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WoW Chat #23797: Janesanna -> davepoobond

In World of Warcraft, some gold seller/pet seller person was trying to shovel pets onto me, but I made the conversation into something else.

Janesanna: hey
davepoobond: hi
Janesanna: do you need cheap pet
davepoobond: sure, what are you selling
Janesanna: [Tuskarr Kite] [Rocket Chicken] [Dragon Kite]
Janesanna: [Hippogryph Hatchling]
davepoobond: how much are you selling them for
Janesanna: i sell two pet , for 28K
davepoobond: i dont need any of those anymore, i already have them.
Janesanna: why
Janesanna: 14 sell one pet
Janesanna: do you need ?
Janesanna: To want what you choose
Janesanna: [Tuskarr Kite] [Rocket Chicken] [Dragon Kite]
Janesanna: [Hippogryph Hatchling]
davepoobond: i will buy them for 5k
Janesanna: ….
davepoobond: can i ask you a question?
Janesanna: yeah
davepoobond: are you a girl?
Janesanna: no
Janesanna: im a man
davepoobond: why not?
Janesanna: Have been to Thailand
davepoobond: you have?
Janesanna: im is transvestite
Janesanna: hah
davepoobond: oh, really? do you have boobs?
Janesanna: yeah
davepoobond: how big are they?
Janesanna: When bored, I can touch myself]
Janesanna: 36D
davepoobond: wow that is big
Janesanna: So I like to touch yourself
Janesanna: Do you want to go to Thailand
davepoobond: where do you live????
Janesanna: California region]
davepoobond: california in Thailand?
Janesanna: usa california
davepoobond: oh wow, where is that? I live in Thailand
Janesanna: you and me teh same
Janesanna: the same
davepoobond: how the same?
Janesanna: gender
davepoobond: no, i don’t have boobs. i want them, though
Janesanna: You buy a pet, I send photos to you]
davepoobond: are you hot?
Janesanna: The wet
davepoobond: is it raining?
Janesanna: pa pa pa
davepoobond: do you like pizza?
Janesanna: no
Janesanna: I like sausages
davepoobond: lol does that mean what i think it means
Janesanna: hmm
Janesanna: I’m off to sleep
davepoobond: ok have a good night. talk to you later

Rejected International Sports Team Names

– Brussels Sprouts

– Cannes Openers

– Amsterdam Yankees

– Vienna Sausages

– Belgium Waffles

– Manila Folders

– Czech Bouncers

– New Dehli Catessans

– Buenos Airheads

– Guadalajara Krishnas

– Iraqi Raccoons

– Bolivia DeHavillands

– Seoul Brothers

– Taipei Personalities

– Syria Killers

– Hungary Jacks

– Dublin Mint Twins

– Prague Tologists

– Peking Toms

The Twisted Story of Binobobo and His Demise


Bobo was a simple farmer in Wisconsin. He farmed cheese. Cheese is very popular in Wisconsin, which is why he farmed cheese. Cheese is made from milk. Bobo had cows, therefore he had milk, and with milk, he had cheese.

Chapter 1

Obo was a superhero. He had super powers, such as the ability to punch through walls. One day Obo was flying over the city of Wisconsin, which is a city in Wisconsin, when he saw a crime being comitted. The crime, specifically, was a typical bank robbery. Obo was just about to stop it when one of the robbers handed him a sack of money as a bribe. Obo looked at the robbers for a while, then decided to mind his own business and flew away with the sack of money. Thus, Obo “went bad.”

Chapter 2

Bingo was a happy monkey. He’s been like that for as long as he could remember, which is about five seconds. You see Bingo, too, was a super hero. He had the power of a very short term memory. This was useful for lots of things. One was if someone kept telling him the same joke over and over, it would still be funny. He could talk, too.

Chapter 3

Bobo, Obo, and Bingo meet as a result of a wormhole opening where each of them were standing.

“Hi,” said Bobo.

“Hello, I’m a talking monkey,” said Bingo.

“Hey, maybe we should team up and be three times as powerful and be a super, super, super hero!” said Obo.

“Hello, I’m a talking monkey,” said Bingo.

“I think it would only be a super, super hero,” said Bobo, “for you see, I am a simple farmer while you and the monkey are super heroes.”

“Hi, I’m a talking monkey.” said Bingo.

“Fine, whatever,” said Obo, “We can be a super, super hero that can make cheese!”

“Now yer talkin’!” said Bobo.

“Hi, I’m a talking monkey,” said Bingo.

Chapter 4

Obo, Bingo, and Bobo mash their bodies together in a trash compactor and become a “super, super hero that can make cheese,” which will now be known simply as “Binobobo.”

Chapter 5

Hamburgler was plotting an evil scheme to get rid of the newly arisen Binobobo. Hamburgler hated all super heroes, especially ones with names like Binobobo. His plan was to feed Binobobo a Sausage McMuffin, then wait for Binobobo to explode!

Chapter 6

“I’m hungry,” said Binobobo, “let’s get some chow!”

“Ok by me!” said Binobobo.

“I’m a talking monkey,” said Binobobo

Chapter 7

Binobobo was on his way to Taco Bell to get some Zesty Tacos when he heard someone say, “Um, excuse me Mr. Binobobo, but would you be interested in some free food?”

“Free food?!” said Binobobo, “How can any one refuse free food?!” So he flew down to where the man calling him was. It was at McDonalds. He glanced at the sign.


We love to see you smile – then explode!!

“Hmm…I don’t know about this…what do you think, Binobobo?” asked Binobobo.

“Seems fine to me, even though I hate McDonalds,” said Binobobo.

“I’m a talking monkey…hey, wait, I already said that. Geez, you guys are so boring that I actually remember what I said five seconds ago-Hi, I’m a talking monkey,” said Binobobo

“Whoa,” thought Hamburgler, “this guy is weirder than my commercials!”

“Ok!” said Binobobo, “Now we can take your food!”

“Hmm…maybe you’d better take three of these Sausage McMuffins…” said Hamburgler.

“Nonsense, we aren’t three people anymore,” said Binobobo, “Just three people mashed together!”

“Oh…I…see…” said Hamburgler while he handed Binobobo the Sausage McMuffin, “Here you go…free food!”

“Thank you!” said Binobobo.

“I’m a talking monkey,” said Binobobo

Binobobo ate the sausage McMuffin and exploded, as planned. The End