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UPDATE 11-08-03

Pick of November 8, 2003

davepoobond: I don’t have any snappy comments today.  If you care, I’m working on the next 4 Gaytrix movie parodies, so there’s something to look forward to, when I put them up which will probably 2 years from now since that’s just how things go.

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 3200 words, 50 new. SUBMIT A WORD

SongsPortaloo, sung to “Waterloo” by ABBA

The Screwed Up PeopleThe stereotypical female Volvo driver

The Screwed Up World File Sharing and the RIAA Theory

Stupid IMsAnonymous IM, Anonymous IM 2, urgirl3582 IM, davepoobond IM 26, davepoobond IM 27, davepoobond IM 28

Squackle GuidesHow to Preread a Textbook Chapter, How to Make a DVD, How to Get Orvillized, How To Make a Squackle Gang (New elements added!  HOORRAYYY)

Squackle Sports ArenaChicken Soup Bowling Rules, Extreme Baseball Rules, Annoy the Teacher Rules

The Bad Submission ArchiveBad Submission 121, Bad Submission 122, Bad Submission 123

UPDATE 10-31-03

Pick of October 31, 2003

davepoobond: YESSSS ITS HALLOWWEEEENNN…and I STILL trick or treat.  yummy candy that’s free…probably not this Halloween though, because its freaking RAINING!  GARRRRRR!!!

Yesterday, I was driving on a freeway back from KFC, with a large (the really big one) box of Popcorn Chicken (mmh mmh do I love Popcorn Chicken) when all of a sudden something brown flew through the air and then smashed into my windwhield and made two huge holes in it.  Glass flew everywhere, and I don’t know what the hell it was or whether someone threw it or if it got thrown up by another car’s tires.  If it was someone throwing it, I want to kill them, because now I have to replace the windshield of the Turbo Diesel Ground Force (the name of my car).

Moral of the story is, if you throw shit out of your car when you’re on the freeway, make sure it weighs less than a pound.  Cause when someone is going 70 mph on the freeway, it’ll do some damage if they hit it.

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 3150 words, 50 new. SUBMIT A WORD

Squackle Broadcasting Company (SBC)Short Film: Trash Can Betty, Short Film: Cranky oll men (that rob little babies!), Short Film: Conan – The Epic

The Screwed Up Games – Snack Invasion (PC) (Rating: 2/10)

Stupid IMsBlind Bubba IM 12, Blind Bubba IM 13, elmoisfurry IM 34

SongsMoo Moo Moo Moo, parody of “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” by the Crash Test Dummies

Squackle GuidesHow to make Dalek juice, How to make Dalek stew

The Bad Submission ArchiveBad Submission 118, Bad Submission 119, Bad Submission 120

UPDATE 4-08-03

Pick of April 8, 2003

davepoobond: Today is probably the biggest update you’ll ever see…I don’t know what came over me, i just felt like putting all this crap up on the SAME day! I know its amazing…but while you’re in a state of shock, don’t forget to check out the blowthetoad Hate Shrine, featuring blowthetoad: A look at his life

stimpyismyname: fart

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 2400 words, 50 new. SUBMIT A WORD

Questionable Content / Moviesblowthetoad: A look at his life, Go Ninja Go Music Video, supercool, Don’t Fear the Reaper Music Video, stupid, davepoobond’s Web Cam, Bob Teaches Breakdancing, The Vanilla Ice Story, The Box

Picturesbeeer, blunt, stoned, weed

The Screwed Up TownStupid Note 3, Stupid Note 4

The Screwed Up Peopledavepoobond: Rainforest Letter, Email to a “Prison Warden”

Squackle GuidesHow To Shave Your Ass

The Screwed Up Games – Kill The Dummies (PC) (Rating: 1/10)

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JokesQuicky Jokes, Blonde Jokes, Knock Knock Jokes

SongsLondon Bridge Is Falling Down Songs, Mary Had a Little Lamb Songs, Popeye Songs

Squackle QuotesMisc. Quotes

Other JunkFind Your Armenian Name, Find Your Retard Name, Find Your Star Wars Name, Find Your Porn-Star Name

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UPDATE 7-23-02

davepoobond: tell your friends about Squackle! it really IS funny!

SoyBeans: i dont get these

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 1140 words, 5 new. SUBMIT A WORD

Squackle GuidesHow to Get “the Signature” of the Road, How to Make a Möbius Band

SBC (Squackle Broadcasting Company)Commercial: Mrs. Telemarketer’s Telemarketer School, Commercial: Mr. Clean’s Dojo

Stupid IMsMyLeftTesticle IM 3, FreeCellPhone392 IM

The Bad Submission ArchiveBad Submission 3, Bad Submission 4

UPDATE 6-09-02

SoyBeans: err.. dont put that “lol” part

Adman: Ja, Wort!

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 1065 words, 5 new. SUBMIT A WORD

Squackle GuidesDisabling StartUp Programs In Windows, Scandisk & Defrag for Windows 9x

Other JunkFind Your Armenian Name, Find Your Retard Name, Find Your Porn-Star Name, Find Your Star Wars Name

UPDATE 7-27-00

davepoobond: yay!!!!!! i’m finally back from my stupid vacation…i changed my name to davepoobond….i fixed the link to the paid 2 surf programs, i forgot to link it on the table, here’s a link to it too: Paid-to-surf programs

Stuff updated/Put up today:

Dictionary: F V W G O ALL

Guides: How to Be a Squackle Hobo

Songs: (new song) Gasper, the smelly ghost, sung to the song “Casper, the friendly ghost,” by davepoobond