It’s So Sad

Why is it this world Can’t see

What it’s like from my eyes

People yell at me for doing my best

People hate me for being me

Can’t they see

I am just being me?

Is it so hard to accept people

I don’t know why it is

I accept everyone I can

Does anyone care

I dont know

This world is so sad

It’s like a flower diing away

Why Can’t they see

This world will end with hatred and depression

Is god out there

Then why cant he help me

I dont see him in my dreams, in my prayers

He’s never by my side

Is he there?

People hate me for who I am

People hate people for how they look

Is it so hard to accept people that It’s a pain to do

Why can’t people see through my eyes

I see it so clear

Everyone hates me

And It’s the sad truth

I thought I had friends in this world

But I don’t

Alls the are is people.

Can’t they see through my eyes

Can’t they see the pains I go through

Is it fair to them to not even know me

I do not know

It’s sad how this world is

It’s like noone cares

It’s really sad

Cant people understand

It’s so sad…

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