wasted tears

For along time you wanted a better man

but up till know i been doing the best i can

i spend my days full of loneliness

i spend my years filled with emptiness

wasted love in a desperate carcass

its hopeless

i don’t even know why i even keep trying

everyday i think of you i keep crying

as i wait for the right person to come into my life

i count the tears that fall from my eyes

i wait in the rain, then i realize

the time i spent with you was only wasted years

the love i gave to you was only wasted tears

i don’t even know why i miss you

afraid to love again

The shadow of sorrow cast down on this lonely one

the cries of the broken seem to go on forever

in desperation the chance to love again lost forever

the smell of lust fills the sky

no one hears the echoes of drops from fallen

wasted tears.

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