#21238: Matt Sussman -> Matt Cary

Matt Sussman and Matt Cary talking about the Randall Simon incident…

Matt Sussman: but I’ll be frank

Matt Sussman: the person inside the costume should relish this moment

Matt Sussman: because what Randall Simon did just doesn’t cut the mustard

Matt Sussman: and after she fell down… no way could she ketchup

Matt Cary: Oh my gosh, stop youre killing me

Matt Cary: thats so many in a row

Matt Sussman: I think that last joke was the wurst one

Matt Cary: Yeah, that last frank joke wasnt worth a hill of beans.

Matt Sussman: yeah, it made me chili

Matt Sussman: at least I had the onions to keep going

Matt Cary: Yeah, I think now youre just trying to be a hot dog.

Matt Sussman: Thanks. You just brat that to my attention.

Matt Cary: Didnt want you to make yourself look like a weenie.

Matt Sussman: wow. the list of puns we went through is about a foot long

Matt Cary: Baloney.

Matt Sussman: Don’t have a cow.


Joke #18651

Desperate for a unique Halloween costume for an up-coming party, my friend, Jessica had an inspired idea.

She put on a slinky dress and fishnet stockings, and then balanced a small table-top on her head. Affixed to it was a lamp, a champagne glass and an ashtray with two cigarette butts.

She went as a ‘one night stand’……and won first prize!


Joke #18650

Our six year old son was all excited about his Halloween costume. “I’m going to be the Pope,” he said.

“Jake, you can’t be the Pope,” I said. “You’re not Catholic. You’re Lutheran.”

Jake hadn’t thought about that. So he considered his alternatives. After a few minutes, he asked,

“Is Dracula a Lutheran?”