Always feeling rejection for being a freak of creation

but for these tears i bleed will finally set me free

tormented in a life of sorrow

better off dead then live the pain of tomorrow

lost forever in a time of darkness for my life serves no purpose

this world is so unforgiving i lust to join the ones no longer living

for the peace would be so beautiful

finding comfort in shadows for my life is a black hole

in a world of so much violence i crave a paradise of silence

For my sin of temptation sentenced to timeless damnation

for there is no place where i belong

to be loved was my only desire for it I’m sent into hellfire to burn for eternity

in caged is my passion no chance to be free

as i burn in darkness it’s nothing new to me

another night of loneliness fills my heart with emptiness

suffering internally every time i try to love

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