The Jackal and the Fox

One day there was a Jackal.  Was.  He got hit by a car.  But he wasn’t always road kill.   He was a successful banker, a branch manager for a multinational bank that was established in hundreds of forests throughout the land.

That was until the Fox came by to store his pecan nuts.  That asshole Fox wasn’t even a customer and he was trying to make them store pecans without even a proper account.

So, the fox went over the Jackal’s head, and got the Jackal fired.  How did he know the Fox was a famous movie star, he doesn’t even own a TV.  Then the Jackal was pushed in front of a car by his ex-boss’ bodyguards.

Moral of the story:  Get a TV.


Joke #9193

I was at my bank to make a deposit when the clerk behind the counter turned to the computer for information. As she touched a button, a small part suddenly flew off the machine.

All sorts of odd symbols started flashing across the screen.

I heard her gasp, and then she turned to me in wide-eyed wonder and exclaimed, “It’s swearing at me!”