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Joke #18650

Our six year old son was all excited about his Halloween costume. “I’m going to be the Pope,” he said.

“Jake, you can’t be the Pope,” I said. “You’re not Catholic. You’re Lutheran.”

Jake hadn’t thought about that. So he considered his alternatives. After a few minutes, he asked,

“Is Dracula a Lutheran?”

Joke #11275

The lovesick girl waits as the fortune-teller gazes into her crystal ball.

“Do you see a boyfriend in my future?” she asks.

“Yes,” says the fortune-teller.  “I see some good news and some bad news.  The good news is that on this very night you will meet a tall, dark, and handsome stranger.”

The girl couldn’t believe her good fortune.  “Oh, that’s so exciting!” she cries.  “I’m dying to meet him!”

The fortune-teller raises her eyebrow.  “yes, I know.  You see, the bad news is that his name is Count Dracula!”