Just Released

I am flying or Am I?

Is it just Im free?

I wonder what it is

This world is not so great anymore

I just realized Ive been Released

Into the world for the first time

Whats it like?

I still wonder this today

I float into a world of wonder and hate

Depression and love

Still I have just been released

What do I know?

Is it just my imagination

Whats this running through my head?

What is it I cant tell?

Is it sad?

No its not

Its freedom

Freedom is great

Is it because I was caged?

Does my opinion really count?

After all I was just released

What is it around me its so cold?

Its the world with its hate

It is?

I see now why its not so great to be released

I want back in my cage but they wont let me in

Why’d they release me?

I want back to my world where I matter, where I am alone

I was just released

I dont like this world

Why is it I dont?

Why do people say its so great?

I asked to be free

But I dont want to be anymore

I just can’t make it far

I want back in my cage

I dont want to be released…

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