UPDATE 2-22-05

Pick of February 22, 2005

davepoobond: For the sake of having a change of what is on the front page, here’s an update. Thanks, and choose Squackle.com for all your humor needs. <insert winking, pretty boy, corporate representative who only cares about making money and taking it out of your pocket>

Soup Nazi: Don’t get MySpace. You’ll be consumed.

Elias: Squackle’s nice and all, but I’d like Squackle a lot better if it gave me blowjobs.\

Nose: i’m not inspired at the moment, i’ve found employment as a hospital orderly

stimpyismyname: push off contact push off

February 22, 2005

Questionable Content / QC ComicsFeatured comic series: Syndicate MeJokes Are Funny, Drugs, How Goes the Biz, Poor Me, Watch Out, Drinking, Never Laugh, This Would Be A Cool Music Video, Crazy Germans, Math is Boring, Bus Drivers are Insane, School Can Be Like TV, Dogs are Funny

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UPDATE 1-16-05

Pick of January 16, 2005

davepoobond: well, finally a new year….and if you’re expecting any resolutions from me, you can just blow it out your rear. Why should I change according to popular opinion saying you need to change something you do at the beginning of the year and end up not having done anything about it in the end anyway? I turned 19 on the 5th of January. Hooray for me…19 is the worst age, you don’t get any more rights than you were when you were 18…same as 20, except 20 is one year away from being 21.

Soup Nazi: Poo water.

Nose: i’m afraid you lost me with the r

January 16, 2005

Dictionary – 4300 words, 100 new. SUBMIT A WORD

The Screwed Up Peopledavepoobond: What Should I Write About?, davepoobond: 3 Things That Make Me Feel Proud, Special, or Unique

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The Screwed Up TVI Hate Degrassi, by Return of the Dragon with an addition by davepoobond


December 18, 2004

StoriesStuck In the Past – a sappy stupid story about crappy shit

The Screwed Up Peopledavepoobond: Dreams of the Future

The Screwed Up InternetThe File Sharing Debate: Against File Sharing, Suing America: A Synopsis of Events in File Sharing to the Present Day, Suing America: The Notes


UPDATE 12-14-04

Pick of December 14, 2004

davepoobond: you know a movie is bad when the info for the movie criticizes it.  This is TV Guide’s description for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Seven literary characters search for a coherent plot in this extremely ordinary adventure based on the comic book series.  There are so many wrong things with this description.  For one thing, seven literary characters looking for a coherent plot would be something that, I would make, and this isn’t the actual movie’s plot for the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, at all.  BOO TV Guide.

I’m going to change the way I do updates on Squackle now.  Since it takes forever to make big updates, I’m going to just put stuff up in small spurts.  It’ll go by the particular day I update, and I’ll make a new update quote thing every month…let’s just see how it goes.

Soup Nazi: Is everyone still watching? Can I stop, yet? WHEN WILL YOU FUCKIN’ LOVE ME?!

December 14, 2004

Dictionary – 4200 words, 100 new. SUBMIT A WORD

The Screwed Up CountryUSA: American History – an elaborate exposure to the truth, by Soup Nazi

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Squackle Broadcasting Company (SBC)Movie: The Gaytrix: Regayed


UPDATE 9-10-04

Pick of September 10, 2004

davepoobond: HLLO EVRONE HO R U TDY?@?! Anyhow, here’s some stuff that you might find enjoyable for the next long while…We finally have 4000 words in our dictionary now.  YAY.

Also, a special shout out to all those myspace, xanga, and livejournal users who seem to like to link to the midis in our midis section to be played on their journals.  Your daily use of our bandwidth makes me happy (Translation: If I ever find out who you are in real life, I’ll cut your throat).  Enjoy the midis anyway! (Translation: Die.)

f roy132 loves you though…as well as everyone.  In case you don’t know who she is, she’s the Mistress of the Bulletin Board, and has more posts than even I do.

Speaking of the bulletin board, it and all its parts (like downloads) will be up as soon as possible.

Elias: No, seriously, I didn’t kill a cheap, cyphalis-infected hooker, and bury her below five trashbags filled with German Shepherd shit in a dark, muggy alley. Seriously, dude, I didn’t do it.

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 4000 words, 50 new. SUBMIT A WORD

About Us – NEW SQUACKLE MEMBER, HOORAY.  His name is Elias.

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Squackle Broadcasting Company (SBC)Movie: Hot Wax Vol. 2, PSA: I Don’t Want It

The Screwed Up World Is Hell Exothermic or Endothermic?

The Screwed Up InternetCreative Spam? You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me…

SongsOde to Me

THE NEW CHAT ROOM – Chat with us hereeeeee and tell others to come tooooo


UPDATE 7-19-04

Pick of July 19, 2004

davepoobond: Hi.  It has been yet another month since an update has happened…ummm….I don’t know what to say…I think I had something to say, but I forgot.

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 3950 words, 50 new. SUBMIT A WORD

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Downloads / Games and Fun ThingysVirtual Dacky

StoriesWally 2: Wally’s Orgy – This is the Wally 2 story for Dave’s Profantiy Patch.

SongsDuckTales TV Theme Song Lyrics, Chip n’ Dale’s Rescue Rangers TV Theme Song Lyrics, The Adiboo Commercial Song Lyrics

PicturesDave Forgot to Update Squackle!, Adobe Forever, Space Bunny, Bushy Bush, I’m Vince, BUNNY, You Are a Fag, Poop Man, Mystery Inc., Pirate Day


UPDATE 6-23-04

Pick of June 23, 2004

davepoobond: Well, its been a month since I updated…hmm…I graduated from High School on the 17th of June, hooray for me…

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 3900 words, 50 new. SUBMIT A WORD

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Questionable Content / QC ComicsBlam Guy Vs. The Terminator, Sewer Boy At His Finest, If My Dog Were President

Questionable Content / MoviesLittle Jonny, Stoopid Komiks 1, Stoopid Komiks 2

The Screwed Up World 10-10-Dead, Trash Cans – The Portal to Another World, The Melon Gripe, The PS3 Theory


UPDATE 5-21-04

Pick of May 21, 2004

davepoobond: hey. I found someone that is willing to help me out with making the whole site into php. So that means it’ll be a lot better all around, and will have user names for you to log into the site, and all that good stuff.

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 3850 words, 50 new. SUBMIT A WORD

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Squackle Broadcasting Company (SBC)Movie: Hot Wax Vol. 1, Reggie Time Episode 1, Short Film: Some Show, Movie: Boston Marathon

The Screwed Up Games – Unlimited Saga (PS2) (Rating: 3/10)

PicturesThe Godfather Rode a Yak, This Will Be U, jergkgugheispoo, Dacky Rubber Duck, Guy and Toilet, Yogurt Battle, Horse With No Name, Quitters Never Win, You Are Here


Sub-update 4-22-04

davepoobond: well, I lost the prom court nomination thing.  It was rigged, I tell you!  The school I go to is out to get me, I know it.  Every time I had a chance to attain a special position whether it be socially or in the student body, I fail.  Everyone I talked to said they had voted for me, too.  That was at least 50 people, and to top it off, they said their friends and everyone they talked to said they voted for me.


UPDATE 4-14-04

Pick of April 14, 2004

davepoobond: Ok, 2 things. If anyone is willing to help me out and build a php-mysql system for Squackle for free, contact me.

and the 2nd thing is: I found out I got nominated for Prom Court today. You may think now that I’m one of those guys that are elected to all the things that there is a popularity contest for, but I’m actually the opposite. So this is actually sort of funny. I can probably have a chance at becoming Prom King, too.

I’ll do a sub-update to tell you guys if I actually got into Prom Court, and then later if I was King or not. If you care.

stimpyismyname: I don’t know much about computers other than.. other than the one we got at my house my mom put a couple games on there and I play em.

stuff updated/put up:

Dictionary – 3800 words, 100 new. SUBMIT A WORD

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The Screwed Up CountryRose gardens

The Screwed Up Games – Blood of War 3: Operation Snow (PC) (Rating: 1/10), Stranded In Space (PC) (Rating: 8/10)

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StoriesApplications In Space – a suspenseful story. OooOh.

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