tolaraonmuevenraur – v. from a stop and in overdrive, moderately accelerating to 80 Km/h (50 MPH) and cruising for at least 15 seconds. You then stop vehicle and repeat without overdrive to 64 Km/h (40 MPH) cruising for at least 30 seconds. While at 64 Km/h (40 MPH), you activate overdrive and accelerate to 80 Km/h (50 MPH) and cruise for at least 15 seconds. You then Stop for at least 20 seconds and repeat the whole sequence five times.


Joke #24868

When her son turned eight, the mom knew he would soon be questioning the existence of Santa Claus.  One day, the boy looked at his mom and said, “I know something about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy.”

Taking a deep breath, his mom responded, “Oh, what is that?”

“They’re all nocturnal.”