Lying here my eyes shut tight

Warmth surrounds me

Is it good or bad?

There is no telling

My body turns cold though its still there

The welcoming warmth

What could it be?

I feel my body aching

I feel warm liquid running down my lips

I taste it. Is it tears?

I still can’t tell what this warmth is

Is it blood? Perhaps it is

I am lying here

And people don’t see me

Why is they still don’t see me?

This warmth is still here

I dont think its tears

Is it blood?

I still can’t see

I try to open my eyes but I cant

Its so hard to concentrate

What is it I don’t know?

Perhaps its a dream

I still can’t tell

Why is it it is so inviting?

Is death knocking at my door?

Is it my one escape?

I still can’t tell

What makes it so warm?

My blood should be cold

Just like all around me

Am I different?

I still can’t tell

Everything is turning black

I suddenly cant hear

I feel the warmth surrounding me

Its so near

Suddenly I awake

The warmth turns out to be my sweat

This nightmare is finally over

Thank god I can sleep

Is it really over?

I can’t tell, I just awoke to the real world.

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