Final Kiss

On one dark eve a girl stood in the night

to any man she was a beautiful sight

They would love her and charish her all just blind

They didn’t know their life would end in time

She would get them alone for just one kiss

and when she saw they were in bliss

She’d strike them unknowing and swift

Death is the price for her kiss


Final Flight

Red sky at night, is a sailor’s delight,

For high above, a dragon takes flight


Her shadow is cast down upon the land,

As a gentle mother, takes her child’s tender hand


A legend, that’s long been, is she,

Her distant cries, are a song only unto me


To the edge of the earth, a dragon now flies,

Slowly, surely, through the endless skies


Far away, she soars,

and I know, those cries I shall hear, nevermore


At the time of a dragon’s death,

Even the stars hold their breath


Inside my heart, she will forever be,

a legend, kept deep within me…


Just Released

I am flying or Am I?

Is it just Im free?

I wonder what it is

This world is not so great anymore

I just realized Ive been Released

Into the world for the first time

Whats it like?

I still wonder this today

I float into a world of wonder and hate

Depression and love

Still I have just been released

What do I know?

Is it just my imagination

Whats this running through my head?

What is it I cant tell?

Is it sad?

No its not

Its freedom

Freedom is great

Is it because I was caged?

Does my opinion really count?

After all I was just released

What is it around me its so cold?

Its the world with its hate

It is?

I see now why its not so great to be released

I want back in my cage but they wont let me in

Why’d they release me?

I want back to my world where I matter, where I am alone

I was just released

I dont like this world

Why is it I dont?

Why do people say its so great?

I asked to be free

But I dont want to be anymore

I just can’t make it far

I want back in my cage

I dont want to be released…



Lying here my eyes shut tight

Warmth surrounds me

Is it good or bad?

There is no telling

My body turns cold though its still there

The welcoming warmth

What could it be?

I feel my body aching

I feel warm liquid running down my lips

I taste it. Is it tears?

I still can’t tell what this warmth is

Is it blood? Perhaps it is

I am lying here

And people don’t see me

Why is they still don’t see me?

This warmth is still here

I dont think its tears

Is it blood?

I still can’t see

I try to open my eyes but I cant

Its so hard to concentrate

What is it I don’t know?

Perhaps its a dream

I still can’t tell

Why is it it is so inviting?

Is death knocking at my door?

Is it my one escape?

I still can’t tell

What makes it so warm?

My blood should be cold

Just like all around me

Am I different?

I still can’t tell

Everything is turning black

I suddenly cant hear

I feel the warmth surrounding me

Its so near

Suddenly I awake

The warmth turns out to be my sweat

This nightmare is finally over

Thank god I can sleep

Is it really over?

I can’t tell, I just awoke to the real world.


Still Don’t Know Why

These words seem to flow through my head

I cant get them away

I need to write them down

I don’t know why

These words seem to flow out of my head

To my fingertips

Was I meant to write about this?

I do not know

Things change people

Some people just don’t care

These words run through the pages

Like a wolf running through the trees

These thoughts flow through my head

Like a river of words

Why is they do this?

I do not know

I was inspired to write this by my friend

Or so I thought they were

I found out they weren’t

These words seem to flow from my head to my fingertips

Like the river is emptying into the ocean

Why is it I write about this stuff?

I don’t know

Its just something to write about I guess

Are words really that important?

Can you judge someone by the words

I really don’t know

These words just come to me…I still dont know why


It’s So Sad

Why is it this world Can’t see

What it’s like from my eyes

People yell at me for doing my best

People hate me for being me

Can’t they see

I am just being me?

Is it so hard to accept people

I don’t know why it is

I accept everyone I can

Does anyone care

I dont know

This world is so sad

It’s like a flower diing away

Why Can’t they see

This world will end with hatred and depression

Is god out there

Then why cant he help me

I dont see him in my dreams, in my prayers

He’s never by my side

Is he there?

People hate me for who I am

People hate people for how they look

Is it so hard to accept people that It’s a pain to do

Why can’t people see through my eyes

I see it so clear

Everyone hates me

And It’s the sad truth

I thought I had friends in this world

But I don’t

Alls the are is people.

Can’t they see through my eyes

Can’t they see the pains I go through

Is it fair to them to not even know me

I do not know

It’s sad how this world is

It’s like noone cares

It’s really sad

Cant people understand

It’s so sad…


Saying Sorry

I am saying sorry for ever coming into your life

forever being there

I knew you would never feel like I do

cause you just don’t know what its like

to be rejected around every turn

You can’t see through my eyes

And you can’t understand how I feel

You don’t know what its like to be me

I am saying sorry for living

I know you hate me

I don’t feel the same way

I love you

I always will but you make me cry

you break my heart when you yell at me

you break my heart when you cry

I am saying sorry for ever being here

This world is so cruel

I hope your happy you made me sad

I hope your happy you made me glad

I hope your happy you changed my life

I hope your happy I cried

I loved you

You treated me like I wasn’t there

You don’t know how I feel

I just don’t think you will

Can’t you just once know how I feel?

Can’t you understand me?

I don’t think you can

What its like to be me

Well its really sad

And now Im saying good bye so just leave me be

Never speak to me again