Quote #25668: Talking in the mic

“But new day Dole walked faster bastard bastard bastard bastard I can like halo you sock soccer soccer the sock and sought soccer sought to the socket socket soccer sought to the socket socket and button uday Dole walked faster bastard basta best


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– davepoobond, talking into one of those text to speech programs like 15 years ago


Squacklecast Episode 13 – “About the Olympics or Something”

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The Squacklecast is back from yet another hiatus to recap the Olympics!  Well, only some parts of it.

The best highlight of the Olympics?  Of course that goes to Carmelo Anthony receiving a nut punch.

Soccer on the international level is grade A bullshit.  No wonder the whole world loves it because they’re a bunch of fucking idiots.  America doesn’t like soccer because its fucking dumb!!!!

Ryan Lochte is a good looking guy… and then he opens his mouth…

And this is the Funny or Die we mentioned.  I didn’t think it was that great, but it serves to illustrate our point about Mr. Lochte.

This Danny Boyle guy should never touch another Olympic event ever.

Spice World is a great campy movie.  It has a lot of popular cameos of famous UK actors/singers.

It From the Pit will be a new Olympics game, I can feel it.

It From the Pit Box

The Pile Driver with the guy’s face in the other guy’s underwear.

Pile Driver In Underwear

The 2012 Icons are pretty shitty.  They should just put words instead of stupid stick figures, wouldn’t you say?

2012 Olympic Sports Logos

Well, that’s that!  Finally we can get back to our normal programming on NBC that I already don’t watch.


Chatroulette #12237

davepoobond: what do you call nuts on the wall

Backwards Hat Kid: you see it nig

davepoobond: what do you call nuts on the wall

Backwards Hat Kid: idk

davepoobond: walnuts

davepoobond: what do you call nuts on a chest

Backwards Hat Kid: dik in your mouth?

davepoobond: no

davepoobond: chestnuts

Backwards Hat Kid: wht?

davepoobond: chest nuts

davepoobond: what do you call nuts on your chin

Backwards Hat Kid: dick in your mouth

davepoobond: brazil nuts

Backwards Hat Kid: what hen


Backwards Hat Kid: hahaha ur funny

davepoobond: and so does soccer

davepoobond: fuck soccer

Backwards Hat Kid: go find girl