BMX is life, it is everything

flying off a ramp

flying through the air

like a bald eagle

having no boundries


some fear flying like a lethal obsession

yet most stimulate their will to succeed.

few fly with the fallacy of future fame

few possess the future of fame and fortune

while shutting out phobias of great failure


phobias that power adrenaline rushes


The rushes that make your heart beat

like the beating of a thousand drums


The rushes that make your hands sweat

like ice melting in the summer’s sun


The rushes that makes your guts gurgle

like an earthquakes tremondous rumble


And then you go

you pedal profusely to gain speed

you hit the ramp….


so very smooth….


flying, thinking



time is going slow

A second is like a minute in your head


And then you snap back into reality

your coming down!



am i going to succeed?


going to crash?



Your five feet from the landing

four feet

three feet

two feet


Freaking out

one foot left

half a foot

inches from contact


And then

you hit the ground

rolling away

away from fear


You prevailed

you overcame your fear

you succeeded



that wasn’t that hard….

kinda scary,

but fun


Then you go for it again

with confidence



by: Shawn Bennett

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