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Joke #24792

There were three blondes on an island and they didn’t know how to go home.  A genie came along and granted each of them a wish.

The first blonde said: “I want to be smart enough to get off the island.” So she swam back home.

The second blonde said: “I want to be smarter than the first blonde!” So she built a boat and went home.

Then, when the genie asked what the third blonde wanted, she said: “I want to be smarter than all of them!”

So she walked across the bridge!

Joke #24712

A blonde walks next to a railroad track one day when she see’s a brunette. The brunette is just jumping on the track, saying “21, 21, 21, 21, 21.”  The blonde says “that looks like fun” and starts jumping on the track going “21, 21, 21, 21, 21.”  A train sounds and the brunette jumps off but the blonde gets hit and dies.

Then the brunette gets back on and says “22, 22, 22, 22, 22.”

Joke #24691

A blonde gets a ice fishing pole for Christmas, so she goes out to try it.  She drills the hole and puts the line in and waits.

Someone says that there’s no fish there. So she moves and does the same thing, with the same answer, after many tries the blonde finally looks around and finds a man looking very frustrated watching her.

She asks “How do you know that there are no fish here?”

“Because,” the man says, “this is a Hockey rink and second you’re going to have to pay for those holes.”

Hate Mail #20277

Submitted through the blonde joke submission form.

name = Altashheth Dalji

bjoke = One day a bunch of blondes thought it would be funny to put their jokes up on www.squackle.com.  So, they did.  One day, Altashheth Dalji comes to read them and couldn’t understand them because she couldn’t read them from all the freakin’ typos.  Learn to type dip-cracks!

Bad Submission #20275

Submitted through blonde joke submission form.

name = STUPID

email = airnell@aol.com

use_email = yes

bjoke = There was a blond named Emily and she was stupid. She thinks she knows how to make blonde jokes but she doesnt. Ive never heard so many stupid blonde jokes in my entire life. This may not be a joke, but its as stupid as the other ones on this stupid page. Have a great day. PEACE OUT SHAWTY SHAWTY