura: I’m glad you’re here…I think I’m getting a headache, though..

DigitalDuo05: ::walks out very quickly muttering one word:: scary

Sanjouin: ((He’s been doing this ever since he came in. We’re ignoring him.))

OnlineHost: DigitalDuo05 has left the room.

Asakura: I was drinking earlier..

davepoobond: ((LOL))

Sanjouin: No wonder, with all–hmm.

davepoobond: that reminds me of another story

davepoobond: about “drinking earlier”

davepoobond: this guy

davepoobond: felt like drinking

davepoobond: so he went to a place called the “dragonarmy tavern”

davepoobond: he asked for beer, but they send “we dont serve hens”

davepoobond: “why dont you go roost somewhere else”

davepoobond: so the guy said this is a good idea.

davepoobond: so he asked where the toilet was

davepoobond: but

davepoobond: they WOULDNT TELL HIM WHERE IT WAS!

Hungry Wolf: [Oh Jesus, Dave.]

Hungry Wolf: [Lmfao. Now you’re even annoying me.]

davepoobond: so he got mad

Sanjouin: ((I told you, he’s been doing this the whole time. In that big obnoxious Hefty-bag colored type, too.))

davepoobond: he wanted to “roost” on the toilet

davepoobond: ((big obnoxious hefty-bag colored type?))

Hungry Wolf: [::Can’t help but crack up at the usage of the word, ‘Hefty Bag.’::]

davepoobond: ((its Garamond! its one of the smallest fonts ever))

Asakura: I don’t know that it’s good for me to drink so much…I start acting weird..

davepoobond: i’ll tell you a story about a guy that got drunk

davepoobond: this guy that got drunk

davepoobond: got drunk

Sanjouin: You seem fine to me. Then again, the only available basis for comparison is less than ideal

davepoobond: and then he came to a place called the “dragonarmy tavern”

davepoobond: he wanted to barf, y’see

davepoobond: he was loaded

davepoobond: loaded with at least 13 kilos of any alcohol in the world

davepoobond: you name it, he had it running through his veins

davepoobond: he was like pure alcohol

davepoobond: 89% alcohol is what i remember

OnlineHost: Dark Logan EO has entered the room.

davepoobond: he asked where the toilet was in the tavern

Dark Logan EO: ure interested in a dark angel rp im me dark logan eo for the application

OnlineHost: Dark Logan EO has left the room.

davepoobond: but they didnt tell him!

davepoobond: so he barfed on the 3 spooty heads that were in there

davepoobond: he got mad

davepoobond: thats the end

Sanjouin: ((DaBond-mun, please stop now. You’re being disruptive.))

davepoobond: ((how? no one is talking))

Sanjouin: ((Please, just stop it.))

davepoobond: ((why? i find this quite funny.))

davepoobond: ((i’d like to tell you more stories))

Hungry Wolf: [Dave. We really should go..]

Sanjouin: ((No one else does. It’s quite annoying.))

Hungry Wolf: [Leave these guys alone.. There are plenty more people to annoy besides them.]

Hungry Wolf: [Heh.]

davepoobond: ((ahh…maybe…these guys ARE boring))

Sanjouin: ((Yeah, besides, we’re the cool yaoi guys, remember?))

Sanjouin: ((::appeals to Wolf::))

davepoobond: ((yaoi?))

davepoobond: ((is that Austrailian for bigfoot or something?))

Hungry Wolf: [..That means homosexual, Dave.]

davepoobond: ((ewwwww))

Hungry Wolf: [–.. It really ain’t that gross, man.]

davepoobond: ((ok))

davepoobond: ((i guess you should know from…personal experience, right?))

Hungry Wolf: [..Blah!]

davepoobond: ((lol))

Hungry Wolf: [Don’t assume anything, Dave. >\]

davepoobond: ((ok, i’m gonna go))

davepoobond: ((are you happy))

Hungry Wolf: [Even if I did, I wouldn’t tell yooouuu.]

davepoobond: ((i bet you are))

Hungry Wolf: [..I’m sure they are.. ]

Hungry Wolf: [Come on, you choose a room.]

davepoobond: well, nice talking to you guys..

davepoobond: i’d tell you more stories, but i’m afraid i cant remember any

davepoobond: bye

davepoobond: ::talking to a chair::

davepoobond: ::walks out::


Crystal Dragon Inn

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Crystal Dragon Inn”.


Tarkane: my past my angel.

davepoobond: ::walks in::

davepoobond: helloo?

Vesuvia: ::::closes her eyes briefly::::

davepoobond: ::riverdances over to a table::

OnlineHost: Hungry Wolf has entered the room.

davepoobond: quack quack

Vesuvia: ::::looks at him:::: you must let the past stay there…………..

davepoobond: ::smacks vesuvia’s head, then dances over to Tarkane and smacks his head::

Vesuvia: ::::looks at the fool, and shakes her head::::

Tarkane: I try my pet… but it is hard sometimes..

davepoobond: hmm, that reminds me of a story

davepoobond: its called “my pet”

davepoobond: well, there was this guy you see

davepoobond: he came to a place called the “crystal dragon inn”

Hungry Wolf: [LMAO. DAVE!]

davepoobond: it looks almost like this

Hungry Wolf: [Come on, Man!]

davepoobond: but it was DIFFERENT


davepoobond: there were 2 people in here

davepoobond: they were sitting down and shaking their heads at the guy

Vesuvia: why? because you worry that I will give you a reason to do to me what you did to her?

davepoobond: he came there to dance…and get jiggy wit it

davepoobond: and all that good stuff

davepoobond: like get drunk

davepoobond: and barf in a toilet

Tarkane: yes…

davepoobond: so he came over

Vesuvia: ::::looks to davepoobond:::: dance, drink, whatever you wish, just do not touch me again

davepoobond: and he saw that both people were choking on a piece of meet!

davepoobond: so he went over and gave them his traditional heimlech manuever

davepoobond: like so

Hungry Wolf: [LMAO.]

Hungry Wolf: [Dave.. Please!]

davepoobond: ::walks over and smacks Vesuvia in the head, then to Tarkane and smacked him in the head::

davepoobond: and then they got mad

Vesuvia: ::::raises a brow:::: you think you are funny, and your little friend too

davepoobond: …..what little friend?

Vesuvia: ::::to Tark:::

davepoobond: ::looks around::

davepoobond: well, anyway

davepoobond: he got mad, because they werent choking on a piece of meet

davepoobond: they were trying a new dance move

Vesuvia: shall we go, before I make this small stuff even smaller?

davepoobond: called the “universal choke sign”

davepoobond: so they died

davepoobond: they got mad


Hungry Wolf: [bgfb HJ!!!!! LOL.]

davepoobond: and the guy got boozed up on stuff and barfed in a toilet

Hungry Wolf: [Dave, you’re killing me. Stop.]

Tarkane: ok my pet…

davepoobond: well, there was nothing about “my pet” in there

davepoobond: i’ll tell you a REAL story about my pet

davepoobond: theres this guy, y’see

Vesuvia: ::::sighs, and stands to leave:::::

Tarkane: of course his objective is to see if he can get us to leave.

davepoobond: he wanted to get boozed up and barf in an outhouse

davepoobond: of course, he would hope that the house was out

davepoobond: so he wanted to go to a comfort stall

Vesuvia: ::::sits down again:::: well, can’t have that, can we?

OnlineHost: Tomoe Shotoru has entered the room.

davepoobond: but he didnt want to buy a mattress!

davepoobond: so he went to a place called the “crystal dragon inn”

davepoobond: and asked where was the durn toilet?

davepoobond: he looked at the sink, and sat in it

Vesuvia: where were we? Oh yes……………

davepoobond: lots of echoing sounds came from it

davepoobond: when he was done, he stuffed it down the hole and turned on the flusher

davepoobond: of course the flusher, really wasnt a flusher

davepoobond: it was really

davepoobond: a garbage disposer

davepoobond: so it spurted all around

davepoobond: and it flew into the 2 people’s mouths

davepoobond: and they choked

davepoobond: so he went over and did the heimlech manuever on them

davepoobond: like so

davepoobond: ::dances over and smacks them both in the head::

davepoobond: and then they werent actually choking

OnlineHost: Tomoe Shotoru has left the room.

davepoobond: they were doing a dance called the “universal choke sign”

davepoobond: so they died

davepoobond: and he got mad

davepoobond: because he STILL didnt know where the toilet was

davepoobond: and he wanted to barf in it

davepoobond: cause he was already boozed up

davepoobond: cuz while he was sitting on the sink, he drank up all the booze

Vesuvia: your inability to believe that I would not treat you the way she did

OnlineHost: Hungry Wolf has left the room.

davepoobond: well, i have a story about treating boyfriends and girlfriends badly

davepoobond: there was this guy, y’see

Tarkane: they did my pet.. their has been more then one.

davepoobond: he came to a place called “the crystal dragon inn”

davepoobond: it looked a lot like this place

davepoobond: but it wasnt

davepoobond: dont be fooled

Tarkane: but I try and want to beleive you will not do it…

davepoobond: he was coming home from the spanish inquisition

davepoobond: he had worked very hard

Tarkane: and Ic an beleive but the memories are still there…

davepoobond: so he wanted to take a nice rest on a good toilet

davepoobond: so, he brought his pet

davepoobond: the purple wolf

davepoobond: with him

davepoobond: he also brought a steer

davepoobond: he needed manure, y’know

davepoobond: he likes to layer the toilet with manure

davepoobond: it gets him in the mood

davepoobond: and its soft and squishy and feels like dirt

Vesuvia: ::::shakes her head:::: If you truly belived in me, and the kind of woman I am, you would

Vesuvia: not be haunted so………..

OnlineHost: Squashypikey has entered the room.

davepoobond: well, anyway

OnlineHost: Squashypikey has left the room.

davepoobond: so, the steer said, “hello”

davepoobond: and the purple wolf went “rowr”

Tarkane: ves… please understand it is not you… it is not that I doubt you…

davepoobond: and the guy said “moo””

Tarkane: I just was reminded is all…

davepoobond: but, where was the cat?

davepoobond: the cat

davepoobond: was

davepoobond: in

davepoobond: the

davepoobond: garbage disposer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vesuvia: your present is not meaningful enough for you to forget the past and live in today with me

davepoobond: the cat was stuck watching the Oxygen channel all day

Tarkane: It is like seeing me talking with a women.. and she gets flirtashious even if I did nothing.

davepoobond: so he had to kill himself

Vesuvia: ::::looks into his eyes unflinchingly

Tarkane: would remind you of what Sly did to you.

davepoobond: and he supposed that the garbage disposer was the fastest way to go

Tarkane: I never said that my pet…

davepoobond: so, he was about to flick on the switch, when a humongous man sat on top of him

Vesuvia: ::::shakes her head:::: No, it would not

davepoobond: and then dumped something in there. oh, it made so much noise

Tarkane: :;runs his hadn through her red hair:: I fear no matter what I say i will look bad to you now.

davepoobond: so then, it started to sound like the speed racer theme song!

Vesuvia: Oh, my dear, that is not true

davepoobond: go speed racer! go speed racer!

davepoobond: after about 20 minutes, the garbage disposer turned on, and he died

Vesuvia: You think badly of yourself, not me

Vesuvia: I love you for all that you are, and all that you are not



This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series I've Got a Great Story

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – RinoasTattoosNStuff”. ***

Rinoa: (brb)

Maron: ::he moved to Rinoa…::

davepoobond: ::he walks in to the tattoo place::

Maron: ::kicks out her chair::Wake up Rin! Give me a Tattoo!

davepoobond: ::he snuffed the air:: smells like

davepoobond: itch cream

Rinoa: (back)

Rinoa: AH!! ::snaps awake::

Rinoa: ::looks at him:: Dude, you could have not tried to give me a heart attack

Maron: ….::grins::so?

Rinoa: So nuthin.

davepoobond: ::was more concerned with the smell, he looks over to rinoa weirdly::

Maron: heh

Maron: Whats up?

Rinoa: Well, I was sleepin till you woke me up. ::smirks:;

Maron: ::grins::give me a tattoo

Rinoa: Why should I?

Maron: cause you love me

davepoobond: i’ll tell all the guys about the itch cream

Rinoa: ::laughs lightly::

Rinoa: :::looks to bond:: Itch cream?

davepoobond: they’ll storm your tattoo shop

Rinoa: What have you been smokin dude?

Maron: ::whispers to Rin::-w- he is always like this

davepoobond: well, i dont smoke, thank you…

Rinoa: ::nods to Marron::

Maron: Well My tattoo

davepoobond: this reminds me of a story….

Maron: damn..

davepoobond: about a person that wanted a tattoo

davepoobond: and get boozed up and barf in a toilet

davepoobond: so he came in to a place called “rinoastattoosnstuff”

davepoobond: but it wasnt this place

davepoobond: nooooooo of course it wasnt

Rinoa: ::clicks her tounge ring against her tounge quirkin her brow a bit::

davepoobond: it looked a lot like this! but it isnt!

OnlineHost: COLT has entered the room.

COLT: ::a 9′ red demon walks in::

davepoobond: see there he is

davepoobond: so he came in, and humped a wall

davepoobond: like so ::displays a hand toward colt::

davepoobond: ok go ahead

davepoobond: <vs> thats your cue

COLT: oh great

davepoobond: yep

davepoobond: go ahead

davepoobond: we’re all waiting

COLT: whats goiung on?

Rinoa: Just ignore him. He’s outta his head.

davepoobond: i’m not outta my head! this is a real story!

davepoobond: well, anyway

davepoobond: the guy humped a wall

davepoobond: and this spooty head

davepoobond: named “rinoa”

davepoobond: which wasnt you

davepoobond: ::points to rinoa::

davepoobond: said: “hey…stop humping my wall”

COLT: ::pulls out every piercable limb:: PIERCE ME WOMAN!

davepoobond: “again”

davepoobond: so then the guy said ok

davepoobond: and he said “i demand to get boozed up, see a toilet, and barf in it!”

OnlineHost: COLT has left the room.

davepoobond: but the spooty headed rinoa person didnt tell him

davepoobond: he got mad

davepoobond: thats it

davepoobond: that was a nice story, hmm

Rinoa: Dude…you can ya know, LEAVE at anytime.

davepoobond: mmhmm

davepoobond: i can leave at anytime i want

davepoobond: got it

davepoobond: ::thumbs up::

davepoobond: ::smile smile, wink wink::

davepoobond: ::nudge nudge::

Rinoa: I meant it as in LEAVE RIGHT NOW!!!

davepoobond: wha

Maron: …but he is getting a tattoo with me

davepoobond: yeah, i know i can leave right now

Rinoa: He can get one somewhere else. He’s getting on my nerves.

Maron: …::pouts::please?

davepoobond: nerves

davepoobond: hmm

davepoobond: that reminds me of a story

davepoobond: there was this guy

Rinoa: Oh gawd not again..

Maron: Dave don’t make me kill you

davepoobond: he came to a tattoo place called “rinoas tattoos n stuff”

davepoobond: he said “i want a tattoo”

davepoobond: the spooty head rinoa said “why should i give you one”

davepoobond: he said “because your a spooty head and i want a toilet under me right now”

Rinoa: Dude what is with you and toilets?

davepoobond: he said “i’m gonna barf!”

davepoobond: so he jumped on the sink

OnlineHost: SoulsOfTheSky has entered the room.

davepoobond: and started making echoing sounds in it

davepoobond: oh, it was so noisy

davepoobond: you could here it for miles

davepoobond: and miles, down the sewers

SoulsOfTheSky: hear***

davepoobond: hear*

davepoobond: so, after he got off of it, there was something in it

davepoobond: he said “you have a dirty bathroom”

davepoobond: and he stuffed it down the sink

davepoobond: and flicked on a switch

davepoobond: it made a whirring sound

davepoobond: he thought he flushed the toilet!

davepoobond: but!

davepoobond: the scary part is

davepoobond: it was the garbage disposer

davepoobond: and pieces flew out of it and got into rinoa’s throat

davepoobond: so he came over and smacked her in the head

davepoobond: like so

davepoobond: ::dances over and smacks her in the head::

davepoobond: thats the heimlech manuever

Rinoa: ::stands up::

davepoobond: but, she wasnt really choking

Rinoa: ::climbs over the bar::

davepoobond: she was doing a new dance called “the universal choke sign”

Rinoa: ::Counter rather::

OnlineHost: SoulsOfTheSky has left the room.

Rinoa: ::goes over to bond and grabs a handfull of hair, runs at the wall and rams his head into the wall::

davepoobond: hahaha ::runs into the wall by himself before rinoa can do anything::

davepoobond: ::he crashes through it and the whole wall came tumbling down, along with “rinoas tattoos n stuff”::

Rinoa: ::snaps and it’s back like it was::

Rinoa: ::sighs and looks to Maron::

Maron: …

Maron: tattoo

Maron: ?

Rinoa: If you get him to leave and not come back, I’ll gladly give you a tattoo.

davepoobond: ::peers his head through the hole he made:: how’d you do that?

Maron: nu…

Maron: he getting one too

Rinoa: He can get Chris Craven to do his!

davepoobond: chris craven?

davepoobond: i met him last week

davepoobond: i sorta ate him….

davepoobond: but oh well

davepoobond: he was a little weird

davepoobond: ::appears behind rinoa and blows a horn in her ear:: happy new year!

Rinoa: ::turns slowly to face him and smacks him in the face:: Leave me alone.

davepoobond: ::smacked in the face:: so i it that we cant go on a date then?

Rinoa: Hell no we can’t go on no date.

Maron: ::he sorta growled as his hair spiked up on end his hair flashing a golden Blond and staying

davepoobond: too bad

davepoobond: ahh…whatcha doin marron? ::back up a bit::

Maron: his eyes glazed over a dark emerald…His aura moved about him as he drew his sword and sent

Maron: a fist into his back then the sword hilt into his head::

Maron: -SSJ2 Aura ADC +40 WE-

davepoobond: ((bot?))

davepoobond: ((lol))

OnlineHost: Maron rolled 5 391-sided dice: 152 309 191 254 293

Maron: [ Maron rolled 829 hit points. ]

davepoobond: ::he turned his body into Gundam: DeathScythe Hell Custom and sent his Zantetsuken at him:

davepoobond: ~Zantetsuken~

davepoobond: (lvl 2 trans, WE +55, aura, ADC +160)

davepoobond: (lvl 4)

OnlineHost: davepoobond rolled 9 524-sided dice: 150 348 399 260 186 268 455 486 256

Maron: «|» 2142 – Total [davepoobond ]«|»

davepoobond: ((wow))

Maron: -counter WE Aura ADC +640 SSJ2-

Maron: -level 5-

davepoobond: ::he transforms his sword into a new sword::

OnlineHost: Maron rolled 10 999-sided dice: 709 948 541 16 801 894 462 708 190 692

Maron: «|» 5280 – Total [Maron ]«|»

davepoobond: ::and he blasted at Marron with a Mega-Tera-Giga Flare Combo at him::

Maron: Whore!

davepoobond: (counter counter lvl 5, ADC +640, WE +70, aura)

davepoobond: ((lol))

Maron: ((can’t do that!))

davepoobond: ((says whooooo))

Maron: ((me))

Maron: ((You don’t got a WE +70 first of all))

Maron: ((and you just did a level 4))

davepoobond: ((afraid i’ll whup you?))

Maron: ((so he fatigued from that))

davepoobond: ((this is pretty much FF))

Maron: ((::grins::fine fine))

davepoobond: ((lets have a little fun))

OnlineHost: davepoobond rolled 10 999-sided dice: 568 158 35 649 57 569 89 975 604 434

Maron: «|» 3468 – Total [davepoobond ]«|»

OnlineHost: davepoobond rolled 10 999-sided dice: 553 419 406 903 99 243 118 740 143 629

Maron: «|» 3513 – Total [davepoobond ]«|»

OnlineHost: davepoobond rolled 10 999-sided dice: 164 917 696 298 656 11 376 589 302 885

Maron: «|» 4217 – Total [davepoobond ]«|»

OnlineHost: Maron rolled 10 999-sided dice: 369 478 592 95 564 952 316 411 808 338

Maron: «|» 4183 – Total [Maron ]«|»

Maron: (TOW!))

OnlineHost: Maron rolled 10 999-sided dice: 984 927 68 530 557 315 183 863 431 130

Maron: «|» 4265 – Total [Maron ]«|»

davepoobond: ~total 11190

OnlineHost: Maron rolled 10 999-sided dice: 918 619 197 278 514 443 440 952 108 710

Maron: «|» 4439 – Total [Maron ]«|»

OnlineHost: Maron rolled 10 999-sided dice: 250 472 724 842 781 220 72 803 785 770

Maron: «|» 4993 – Total [Maron ]«|»

OnlineHost: Maron rolled 10 999-sided dice: 688 534 369 582 697 515 884 224 564 200

Maron: «|» 4517 – Total [Maron ]«|»

OnlineHost: Maron rolled 10 999-sided dice: 316 665 109 502 883 567 273 114 404 6

Maron: «|» 3167 – Total [Maron ]«|»

OnlineHost: Maron rolled 10 999-sided dice: 798 782 29 651 354 393 898 879 227 916

davepoobond: ((mine is a series of 3 attack, lol))

Maron: «|» 5235 – Total [Maron ]«|»

OnlineHost: Maron rolled 10 999-sided dice: 462 700 203 120 756 66 681 67 646 471

Maron: «|» 3469 – Total [Maron ]«|»

OnlineHost: Maron rolled 10 999-sided dice: 659 319 189 368 623 903 101 275 19 850

Maron: «|» 3622 – Total [Maron ]«|»

OnlineHost: Maron rolled 10 999-sided dice: 605 141 316 474 532 881 342 157 964 589

Maron: «|» 4261 – Total [Maron ]«|»

davepoobond: ((i add them up))

OnlineHost: Maron rolled 10 999-sided dice: 879 820 373 318 234 847 453 14 729 586

OnlineHost: Maron has left the room.

davepoobond: ((stoppit!))

davepoobond: ((lol))

davepoobond: ((still here? ::pokes rinoa-mun::))

OnlineHost: Maron has entered the room.

Rinoa: ((ya))

Maron: ((LMAO!!))

davepoobond: ((scroller!))

davepoobond: ((lol))

Maron: ((thats like 50k dmg))

Maron: ((you dead!))

davepoobond: ((nuuhhhh))

Maron: ((yah!))

davepoobond: ((you have to beat 11190 with one roll))

davepoobond: ((lol))

Maron: ((>.>…<.<;; ::goes off to RP Marron in a tub of Hot Chocolate Ice cream::))

davepoobond: ((ooh! i wanna come too))

OnlineHost: Maron has left the room.

OnlineHost: MyLeftTesticle has entered the room.

davepoobond: ((::sigh::))

davepoobond: ((oh well))

MyLeftTesticle: ::looks around::

MyLeftTesticle: Alright…Who wants some?

MyLeftTesticle: ::pulls out a small red and white pokeball::

Rinoa: Oh gawd…

MyLeftTesticle: I choose you, Pikachuuuuuuuuu!!!

MyLeftTesticle: ::throws the ball at Dave and hits him in the head::

Rinoa: ((*CLICK*))

MyLeftTesticle: Oops

MyLeftTesticle: Sorry aboot that, I’m a beginner…

davepoobond: ((lol))

MyLeftTesticle: ::pulls out another pokeball::

MyLeftTesticle: Alright, this time I got it…

MyLeftTesticle: ::throws it and it goes through a window::

MyLeftTesticle: Hmm…

davepoobond: hmm

MyLeftTesticle: heh

MyLeftTesticle: I want a tattoo and stuff

davepoobond: use your electric shaver!

MyLeftTesticle: Um, I don’t have one, I’m only 9 years old

davepoobond: stupid kid

MyLeftTesticle: I’m not stupid

davepoobond: everyone has have one by then!

MyLeftTesticle: I’m just a bit slow

MyLeftTesticle: They do?

MyLeftTesticle: Hmm, why don’t I have one then?

davepoobond: you must be a loser

MyLeftTesticle: I just came here to get a tattoo and stuff

MyLeftTesticle: And I aint a loser

OnlineHost: Vyper has entered the room.

MyLeftTesticle: ::pulls out a third pokeball:: Say I’m a loser again and you’ll feel the wrath of my other pikachu

Vyper: ::the door opens silently and a figure slips in::

Vyper: ::he smiles, nodding to rinoa and walks over to her::

MyLeftTesticle: ::throws the ball at the newcomer::

MyLeftTesticle: ::hits him in the head::

Rinoa: ::looks to Petr and smiles::

Rinoa: Hi

Vyper: ::shakes his head at MyLeftTesticle::

MyLeftTesticle: Why aint my pokemon coming out???

Vyper: ((try rolling dice))

MyLeftTesticle: ((Why?))

Vyper: ::shakes his head:: pokemen?

MyLeftTesticle: ((Dice suck))

Rinoa: Oi…

Rinoa: Don’t ask

Vyper: ((nothing happens 100% of the time))

Vyper: ((that’s why dice work))

MyLeftTesticle: ((No they don’t))

MyLeftTesticle: ((dice suck))

Vyper: ::smiles at rinoa and hugs her::

MyLeftTesticle: ((Dice are for losers))

Vyper: ((besides, I would bet money I could kill you at pokemon, and I hate that game))

Rinoa: ::hugs back:: How have you been?

Vyper: pretty good

Rinoa: ((lol))

Rinoa: ::nods::

MyLeftTesticle: ((I have a level 100 MewTwo))

davepoobond: ((so what))

Rinoa: ((Pokemon sucks, so who really cares?))

MyLeftTesticle: ((So, I could whoop his arse))

davepoobond: ((thats nothing, compared to a lvl 80 sandslash))

Vyper: ((you too ?))

MyLeftTesticle: ((Really?))

davepoobond: ((yeah))

Vyper: ((Articuno, Mewtoo, Charizard, Gengar, Vaporeon, and a few others, all 100))

MyLeftTesticle: ((Well, I have a Lv 100 JumpingPopMungamar))

Vyper: ::shakes his head at rinoa::

Vyper: I usually love video games, but that one… no

MyLeftTesticle: ((I hate you))

Rinoa: ::chuckles:: Same here

MyLeftTesticle: ((video games suck))

MyLeftTesticle: ((Pokemon rules))

Vyper: ((pokemon is a video game moron))

Vyper: ((grow up))

MyLeftTesticle: ((you’re a loser cause you don’t like pokemon and you like dice))

MyLeftTesticle: ((I am grown up))

MyLeftTesticle: ((I’m 25 years old))

Rinoa: ((OMG))

Vyper: ((then you’re just really immature))

MyLeftTesticle: ((I am not))

MyLeftTesticle: ((::sticks his tounge out at him::))

Rinoa: ((You must be one of those people who don’t have a life and like…worship pokemon.))

MyLeftTesticle: ((I have a life))

Rinoa: ((::shudders::))

MyLeftTesticle: ((I’m a pimp))

MyLeftTesticle: ((You wanna be one of my hoes?))

Rinoa: ((You aren’t a pimp))

MyLeftTesticle: Well, i gtg

MyLeftTesticle: was fun messing with y’all

OnlineHost: MyLeftTesticle has left the room.

Vyper: right…

Rinoa: Oooooooooooookaaaaaaaaay….

davepoobond: okay

Rinoa: So what have you been doin Petr?

Vyper: I”ve been doing alright

Rinoa: I asked what you’ve been doin hun. ::smirks::

Vyper: hehe

Vyper: ::smiles:: absolutely nothing

Rinoa: Oh?

Vyper: ::nods::

OnlineHost: Relm has entered the room.

Vyper: ::does a little dance::

Relm: ::In stepped that tall, slender female, icy hues glancing about the room curiously. She

Vyper: brb

Relm: couldn’t help but smile as she saw her loved one dance.::

OnlineHost: Vyper has left the room.

OnlineHost: Relm has left the room.

davepoobond: …….


Burning Vigor Tavern

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series I've Got a Great Story

OnlineHost: *** You are in “Arts and Entertainment – Burning Vigor Tavern”. ***

davepoobond: ::walks in:: i remember this place

Maron: la la la…::he slowly walked in a grin across his face as he looked about::

Maron: Tell a story..

davepoobond: ((lol…first time i met chris here))

Maron: about it Dave

davepoobond: well

davepoobond: i’ve got a great story about this…

Eji: :: not visible ::

davepoobond: so, i was bored

davepoobond: so i followed this person

davepoobond: and everytime i did, he was here

davepoobond: and there were these 2 other people in here

davepoobond: one was eji and another person was ayanna or something

davepoobond: so, i came in here, acting naturally natural of course

davepoobond: so, i did what came natural

davepoobond: i told a story about a guy

davepoobond: who wanted to get boozed up

davepoobond: and barf in a toilet

davepoobond: so he came to a place called “Burning Vigor Tavern”

davepoobond: and said, “i wanna get boozed up and barf in a toilet”

davepoobond: but, they wouldnt tell him where it was!

davepoobond: he got mad

davepoobond: thats a nice story…

Maron: ::laughs::

Maron: ((LOL!!))

davepoobond: well, anyway, i got a club

davepoobond: like so

davepoobond: ::gets a club::

davepoobond: and i WHACKED it into the ground

davepoobond: ::whacks it into the ground::

Maron: ….::kicks dave in the head::any stronger the boi?

davepoobond: what?

Maron: lets go get Tattoos..

Maron: Matching Tattoo’s

Maron: we like… know

davepoobond: ((what happened to ayanna anyway? havent seen her for a while))

Eji: (( she doesn’t RP much anymore ))

Maron: Well?

davepoobond: ((o))

Eji: (( me and her talk in IMs all the time ))

davepoobond: well what?

Maron: Dave…Wanna?

davepoobond: i can simulate any tatoo i want to really

davepoobond: i have the genetic code for it…

Maron: so….

davepoobond: ::takes out a marker:: THIS IS THE GENETIC CODE!

Maron: just come with me

Maron: :::laughs::!!!

Maron: come on

Maron: ::walks out::

OnlineHost: Maron has left the room.

davepoobond: ok ok