Still Don’t Know Why

These words seem to flow through my head

I cant get them away

I need to write them down

I don’t know why

These words seem to flow out of my head

To my fingertips

Was I meant to write about this?

I do not know

Things change people

Some people just don’t care

These words run through the pages

Like a wolf running through the trees

These thoughts flow through my head

Like a river of words

Why is they do this?

I do not know

I was inspired to write this by my friend

Or so I thought they were

I found out they weren’t

These words seem to flow from my head to my fingertips

Like the river is emptying into the ocean

Why is it I write about this stuff?

I don’t know

Its just something to write about I guess

Are words really that important?

Can you judge someone by the words

I really don’t know

These words just come to me…I still dont know why

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