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WoW Chat #21626

[2] [davepoobond]: good idea or bad idea: shaving my feet

[2] [Duelostar]: good, just dont press down to hard

[2] [Dozr]: Nair stupid

[2] [Duelostar]: if you cut yourself it’ll be painful and it’ll probably get infected

[2] [davepoobond]: is it weird if i shave my foot hair and then sprinkle it on my nutsack to make it look like i have hairy balls

[2] [Cupp]: no not at all

[2] [Excerion]: no

[2] [Cupp]: you do that too?

[2] [davepoobond]: not yet

[2] [Azzrael]: as long as it’s your hair, i say go for it

[2] [Darnate]: I say shave your butt next time

[2] [Furrywarriar]: lol

[2] [davepoobond]: ok i did it, its so cool