Joke #12877

Two old friends who hadn’t seen each other in years met one day.

The first man asked, “How’s everything, Jimmy?”

His friend answered.  “Not so hot.  My wife ran off with a vacuum salesman.  My son was arrested for stealing cars, and my daughter is in the hospital with two broken legs. Besides that, I’m turning gray, my teeth have to be yanked out tomorrow, and my dog died yesterday.”

His friend shook his head and said, “Golly!  That’s very sad.  By the way, what business are you in, Jimmy?”

“I sell good luck charms!”


Joke #12847

“I just got a role in a movie,” an actor said to his agent.  “I play a hen-pecked husband married to a woman who lives with her mother and four teenaged daughters.”

“That’s nice,” said the agent.  “But too bad it’s not a speaking part.”


Future Family

Future family: (the character is a boy)
I had a best friend. I liked her. Soon, we were partners. Being her bf, I sometimes think that I want to marry her. Then one day, I asked her mom and dad if I could, then they said “No. We’ll test you first… Someday..” I saw how my gf’s sister looked. She was so sexy and pretty, she looked so gorgeous at her short skirt and cute shirt, soon I had a crush on her. This time came that we were the only two people in the house. She told me, “Oh I can’t stand this feeling anymore. I love you Arkin! So much! Your wedding’s coming soon, and if you want one last wild thing, just go upstairs and get me.” As she went up the stairs, she gave her sexy panty to me, and showed me her pussy. Gosh ! I can’t believe it! Then I removed my pants and brief, I let him see my penis, but the door was locked so I guess no one saw me. I went up to the room. We had sexy sex. She let me saw her boobs, her pussy, and everything, after a little while, my gf’s family saw me, I said ” I’m sorry. I love your daughter. May I bring her home?”

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