UPDATE January 20, 2000

dAvE bOnD:  i put up a song, telletubbie turd changed his name to Fajita Bum…and took down the Point of not returning page

stimpyismyname: squirrel monkeys are cool. you should buy a squirrel monkey and a moose. i’m going to put up some of my favorite emulatur page links, as soon as SOMEONE E-MAILS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


UPDATE January 19, 2000

dAvE bOnD:  I finally made the reformed dictionary!  Click on the dictionary link in the table to get to it.

elmoisfurry:  there is a poll now, vote on it.  it tastes yummy, sometimes it smells like rhino poo, really, i’m not kidding, it smells exactly like rhino poo, and i should know.  I own a rhino, boy does he poop a lot.  That’s why i call him PoopMonkey.


UPDATE January 14, 2000

dAvE bOnD:  i put some new pics up in the pics section…

elmoisfurry:  we startin a band for da site and also for ourselves so when we get a wav file thingy u can hear us only on this site. wouldnt that just be great. im also goin to mess up a picture of pikachu, that stupid yellow pokemon thingy, and totally screw it up, and put it on the site.


UPDATE January 6, 2000

dAvE bOnD:  I’m going to redesign the dictionary soon.  I renamed it Squackle’z Dictionary, cuz i dont like the idea of one thing belonging to one person at this site.  Same thing with the links.  I changed it to Squackle Links.  The only exception is Stimpyismyname’s theories.  Cuz i’m too lazy to change it, and it was Stimpyismyname’s idea anyway.


UPDATE December 24, 1999

dAvE bOnD:  Ok, I put up the chat room i promised.  I’ll put more up that are different types probably later……if i find other ones….anyway…uh…merry christmas…..hope you get some cool….stuff…

Donkmaster:  I am the almighty Donkmaster-

dAvE bOnD:  Ah, shut up….


UPDATE December 23, 1999

dAvE bOnD:  I put up the censored version of DBC, and i also put up a warning before you get into the original DBC.  I put up America’s Least Wanted a while ago and didnt say it in the update, so….i did.  Its at DBC.  Go look at it if you like.  I also put up some song that is dissing britney spears that has been going around in emails.  So, i put it up.  If the person that made the song doesn’t want it up, here’s my reply:  TOUGH!