UPDATE January 6, 2000

dAvE bOnD:  I’m going to redesign the dictionary soon.  I renamed it Squackle’z Dictionary, cuz i dont like the idea of one thing belonging to one person at this site.  Same thing with the links.  I changed it to Squackle Links.  The only exception is Stimpyismyname’s theories.  Cuz i’m too lazy to change it, and it was Stimpyismyname’s idea anyway.


UPDATE December 24, 1999

dAvE bOnD:  Ok, I put up the chat room i promised.  I’ll put more up that are different types probably later……if i find other ones….anyway…uh…merry christmas…..hope you get some cool….stuff…

Donkmaster:  I am the almighty Donkmaster-

dAvE bOnD:  Ah, shut up….


UPDATE December 23, 1999

dAvE bOnD:  I put up the censored version of DBC, and i also put up a warning before you get into the original DBC.  I put up America’s Least Wanted a while ago and didnt say it in the update, so….i did.  Its at DBC.  Go look at it if you like.  I also put up some song that is dissing britney spears that has been going around in emails.  So, i put it up.  If the person that made the song doesn’t want it up, here’s my reply:  TOUGH!


UPDATE December 18, 1999

dAvE bOnD:  I put up DBC.  If your lucky visitor number 400, email me, and i’ll give you something cool.

elmoisfurry:  I’m still making the song “Enter Peaman” going to the song by Metallica “Enter Sandman.”  I’m still taking pictures


UPDATE December 17, 1999

dAvE bOnD:  Yay!  We have our newzletter up!  Sign up for it and as time goes on you’ll get notified of the updates that the site has gotten that day and what will go up, before anybody else that doesn’t have the newzletter will know.  I’m going to try to upload some pictures, but I’ll have to see how that goes.  Check the pictures section to see if some stuff goes up.

stimpyismyname: My dad gave me this old microwave. I took it apart and made a phaser, like on Star Trek, only bigger. I tested it on my brother, now he’s lying on the floor, not moving, and his heads getting bigger. HELP!!!


UPDATE December 16, 1999

dAvE bOnD:  I put up some more links on stimpyismyname’s links, and i added to the boy bands article i wrote for the screwed up chronicles.  There isnt really anything else going on….

elmoisfurry:  im gonna be putting up some pics for tha screwed up chroncles and for another thing in about a week or two. im almost finished with them. all i have to say is……………………POO PIES