OnlineHost: *** You are in “Alexyia68”. ***

davepoobond: what the hell

OnlineHost: DarkMatter has entered the room.

OnlineHost: GohanLOTS has entered the room.

davepoobond: who’re you

GohanLOTS: Sexy

The Silent Mole: (( o.o? ))

DarkMatter: -( ….? )-

OnlineHost: Brolli has entered the room.

GohanLOTS: I want to lick your cunt..

Bloodless: ??

Ninja Kinshu: …

OnlineHost: Cloustadio has entered the room.

Bloodless: aaaahhh.

Ninja Kinshu: ok what the hell is this?

davepoobond: what the hell!

OnlineHost: DarkMatter has left the room.

Cloustadio: nancyyyy

Bloodless: topango.

davepoobond: i dont know

OnlineHost: The Silent Mole has left the room.

GohanLOTS: an Orgy..

Bloodless: dubadingdoowaadai.

davepoobond: ok…….

davepoobond: someone wanna tell us why we’re here?

OnlineHost: Nanakiseto has entered the room.

Cloustadio: yay

OnlineHost: InsanityDragon has entered the room.

davepoobond: i have better things to do, like making people’s lives miserable

InsanityDragon: okay?

InsanityDragon: why am i here

Nanakiseto: ya why am I here?

Bloodless: you’ve been chosen

davepoobond: been chosen to do what?

InsanityDragon: as?

Bloodless: for the plan

Bloodless: shush

Bloodless: listen

InsanityDragon: what plan

InsanityDragon: k

davepoobond: ok

Bloodless: ok sit down


OnlineHost: AlacardValentine has entered the room.

Ninja Kinshu: ……

Bloodless: we are to assassinate ninja kinshu

OnlineHost: AlacardValentine has left the room.

davepoobond: BORING

Bloodless: shut up!!!

InsanityDragon: how?

Bloodless: um

davepoobond: why

Bloodless: shoot him

GohanLOTS: I want to assisnate Nikki’s virginity

InsanityDragon: with?

Ninja Kinshu: …..

Nanakiseto: lol


GohanLOTS: haha

davepoobond: dont worry kinshu guy thingy

InsanityDragon: lol

GohanLOTS: Way to make plans

GohanLOTS: with the guy in the room

GohanLOTS: ROFL!!!!

Bloodless: lol

Alexyia: wtf?

Ninja Kinshu: …..

Alexyia: rich.

Alexyia: rich.

davepoobond: seriously, wtf?

Alexyia: rich.

Ninja Kinshu: oooookay

GohanLOTS: Nikki.

Ninja Kinshu: gone

GohanLOTS: I wanna suck your cock

OnlineHost: Ninja Kinshu has left the room.

davepoobond: who the hell are you people

Bloodless: LOL

davepoobond: and how the hell did you get my fuckin’ sn

InsanityDragon: seriously why am i here

InsanityDragon: yeah same questin

GohanLOTS: Nikki has the biggest pecker..

Nanakiseto: lol

Alexyia: yeah

Alexyia: i shove my cock in your face

Alexyia: suck it faggot

GohanLOTS: I love it.


GohanLOTS: You have big tits.

InsanityDragon: wtf

GohanLOTS: I want to grease ym head in oil and rub my face all over them


GohanLOTS: Then grease my cock up and shove it in your tight ass.

davepoobond: i want some answers, i dont want a perverted wacko saying what he wants

Alexyia: ok.

Alexyia: that’s nasty.

Alexyia: k.

InsanityDragon: you know this is a nasty chat

dedoKAT: hello.

GohanLOTS: Hey KAT

GohanLOTS: wanna fuck?

InsanityDragon: for an 11 year old <<<

OnlineHost: Cloud has entered the room.

dedoKAT: sup sweetie.

dedoKAT: remember me?

davepoobond: no

InsanityDragon: bye

OnlineHost: InsanityDragon has left the room.

Cloud: i dont know who invited me and why

davepoobond: tell me why i was invited here

Cloustadio: fg

GohanLOTS: Shut up babies.

GohanLOTS: Its an orgy.

davepoobond: lord distxrbed guy


davepoobond: invited me here

GohanLOTS: Because

GohanLOTS: its an orgy.

Cloud: gohan DBZ fan huh?


GohanLOTS: Not really..

Cloud: then why is it your sn

GohanLOTS: Because

GohanLOTS: CEnturies old.

GohanLOTS: I hardly watch it anymore….

OnlineHost: Madame Mortician has entered the room.

dedoKAT: hello.

GohanLOTS: too busy masturbating.

Madame Mortician: hi.

Cloud: you missed all new episodes

davepoobond: what does LOTS mean?

GohanLOTS: and having sex with all sorts of women..

GohanLOTS: Lots of sex

Madame Mortician: Who invited me here.

davepoobond: …………..okkkkk

Cloud: well im out

GohanLOTS: no, i’ve seen them.

OnlineHost: Cloud has left the room.

OnlineHost: Alexyia has left the room.



GohanLOTS: shes my girlfriend

Nanakiseto: Well, this is real fucking entertaining…………….

GohanLOTS: Hey DedoKAT

davepoobond: she’s gonna break up with you

GohanLOTS: wanna fuck??

dedoKAT: shut up bitch!!!

OnlineHost: Ninja Kinshu has entered the room.

GohanLOTS: Lick me

Madame Mortician: Someone explain to me why I’m here..


davepoobond: ME TOO

GohanLOTS: Now..bend over..

dedoKAT: madame.

Ninja Kinshu: ….

GohanLOTS: ::unbuttons and unzips his jeans..:

dedoKAT: how are you?


Madame Mortician: I see now..

davepoobond: I HATE YOU

GohanLOTS: Ready to get down to the nitty gritty?

Madame Mortician: Hey, hey..Lay off..

Ninja Kinshu: ….

Madame Mortician: Gawd, what am I doing here?

GohanLOTS: Jake cheated

davepoobond: i dont know why i’m here either

GohanLOTS: on Nikki

OnlineHost: LAprincess419 has entered the room.

GohanLOTS: He always does….

Ninja Kinshu: ::doesnt say anything::

OnlineHost: LAprincess419 has left the room.

GohanLOTS: Now shes going to confront him…….


GohanLOTS: non stop….

GohanLOTS: With me..

davepoobond: thats nifty

GohanLOTS: and thousands of other guys.


GohanLOTS: ??

davepoobond: no, you typed it you dumbass

Madame Mortician: Who cheats on who?

Ninja Kinshu: evil……

GohanLOTS: They both do..

davepoobond: they belong to each other then

GohanLOTS: she fucks several guys

GohanLOTS: at a time

GohanLOTS: Like, 15 a day..

GohanLOTS: all together.

Madame Mortician: Good for her..Ta-ta

OnlineHost: Madame Mortician has left the room.

davepoobond: thats nasty…

OnlineHost: Brolli has left the room.

GohanLOTS: No

GohanLOTS: its alright.

GohanLOTS: ya see..

GohanLOTS: jake doesn’t give her enough

GohanLOTS: Hes too busy cheating on her

GohanLOTS: with guys.

GohanLOTS: twice his age.

davepoobond: thats…um……great…….

GohanLOTS: hey

GohanLOTS: I know its wrong.

GohanLOTS: He doesn’t.

Nanakiseto: BYE!!!!! and trust me this hasn’t been fun

OnlineHost: Nanakiseto has left the room.

davepoobond: haha

Ninja Kinshu: …….

GohanLOTS: he loves the attention

GohanLOTS: That those older males give him

davepoobond: thats super…..who’re we talking about again?

GohanLOTS: some are even his own age..

GohanLOTS: Jake

davepoobond: which is…..

GohanLOTS: Lord Distxrbed

davepoobond: oh

davepoobond: that ASS HOLE

GohanLOTS: Hes a jerk.

OnlineHost: Alexyia has entered the room.

Ninja Kinshu: …..

GohanLOTS: he fucks all sorts of guys

Alexyia: gohan.

GohanLOTS: behind nikki’s back..

Alexyia: i know you’re mad.

Alexyia: because you can’t get jake.

GohanLOTS: Yes baby?

Cloustadio: wttttttttttttttttf.

GohanLOTS: mm

GohanLOTS: I’m mad

Alexyia: but you don’t need to take your anger out on him.

GohanLOTS: because I cant get you baby.

Ninja Kinshu: ooooooookaaaay

GohanLOTS: I love you Nikki.

GohanLOTS: I want you……

GohanLOTS: I need you..

Alexyia: i love rich.

Ninja Kinshu: uh….can i leaev now?

Cloustadio: YEAH.

Cloustadio: SHE LOVES ME, NANCY.

Cloustadio: NOW GTFO.

GohanLOTS: I need to shove my cock inside of you..mmm

Alexyia: hahahaaa.



GohanLOTS: RIght

Cloustadio: yeah.

davepoobond: yeah

GohanLOTS: I’ll destroy you…

GohanLOTS: Where do you live”

GohanLOTS: ??

davepoobond: yeah he will

GohanLOTS: Address.

Alexyia: fight!!!!!

Cloustadio: i forgot.

GohanLOTS: I’ll come over..

GohanLOTS: Fucking kill you.

Alexyia: ROFL.

GohanLOTS: thats what I thought, N*gger.

Ninja Kinshu: …….

Cloustadio: but

Alexyia: n*gger HAHAHAHAHA

Cloustadio: but

Cloustadio: i’m not black

GohanLOTS: Shut up.

OnlineHost: dedoKAT has left the room.

OnlineHost: Ninja Kinshu has left the room.

GohanLOTS: Faggot.

Cloustadio: i live

GohanLOTS: You are now.

Alexyia: ROFL he’s calling you a faggot but he likes to fuck men

Cloustadio: pittsburgh, pa

GohanLOTS: I do not Nikki.

Cloustadio: and the rest i can’t tell you because i’m scared.

Alexyia: ok.

Alexyia: sure.


Alexyia: faggot.

GohanLOTS: my God..

GohanLOTS: rofl

Alexyia: faggot.

Alexyia: uh-huh.

Alexyia: faggot.

GohanLOTS: jake is the faggot.

GohanLOTS: I’m not

Alexyia: yeah.

Alexyia: faggot.

GohanLOTS: He tried to fuck me

GohanLOTS: I said no

Alexyia: ok.

Alexyia: faggot.

GohanLOTS: Ok.

Bloodless: lol

Alexyia: ok.

Alexyia: faggot.

GohanLOTS: Dirty goth.

GohanLOTS: take a shower?

GohanLOTS: hear that one before?

Alexyia: no.

Alexyia: 🙂

GohanLOTS: Fucking scumbag.

GohanLOTS: wash your hair?

Alexyia: thx.

Alexyia: no.

GohanLOTS: Brush your teeth?

Alexyia: it’s greasey.

Alexyia: no.

GohanLOTS: shave your pubes?

Alexyia: nope.

GohanLOTS: God.

GohanLOTS: Sick.

Alexyia: bushmonster.

GohanLOTS: GOd..

GohanLOTS: Don’t give me mental pictures.

Alexyia: wanna sniff it?

GohanLOTS: Yeah.

Alexyia: faggot.

GohanLOTS: I do

GohanLOTS: Then i’ll shave it

GohanLOTS: You a virgin IRL?

Alexyia: no.

Alexyia: because.

Alexyia: you’re a faggot.

Alexyia: faggots don’t muff dive.

GohanLOTS: Who would fuck a bush monster.

GohanLOTS: Probably jake

GohanLOTS: tHe little twelve year old.

GohanLOTS: Hes like elian gonzales.

Alexyia: you = the little 9 year old.

GohanLOTS: ANd you rape him..

GohanLOTS: Everyday..

Alexyia: wtf.

GohanLOTS: Its not fair.

Alexyia: you fucking poser.

Alexyia: that’s from ff9.

GohanLOTS: Poser/

Alexyia: fm99*

GohanLOTS: No…

GohanLOTS: fm99??

GohanLOTS: The fuck is that…

Alexyia: tommy and rumble.

Alexyia: dumb bitch.

GohanLOTS: ……..

GohanLOTS: Uhh

GohanLOTS: No?

Alexyia: ok.

GohanLOTS: Sorry..

Alexyia: elian water.

Alexyia: sure.

GohanLOTS: Dont watch queer goth shit…..

Alexyia: poser.

Alexyia: ROFL.

GohanLOTS: Rather watch porno.

GohanLOTS: With some good lookin’ broads.

Alexyia: i’m not goth, sorry.

Alexyia: rofl.

GohanLOTS: Yeah.


GohanLOTS: You’re a fucking bio freak.

Alexyia: he’s trying to be straight.

GohanLOTS: You n*gger.

Alexyia: dude, that’s sick.

Alexyia: n*gger, k.

GohanLOTS: You’re black

GohanLOTS: Thats sick.

GohanLOTS: Slave

Alexyia: you just called me goth.

GohanLOTS: make me sandwich


Alexyia: then n*gger.

Alexyia: no.


GohanLOTS: Fucker

GohanLOTS: yes

GohanLOTS: Now

Alexyia: no.

Alexyia: no.

GohanLOTS: Suck my cock

GohanLOTS: SLut

Alexyia: no.

Alexyia: no.

GohanLOTS: you love it

Alexyia: no.

Alexyia: no.

Alexyia: no.

Alexyia: no.

Alexyia: rich



Alexyia: rofl

GohanLOTS: I’m too gay

davepoobond: uhh yeah

GohanLOTS: to have comebacks

davepoobond: thats right



GohanLOTS: you fucking pussy.

GohanLOTS: You break up with Jake??

Alexyia: how am i a pussy over a screen?

Alexyia: no.

Alexyia: i never was with jake.

Alexyia: dumbfuck.

GohanLOTS: I’d kick your ass IRL

GohanLOTS: N*gger.

Alexyia: rofl.

GohanLOTS: LEts meet

Alexyia: cuz you’re a bigbad man.

GohanLOTS: I’ll shwo you a thing or two

GohanLOTS: then i’d fucking rape you

GohanLOTS: throw you in the river

Alexyia: ahahaa.

GohanLOTS: shoot you with my glock.

Alexyia: like you own one.

GohanLOTS: While your already dead

GohanLOTS: in the River.

GohanLOTS: right

GohanLOTS: I Own two

GohanLOTS: Sorry

Alexyia: lol.

Alexyia: sure you do.

GohanLOTS: Yeah

GohanLOTS: Want pics?

Alexyia: sure.

GohanLOTS: Rofl

Alexyia: you stole them off of the internet.

GohanLOTS: You’re a fag.

Alexyia: i know.

GohanLOTS: No.

Alexyia: rofl.

GohanLOTS: Pics with me

Alexyia: atleast i don’t fuck them.

GohanLOTS: and dead bodies

GohanLOTS: WIth me holding my glock

Alexyia: ROFL.

Alexyia: ROFLMAO.


Alexyia: omfg

Alexyia: what a dumbasss

Alexyia: ahahaaaaa

GohanLOTS: You’re my next victim

Alexyia: logslogs

GohanLOTS: Nah Im joking

Alexyia: sure am

GohanLOTS: I never killed anyone

GohanLOTS: ROfl

GohanLOTS: You’ll be the first person

GohanLOTS: I drive over

GohanLOTS: and kick someones ass


GohanLOTS: You’re a loser.

GohanLOTS: Gotth

GohanLOTS: Smelly

GohanLOTS: Dork…..

GohanLOTS: N*gger Child


Alexyia: since you don’t know me you can assume i’m all those things

davepoobond: a dork is a whale’s dick

GohanLOTS: Yeah.

GohanLOTS: I know what you are.

Alexyia: k

GohanLOTS: jake described you

GohanLOTS: he said your armpits are all hairy

Alexyia: jake is a dumbfuck

Alexyia: rofl

GohanLOTS: because you don’t shave them.

Alexyia: sure he did

GohanLOTS: And you smell….

Alexyia: jake doesnt even know me

GohanLOTS: But that turns him on


Alexyia: not as bad as your dick

GohanLOTS: .

GohanLOTS: I wash my cock

GohanLOTS: daily.

GohanLOTS: after I jerk off..

Alexyia: no

GohanLOTS: usually about 5 times

Alexyia: after you buttfuck

OnlineHost: Cloustadio has left the room.

GohanLOTS: a day

GohanLOTS: after I buttfuck you.

GohanLOTS: Slut

Alexyia: ya

GohanLOTS: YEah

GohanLOTS: Fucking whore..

Alexyia: ya

GohanLOTS: Dont make me bring the big guns in

Alexyia: roflmao

OnlineHost: Ant BIade has entered the room.

davepoobond: ……………………….am i a big gun?



Ant BIade: What do you want?

Alexyia: rofl

GohanLOTS: You..

Alexyia: faggot

Ant BIade: Fuck you.

OnlineHost: Ant BIade has left the room.


davepoobond: lol

Alexyia: dude wtf

GohanLOTS: Whats wrong with Ant

GohanLOTS: Hes my best friend..

Alexyia: he hates you cuz youre gay

Alexyia: queer

GohanLOTS: No.

GohanLOTS: You’re gay

GohanLOTS: queer.

davepoobond: you have no friends, maybe?

GohanLOTS: Fucking scumbag

GohanLOTS: take a shower.


Alexyia: k

GohanLOTS: K

GohanLOTS: Goo

Alexyia: no

GohanLOTS: you’re scum

Alexyia: ya

GohanLOTS: you should be gassed.

Alexyia: k

GohanLOTS: k

davepoobond: i bet that ant guy masturbates on gak

GohanLOTS: Good

GohanLOTS: agree with that?

Alexyia: no

Alexyia: 🙂

GohanLOTS: I do.

Alexyia: sorry

GohanLOTS: You’re going down

GohanLOTS: Bitch

Alexyia: no one else does

GohanLOTS: Im driving over

Alexyia: rofl

GohanLOTS: Kicking your ass

Alexyia: k sure

GohanLOTS: showing you who’s the boss.

GohanLOTS: Where do you live.

Alexyia: a little 13 year old walks up to my door

Alexyia: with a watergun

GohanLOTS: 15.

GohanLOTS: N*gger.

Alexyia: hahahaaaa

Alexyia: 15

davepoobond: aint that amazing

GohanLOTS: With my fists

davepoobond: only 15

GohanLOTS: Comes over

Alexyia: fists

GohanLOTS: Kicks your ass

Alexyia: wow

Alexyia: you can beat on women

Alexyia: machoman

GohanLOTS: I’m jacked up on steroids

Alexyia: rofl

Alexyia: rofl

GohanLOTS: and creatine

Alexyia: rofl

Alexyia: omgh

Alexyia: sfjsf;sf

Alexyia: hahahahahaa

GohanLOTS: Haha

Alexyia: this guy

Alexyia: he talks shit

GohanLOTS: I’m gonna fuck you up.

Alexyia: he aint got none of this shit

GohanLOTS: rofl


Alexyia: yeah i do

GohanLOTS: i do creatine anyway

Alexyia: sure you do

GohanLOTS: Not steroids

GohanLOTS: Yeah


Alexyia: fuckin wannabe

GohanLOTS: want a pic of it?

Alexyia: sure

GohanLOTS: me holding my bottle


Alexyia: you steal that off the internet too?

GohanLOTS: NO.

Alexyia: why you laughin?

GohanLOTS: I bet

Alexyia: im serious

Alexyia: bitch

GohanLOTS: you dont know

GohanLOTS: what creatine is

GohanLOTS: You fucking jew.

Alexyia: i bet

Alexyia: you dont

GohanLOTS: its legal shit.

Alexyia: know

Alexyia: what creatine is

Alexyia: because

GohanLOTS: Yeah it is….

Alexyia: you’ve never had it

GohanLOTS: because i use it

Alexyia: stupid fucker

GohanLOTS: Everyday

GohanLOTS: after I work out

GohanLOTS: Jew.

Alexyia: sure you do

GohanLOTS: rofl

Alexyia: i’m a goth, a n*gger, and a jew

Alexyia: ok

davepoobond: lol

GohanLOTS: It only stuffs your muscle

Alexyia: makes sense

GohanLOTS: with water

GohanLOTS: So it looks bigger…..

GohanLOTS: Pretyt much

GohanLOTS: in gay man words

Alexyia: because you’re a skinny bitch

GohanLOTS: So you’d understand

GohanLOTS: Rofl

GohanLOTS: Right

Alexyia: right

Alexyia: i know

GohanLOTS: atleast I’m not overweight

GohanLOTS: ::Cough::

Alexyia: me neither

Alexyia: 🙂

GohanLOTS: sure

Alexyia: sure

Alexyia: sure

GohanLOTS: fatass

Alexyia: me neither

GohanLOTS: slimfast

Alexyia: 😉

GohanLOTS: yeah,

GohanLOTS: You are.

Alexyia: slimfast is nasty


GohanLOTS: tried it?

GohanLOTS: Figures

Alexyia: just as much as you’re straight

GohanLOTS: You’re not worth my time.

Alexyia: took you awhile

Alexyia: bye

GohanLOTS: What does Jake see in youre fat ass?

Alexyia: looks like you lost

Alexyia: ROFL

Alexyia: hes jealous

Alexyia: he wants jake

Alexyia: ewewewew faggot

GohanLOTS: No.

GohanLOTS: rofl

GohanLOTS: I’m not gay

Alexyia: sure you arent

GohanLOTS: Why do you keep saying that.

GohanLOTS: You jew.

Alexyia: thats why you want jake so much

GohanLOTS: Jewish N*gger.

GohanLOTS: No.

GohanLOTS: I dont

GohanLOTS: I’m just saying

GohanLOTS: Why does he like you?

Alexyia: k

Alexyia: cause he does

GohanLOTS: Why does ANY guy like you?

Alexyia: and he doesnt like you

Alexyia: because

Alexyia: youre a faggot

GohanLOTS: I dont care if he likes me

Alexyia: and hes not

Alexyia: k

Alexyia: kthx

GohanLOTS: Jake is a little boy.

OnlineHost: lord distxrbed has entered the room.

Alexyia: so?


davepoobond: thats…..odd……..


davepoobond: 2 lord distxrbed


lord distxrbed: actually instead of stuffing my face I talked my grandpa into buying d2

Alexyia: REALLY


Alexyia: do you have it

lord distxrbed: yes

lord distxrbed: no

Alexyia: bow

Alexyia: sdlkjlgjss

lord distxrbed: tommorrow

Alexyia: ok

GohanLOTS: Jake

GohanLOTS: she was bad mouthing you.

GohanLOTS: She said you were gay

lord distxrbed: xpac 2 weeks from now

Alexyia: bullshit

GohanLOTS: and that you

Alexyia: i said you were gay

GohanLOTS: were a fucking loser

GohanLOTS: and she hated you

GohanLOTS: and that she has a boyfriend

Alexyia: lol

GohanLOTS: named Rich

Alexyia: ok?

GohanLOTS: Who she rides

GohanLOTS: Daily.

lord distxrbed: stop trying to recruit me to the fag side ok?

Alexyia: rofl

GohanLOTS: …

davepoobond: 15 times

GohanLOTS: Fag?

GohanLOTS: Im not gay.

GohanLOTS: You loser.

Alexyia: sure you arent

lord distxrbed: <^>-.-<^>

Alexyia: thats why you want jake against me so much

GohanLOTS: you’re a little 12 year old……

Alexyia: faggot

GohanLOTS: always will be.

lord distxrbed: Uh huh

GohanLOTS: No.

GohanLOTS: I’m just opening his eyes.

GohanLOTS: To your bitchyness

Alexyia: wow

GohanLOTS: And how much better he can have

lord distxrbed: I like her bitchyness ok!?!?!

GohanLOTS: I can find him a real girl.

Alexyia: hahaa

GohanLOTS: Who’s Nice.

GohanLOTS: and alot more attractive.

Alexyia: nice = pussy whore.

davepoobond: so what…as long as they can have a crack baby through the ass

davepoobond: i’m sure he’d be happy

lord distxrbed: No such thing as more attractive than talia

lord distxrbed: 😛


GohanLOTS: OMg

GohanLOTS: she is black

lord distxrbed: ..No

Alexyia: talia is an itallian name

GohanLOTS: …yes

GohanLOTS: Sure

Alexyia: k


Alexyia: just like

Alexyia: youre a faggot

GohanLOTS: Haha

lord distxrbed: Shes not black…shes really pale o.o

GohanLOTS: Yaeh

GohanLOTS: figures..

GohanLOTS: pale ass goth

GohanLOTS: Whos fat.

GohanLOTS: smells

lord distxrbed: Fuck you

lord distxrbed: Asshole

GohanLOTS: monsterbush

davepoobond: makes pizza

lord distxrbed: She is not fat

GohanLOTS: Fuck you jake.

GohanLOTS: I’ll kill you.

lord distxrbed: No thanks ill pass

Alexyia: rofl

Alexyia: kill

lord distxrbed: You’ll kill me?

GohanLOTS: I’ll kill both you.

GohanLOTS: I’d beat your asses.

Alexyia: hahahaa

GohanLOTS: With my fists.

Alexyia: you wish

lord distxrbed: Oooooh Im afraid!

GohanLOTS: better be

lord distxrbed: Beating up a girl?

GohanLOTS: I know where you live.

Alexyia: i pissed my pants man

lord distxrbed: arent u strong

GohanLOTS: I’m a hulk hogan

GohanLOTS: of our time

Alexyia: rofl

davepoobond: LOL

Alexyia: lmfao

davepoobond: hulk hogan has sagging muscles

davepoobond: in this time

Alexyia: ahahaha

GohanLOTS: Because

GohanLOTS: hes fucking 90

lord distxrbed: brb

GohanLOTS: and took steroids since he was 8

Alexyia: hulk hogan is a faggot

Alexyia: just like

Alexyia: you

GohanLOTS: Just like

davepoobond: y’might as well be a Michael Jackson of this time

GohanLOTS: your dad

Alexyia: yep

Alexyia: i know

GohanLOTS: I bet your mom fucked a black guy

Alexyia: my dad is a faggot

GohanLOTS: And then you came out

Alexyia: even though i’m a gothic jew i’m still a n*gger

davepoobond: me?

Alexyia: right?

Alexyia: yeah

davepoobond: are you talking to me?

GohanLOTS: No.

GohanLOTS: Her

GohanLOTS: .

GohanLOTS: her scummy ass..

GohanLOTS: SO wait..

Alexyia: he keeps saying the same shit over and over

davepoobond: ok

GohanLOTS: You aren’t a goth?

Alexyia: it wasnt even good the first time

davepoobond: how about them Dodgers?

GohanLOTS: Fucking people

GohanLOTS: downloading me

GohanLOTS: off win MX

GohanLOTS: so damna nnoying

Alexyia: wow


Alexyia: who cares

davepoobond: haha


Alexyia: ummm

Alexyia: no one

davepoobond: yer a porn star

GohanLOTS: Your mom cares.

Alexyia: i know

GohanLOTS: Shes sucking me off now.

GohanLOTS: m

Alexyia: i know!!!

Alexyia: what a whore

GohanLOTS: Yeah

GohanLOTS: wha ta sexy whore

Alexyia: just like you

Alexyia: faggot

Alexyia: my moms fat

Alexyia: she has cellulite

GohanLOTS: Yeah

GohanLOTS: mm


GohanLOTS: I grab onto it

GohanLOTS: handfills

GohanLOTS: handfulls

Alexyia: ok

OnlineHost: lord distxrbed has left the room.

GohanLOTS: Ok

davepoobond: ok

GohanLOTS: You little porky

Alexyia: k

GohanLOTS: Rofl

GohanLOTS: you’re gay

GohanLOTS: Crying yet?

Alexyia: not really

GohanLOTS: I certainly am

davepoobond: you make me cry

Alexyia: i don’t know why you’re calling me gay when you sit around and cyber-fuck that gokou bitch

davepoobond: such harsh words, i’ve never seen before

Alexyia: up the ass all day long

GohanLOTS: No

GohanLOTS: I dont

davepoobond: handfulls, and porky, geez…… many

Alexyia: sure

Alexyia: you do

GohanLOTS: Jake does that….

GohanLOTS: he use to

GohanLOTS: All the time

GohanLOTS: Right big tuff jake

GohanLOTS: ??

davepoobond: i dont think he’s here anymore

GohanLOTS: mmmm

GohanLOTS: I want you

davepoobond: no you dont

davepoobond: you dont know what you want

lord distxrbed: back wtf?

lord distxrbed: I dont need to hear your fantasies fag

GohanLOTS: …

GohanLOTS: You’re fired.

lord distxrbed: ….I never worked for you

GohanLOTS: your mom did

GohanLOTS: Lastnight.

lord distxrbed: ouch

GohanLOTS: Slut.


GohanLOTS: Burnt.

GohanLOTS: What are you?

lord distxrbed: not really


lord distxrbed: I fucking hate my mom


Alexyia: it must be degrading to be caught in the act of sucking off someone’s ao-dick, chris.

GohanLOTS: No.

Alexyia: yeah.

GohanLOTS: You answer taht one.

GohanLOTS: Slut.

Alexyia: nice one.

Alexyia: i’m a slut.

Alexyia: hurt.

Alexyia: omg.

Alexyia: i’m gonna cry.

GohanLOTS: yeah

GohanLOTS: the truth hurts………

Alexyia: when it’s actually the truth.

Alexyia: and not some half-baked fucking insult.


Alexyia: k

GohanLOTS: What a goth answer.

Alexyia: lol

Alexyia: what a faggot comeback

davepoobond: who’s seen Jay and Silent Bob strike back?

GohanLOTS: Dirty

Alexyia: | -stats: Single |

Alexyia: i wonder why


GohanLOTS: funny

GohanLOTS: Because my Gf dumped me

GohanLOTS: for a black guy.

GohanLOTS: ::sobs::

Alexyia: b/f***

GohanLOTS: No,

GohanLOTS: Girl friend.

lord distxrbed: n*ggers…urgh

Alexyia: yes

Alexyia: faggot

Alexyia: faggot

Alexyia: faggot

Alexyia: faggot

Alexyia: faggot


Alexyia: faggot

GohanLOTS: God.

Alexyia: faggot

GohanLOTS: nikki

Alexyia: faggot

GohanLOTS: You talking to me?

Alexyia: faggot

GohanLOTS: Or davepoobond?

Alexyia: faggot

davepoobond: i think you

GohanLOTS: didnt think it was me.

Alexyia: faggot

GohanLOTS: Jake

Alexyia: faggot

GohanLOTS: if your going to fuck a bitch

Alexyia: faggot

GohanLOTS: fuck one that has good comebacks

Alexyia: faggot

GohanLOTS: and can insult good

Alexyia: oh yeah

Alexyia: ‘slut’

Alexyia: ‘scummy’

Alexyia: ‘scumbag’

Alexyia: ‘whore’

Alexyia: that’s about it

Alexyia: oh

Alexyia: and we can’t forget the momma jokes

GohanLOTS: Shutup.

Alexyia: those were a big hit too

GohanLOTS: You’re a loser.

GohanLOTS: Enough said

GohanLOTS: Dont have to Impress you

Alexyia: you’re a faggot

Alexyia: enough said

GohanLOTS: No

GohanLOTS: Sure

Alexyia: yep

Alexyia: oh

GohanLOTS: Im a faggot

GohanLOTS: right

Alexyia: you finally admit

GohanLOTS: Omg

Alexyia: thanks

GohanLOTS: hurt

GohanLOTS: hurt


Alexyia: ok

GohanLOTS: Ok

GohanLOTS: Done

GohanLOTS: JAke


Alexyia: dont take too long shoving them up your ass

GohanLOTS: Jake.

GohanLOTS: Jake….


Alexyia: dude


lord distxrbed: ..

Alexyia: he dont want you


Alexyia: shut the fuck up


Alexyia: faggot

GohanLOTS: Shut up

GohanLOTS: Jake likes black guys….

Alexyia: lol

GohanLOTS: He told me

GohanLOTS: in school

Alexyia: sure he does

GohanLOTS: he felt one up

GohanLOTS: By “accident’

lord distxrbed: in school?

Alexyia: sure he did

GohanLOTS: Yeag……

lord distxrbed: wtf?

GohanLOTS: ..

GohanLOTS: You said you did

GohanLOTS: and that you stare at black guys

GohanLOTS: in the shower

lord distxrbed: No i didnt

davepoobond: thats sorta sad

GohanLOTS: at school…..

davepoobond: why would you do that

GohanLOTS: ….Yes you did…..

lord distxrbed: I dont have a shower at school


GohanLOTS: ….

lord distxrbed: no




lord distxrbed: Middleschools dont have showers

lord distxrbed: you fucking idiot

GohanLOTS: Your the idiot.

GohanLOTS: you said you had them

GohanLOTS: Fag.

davepoobond: hahaha


lord distxrbed: ….ok?

davepoobond: ok

lord distxrbed: why are you calling me a fag

Alexyia: i know

lord distxrbed: goddamn hypocrite

GohanLOTS: —–virus uploading—–

Alexyia: he’s the one that sucks cyber gokou cock

GohanLOTS: —-10%—–

Alexyia: rofl

GohanLOTS: ——20%——

lord distxrbed: maybe I should tell your boyfriend

GohanLOTS: —-30%—

lord distxrbed: he would be mad

Alexyia: rofrloflrrof

GohanLOTS: —-60%—–

GohanLOTS: —-80%—-

lord distxrbed: my computer isnt that fast

GohanLOTS: ——90%—-

GohanLOTS: —–100%—–

Alexyia: you’re ieeto now

GohanLOTS: —-deleting C: drive files—–

GohanLOTS: ————

Alexyia: roflmao

GohanLOTS: ——————-

GohanLOTS: ROflmao

GohanLOTS: I did that

davepoobond: oh nooooooooo

GohanLOTS: in this chat

GohanLOTS: “Hi”

GohanLOTS: and everyone left…..

lord distxrbed: we care because?

GohanLOTS: im too 1337 for you

davepoobond: who said we care

GohanLOTS: Looooosa

Alexyia: k

lord distxrbed: …that wasnt clever….at all.

GohanLOTS: Yeah


GohanLOTS: You’re a loser.

GohanLOTS: All your friend think you are cheating on her

lord distxrbed: thats original

GohanLOTS: with a guy

GohanLOTS: Now.

GohanLOTS: that I told them that.

GohanLOTS: ha

GohanLOTS: goodluck explaining to them

GohanLOTS: Bye

OnlineHost: GohanLOTS has left the room.

Alexyia: ?

lord distxrbed: ….

lord distxrbed: huh?

Alexyia: i didnt get it

Alexyia: lol

davepoobond: he left..

lord distxrbed: all my friend…

Alexyia: lol

davepoobond: why’d you invite me “jake”

Alexyia: my tampon looks like a sperm

lord distxrbed: cool

Alexyia: why is brooke so quiet

Alexyia: BROOKE

davepoobond: i’ve never seen u b4

Alexyia: you stupid SLUT


Alexyia: you just sit there

Alexyia: cuz u sux

davepoobond: k

lord distxrbed: ..

davepoobond: lord, wanna tell me?

lord distxrbed: why did u rape that chick anyway?

Alexyia: ????????

lord distxrbed: that chick

lord distxrbed: kept saying I raped her

Alexyia: lol

Alexyia: i dunno i was bored

davepoobond: nyeh

Alexyia: the d2 servers

Alexyia: are down

Alexyia: for fucking

Alexyia: 6 hours

davepoobond: lord! tell me why you invited me!

lord distxrbed: I didnt

davepoobond: and how the hell you got my sn!

davepoobond: yes you did

lord distxrbed: no

lord distxrbed: I FUCKING DIDNT

davepoobond: it said “lord distxrbed invites you to this chat: Alexyia68”

davepoobond: the hell you didnt, then why did it say you did?

lord distxrbed: it was another person posing me

davepoobond: wtf, thats gay

davepoobond: you guys wanna see my site?

lord distxrbed: no

lord distxrbed: that toreador is online

davepoobond: y not

lord distxrbed: tired

davepoobond: ok…..

OnlineHost: lord distxrbed has left the room.

davepoobond: alexyia how ’bout you

OnlineHost: Alexyia has left the room.

davepoobond: uh……..huh…..

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