WoW Chat #21714: Cardrek -> davepoobond

In trade I was trying to sell stuff:

[2] [davepoobond]: WTS [Comfortable Insoles] only 10g each!

Cardrek: wat do they do

davepoobond: make you jellin like a felon

Cardrek: i woulda bought em if u didnt attempt that pathetic ryme

davepoobond: its from a commercial

Cardrek: its gross

davepoobond: wat


WoW Chat #21630

During a raid, Elementen was demanding to buy some Volatile Waters out of the guild bank…

[G] [Elementen]: Ok, so i cant buy somethign out of the gabnk that means nothing cause your over 200k in there and i ask why and i get no reply. ther is no voltile water in the AH so i thought you all would help out a guildy.

[G] [Vongimi]: let me check to see if i have some water

[G] [Unclechu]: who are you?

[G] [davepoobond]: ^

[G] [Elementen]: Im a guildy!

[G] [Unclechu]: i dont know what that means

[G] [davepoobond]: thats worse

[G] [Unclechu]: setarial?

[G] [davepoobond]: than anything else

[G] [Elementen]: yeah

[G] [davepoobond]: you could be

[G] [Unclechu]: is that your main?

[G] [Elementen]: alt

[G] [Unclechu]: are you a social?

[G] [Elementen]: yes

[G] [Unclechu]: who do you know?

[G] [Elementen]: i apped and was invited by Graiff

[G] [Unclechu]: well, then ask graiff for the water

[G] [Unclechu]: case closed

[G] [Rev]: they’re doing a raid right now

[G] [Rev]: so

[G] [Vongimi]: graiff hates people though

[G] [Elementen]: I have i got no answere but i see he is in raid

[G] [Rev:]: that’s most likely the reason you aren’t getting an answer

[G] [Korrigan]: no shit he does

[G] [Unclechu]: hes probably yelling at someone

[G] [Gloworm]: why dont you ask trade chat

[G] [Vongimi]: no water on this guy either…

[G] [Elementen]: because im guild but yes i can ask trade

[G] [Battle]: trade chat is full of pleasant individuals with whom to have meaningful conversations

[G] [Elementen]: lawl

[G] [Gloworm]: I think you misunderstand the guild you’re in

[G] [Vongimi]: gah i swear i had some

[G] [Vongimi]: let me check my rogue

[G] [Elementen]: I know im in a very respected raiding guild like server 5 but i didnt know that meant you didnt take care of your lower socials

[G] [Vongimi]: GAH

[G] [Vongimi]: cant find these waters

[G] [Vongimi]: i think i sold them >.<

[G] [Rev]: it’s not an issue of not taking care

[G] [Gloworm]: the stuff in the bank is for main raiders

[G] [Rev:]: for all any of us know those waters are gonna be used for something

[G] [Vongimi]: how many do you need?

Elementen has left the guild.

[G] [Deek]: hahaha

[G] [Rev]: ahahahahahahaahaha

[G] [Gloworm]: lol……..

[G] [Vongimi]: wow i was trying to help him…

[G] [davepoobond]: what a fucking fucker

[G] [Gloworm]: i looked in my banks and stuff =/

[G] [Rev]: where’s the sense of entitlement come from?

[G] [Gloworm]: i dont even remember what those look like

[G] [Rev]: love it!

[G] [Gloworm]: was that his alt or friend?

[G] [Murmandamos]: who gives waters to socials

[G] [Deek]: his note was “social – forever alone”

[G] [Murmandamos]: hell i didn’t even know they gave that shit to anyone

[G] [davepoobond]: nobody knows who the hell he is

[G] [Vongimi]: hes not online anymore

[G] [Gloworm]: whelp

[G] [Gloworm]: post them on the AH for sky high prices and profit?

[G] [Deek]: well i put some one the ah for him

[G] [Deek]: maybe he wants them for 100g

[G] [Deek]: a piece

[G] [Gloworm]: makes me want to go farm some

[G] [Unclechu]: was that guy a transfer?

[G] [Unclechu]: bad beato

[G] [Gloworm]: ick, when did gem prices go up so much

[G] [Vongimi]: patch 😛

[G] [Gloworm]: fffuuuu why

[G] [Catheriana]: tron touched himself and then all the sudden prices trippled

[G] [Gloworm]: T^T


WoW Chat #21629

[2] [Zdettz]: looking for arean prtner

[2] [Varrah]: ^ and a dictionary

[2] [davepoobond]: looking for aryan partner

[2] [davepoobond]: or is it aryan printer

[2] [Soultorn]: bald white guy lf 2s…

[2] [Lockdots]: lol

[2] [Lilnuggie]: afro black guy lf 2

[2] [Soultorn]: GET HIM!!!

[2] [Lockdots]: swastika preferable?

[2] [Soultorn]: preferred but not required


WoW Chat #21628: davepoobond -> Xonthebeach

Xonthebeach was spamming in trade to whisper “Zathwiker” for free gold.

davepoobond: can i have gold

davepoobond: can i have gold

Xonthebeach: pst zathwiker

davepoobond: who is that

Xonthebeach: hes giving gold

davepoobond: cant you just give me gold

Xonthebeach: no

Xonthebeach: wish i could tho man 🙁

davepoobond: why not

Xonthebeach: gotta support the family

Xonthebeach: hard times.

davepoobond: how do you get a family

Xonthebeach: well

Xonthebeach: are u sitting down?

Xonthebeach: its a long story

davepoobond: ok i have all day

Xonthebeach: k

Xonthebeach: well, it started back in 1096

Xonthebeach: 1986*

Xonthebeach: i was born

Xonthebeach: i was conceived by Chilo

davepoobond: is that before or after Tom and Huck?

Xonthebeach: he’s in your guild

Xonthebeach: probably after

Xonthebeach: Chilo should know

Xonthebeach: hes my biological father

davepoobond: go on

Xonthebeach: anyways

Xonthebeach: Chilo was a great father

Xonthebeach: but then i grew up

davepoobond: like jesus?

Xonthebeach: and met a female

Xonthebeach: better than Jesus

davepoobond: female jesus?

Xonthebeach: we fell in love, and startd a family

Xonthebeach: i was a blue collar worker

davepoobond: with jesus?

Xonthebeach: then the recession hit

davepoobond: is that before or after postmodernism?

Xonthebeach: after

Xonthebeach: this is during the time of the hipsters

Xonthebeach: anyways

Xonthebeach: recession hit, and raid boss werent getting killed, so my funds went low “(

Xonthebeach: so theres my shitty story.

davepoobond: but can i have gold?

Xonthebeach: im sorry, i cant spare a copper

Xonthebeach: see im also a Jew/

davepoobond: why

Xonthebeach: i have the nose

davepoobond: you know what they say right

davepoobond: the nose knows

Xonthebeach: lul

Xonthebeach: haha that shit made me laugh

Xonthebeach: can we be friends?

davepoobond: sure

Xonthebeach: im also drunk atm

Xonthebeach: tell chilo i said hi 🙂

Xonthebeach: he was my old GM

Xonthebeach: on our old server

davepoobond: will do


WoW Chat #21627: Zarghon -> davepoobond

Zarghon: can i hav 100g for mount plz

Zarghon: its my bday!!

davepoobond: plz bro i need 5g

davepoobond: i need to get epic flying, plz bro

Zarghon: haah verry funny

davepoobond: come onnnnnnn man

Zarghon: ur lying

davepoobond: plz bro plz

davepoobond: i need 5g man

Zarghon: watvr ill plzy ur game

He trades me 5 gold.

davepoobond: thx man

Zarghon: ya ya very funny


WoW Chat #21626

[2] [davepoobond]: good idea or bad idea: shaving my feet

[2] [Duelostar]: good, just dont press down to hard

[2] [Dozr]: Nair stupid

[2] [Duelostar]: if you cut yourself it’ll be painful and it’ll probably get infected

[2] [davepoobond]: is it weird if i shave my foot hair and then sprinkle it on my nutsack to make it look like i have hairy balls

[2] [Cupp]: no not at all

[2] [Excerion]: no

[2] [Cupp]: you do that too?

[2] [davepoobond]: not yet

[2] [Azzrael]: as long as it’s your hair, i say go for it

[2] [Darnate]: I say shave your butt next time

[2] [Furrywarriar]: lol

[2] [davepoobond]: ok i did it, its so cool


WoW Chat #21623: Alorgantari -> davepoobond

I was selling shitty, incomplete, gray sets with no stats on them in trade chat.

Alorgantari: got any leather?

davepoobond: yeah

davepoobond: [Frozen Leather Helmet] [Frozen Shoulderpads]

davepoobond: [Frozen Armor] [Frozen Bracers]

davepoobond: [Frozen Belt] [Frozen Pants]

davepoobond: [Frozen Boots]

davepoobond: missing 1 piece, so its 50g

Alorgantari: looks lame lol

davepoobond: thats the point 😉

davepoobond: thats the point 😉

Alorgantari: 5g

Alorgantari: deal or no deal

davepoobond: no deal, sorry id rather vendor lol

Alorgantari: lol

davepoobond: tryin to trick a trickster

davepoobond: will get you nowhere fast

Alorgantari: lol

Alorgantari: im the trickest

Alorgantari: u got nothin on my beerz

davepoobond: sorry but your terrible grammar and spelling eludes me from understanding your point


WoW Chat #21622: Aggo -> davepoobond

Aggo: The game, you’re always playing it, you can never stop, you’re winning as long as you dont think about it, but when you think about it you lose

Aggo: The game, you’re always playing it, you can never stop, you’re winning as long as you dont think about it, but when you think about it you lose

Aggo: The game, you’re always playing it, you can never stop, you’re winning as long as you dont think about it, but when you think about it you lose

davepoobond: who are you

Aggo: I’m Kenny Rogers

davepoobond: why are you on my computer

Aggo: because i love you

davepoobond: i am sorry but i do not illicit emotion

davepoobond: please retry input

Aggo: I’m Kenny Rogers

davepoobond: Hello, Kenny Rogers. I am Fron.

davepoobond: Awaiting user input…

davepoobond: Please type /help if you need help.

Aggo: Error Message 535: Windows has shut down to prevent further damage to your computer.

davepoobond: I do not recognize that error, I am sorry.

davepoobond: Please type /help if you need help.


WoW Chat #21144

I hearth back to Stormwind and see Jake talking in General Chat…

[1] [Jake]: and im gonna contest it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[1] [Sharlo]: gl with that

[1] [davepoobond]: contest?

[1] [davepoobond]: what do you win

[1] [Jake]: your mom

[1] [davepoobond]: sounds like a loser’s prize

[1] [Jake]: it is

[1] [davepoobond]: so what do you actually win

[1] [Jake]: don worry bout it

[1] [davepoobond]: who’s he

[1] [Jake]: you migh be one of the smartest people in wow

[1] [davepoobond]: wow, thank you.  if it wasnt laced with an amazing amount of credulity i might just be appreciative

[1] [Jake]: shut up

[1] [Jake]: you are your child’s best role model

[1] [davepoobond]: im going to contest that statement Jake

[1] [Jake]: im going to contest you

[1] [davepoobond]: wow thank you, sounds fun

[1] [Jake]: are you trying to troll me or something? do you realize that’s a word?

[1] [davepoobond]: yeah you can make up words every day

[1] [Jake]: lol aright mang

[1] [davepoobond]: see you just did it again like 5 more times

[1] [Jake]: yeah

[1] [Jake]: i made up the word contest

[1] [davepoobond]: you’re cool bro, tell me more about how old you are! LOLOL

[1] [Jake]: im 45 fat balding

[1] [Jake]: and getting ready to blow my brains out

[1] [davepoobond]: lemme guess you walked to school in the snow and it was uphill

[1] [davepoobond]: you’re so old you listen to justin bieber lol


WoW Chat #21143

In World of Warcraft’s trade channel…

[2] [Duenun]: does anyone know if enhancement shamans suck now?

[2] [davepoobond]: all shamans suck

[2] [Rabidsquirel]: What’s your definition of suck?

[2] [Duenun]: really??

[2] [davepoobond]: when you get pleasure

[2] [Hanos]: ROFL


WoW Chat #21142: Slushie -> davepoobond

In the trade chat channel, in World of Warcraft, I was spouting:

“WTS [Fiery Warhorse’s Reins] mount RUN – 250g or best offer, pst! If it drops its yours! READ THIS BEFORE WHISPERING ME”

Slushie: So wait….you’re asking people to pay you 250g up front for the 1% chance at a mount drop that can easily be soloed by any 85?

davepoobond: yes

davepoobond: im glad you caught on

Slushie: Havent gotten any bites have you

davepoobond: yes, by people who can’t read

Slushie: yeah get used to that

davepoobond: no shit

davepoobond: i make my money solely on exploiting the retards in this game

davepoobond: it brightens my day knowing there’s someone of lesser intelligence than i


WoW Chat #21141: Nightwoker -> davepoobond

In the trade chat channel in World of Warcraft, I was spouting:

“WTS  [Fiery Warhorse’s Reins] mount RUN – 250g or best offer, pst!  If it drops its yours!  READ THIS BEFORE WHISPERING ME”

Nightwoker: hm is it

Nightwoker: i mean lvl

davepoobond: what?

Nightwoker: nvm

Nightwoker: wrong person