Making Some Headway on that Backlog I’ve Got

So I’m making some headway into the huge amount of backlog I have to put up on Squackle.

My progress the past couple months has been to separate each quote into its own post, type up the thousand or so jokes that were in joke books and in a word document file I’ve had since 2008, and posted some pictures from a used-to-be-fun-but-not-anymore-cause-no-one-uses-it-anymore Facebook app.

I’m probably still gonna be posting more jokes up.

Just to state what I “have” to put up, I’ve got:

The “Stuff to put on Squackle” folder on my desktop, about 3 gigs of unprocessed crap.

A drawer just for stuff I make day-to-day

At home, there’s a couple shoeboxes of pictures and a few folders of comics and shit I drew in high school.

and 5 or so years’ worth of submissions to sift through that’s sitting in my e-mail account.

And that about covers it.


New “Series” Plugin

I don’t know if many people care or not about this functionality, but the “associated articles” plugin I was using, called InSeries became very dated, and started acting funky.

So I scoured the internet for a replacement and found something pretty cool called “Organized Series” for WordPress.

I think it’s better than it was before.  Also, the list is very much less obtrusive in certain cases, so there you go.

Here’s an example of what it looks like now on a post:


16,000 Posts

I’ve hit a milestone of sorts.  Squackle is now 16,000 posts large.

I’m mostly making this post because I’m trying to figure out something.  And I figured I may as well say something interesting.

Now that I’m done separating all the quotes into their own posts, I’m going to work on adding the Polls into their own pages so each question can be seen independently of the random poll on the right side of the site.


Quotes Section Reborn

Once upon a time there used to be a section called “Squackle Quotes.”  It was basically a bunch of lists of quotes by particular people/sources.

When I transferred all the content over from the old site into the new site, I threw these lists into the Other Junk section because I didn’t feel like having such a small section as a “section” anymore.

That is until now, when I’ve decided to split up each quote into its own post.

It now makes reading the quotes I’ve acquired over the years more pleasant, and my snarky comments are actually attributed to myself as a comment on any particular quote, so it makes more sense.

The only meh thing about it is that it’s going to take a long time, and by the end there will probably be 1000 or more quotes.  Also, some sources aren’t correctly named, and I have no idea where certain things are.  Unless I’m tipped off somehow, a lot of the quotes will say “from a book” or “from a movie.”  Something like that.

The Quotes section will mainly focus on quotes that are more or less funny, or weird, or something like that.  They’re not meant to be meaningful quotes usually.


Images Work Again!

I don’t know how it got past me for so long, but the images on the site have been fixed thanks to a lovely little plugin called “Velvet Blues Update URLs.”

In case any other WordPress users have the problem of images keeping the old URL after you have moved a WordPress blog from another directory or web site, look up that plug in and use it.  It works exactly as you think it should.

Also, here’s some stat updates for anyone who cares:

12,674 posts.

10,556 tags.

160,452 hits.

An average of about 4,200 hits a month for the past 6 months.


3K Jokes and Quotes

Hello all 10 of you who may read this.

I’ve got about 3,000 jokes on the site now!  It was pretty hard but I toughed it out through my latest source of jokes which I’ve been working on for about a year and a half on and off.  I’m glad to finally be able to move onto another source.

I’ve got nothing to do while Christmas is happening, so I’ve decided to do a little housekeeping of some of the content on the site.  I’m mostly concentrating on separating the quotes on the site into individual posts, where applicable.  That way, each quote can be tagged appropriately, and commented/rated on in specificity.

I’m probably the only one that cares though, but that’s okay.  What else am I going to do?


Ratings Ratings Ratings!

I’ve been doing some tinkering with the ratings stuff on the site.  You might have noticed that the “Heart or Hate” has become Squackle’s personal “like or dislike” motif.  Each post has the custom images of the <3 or H8 that I made and based off my “davepoobond’s font” that I made a long time ago.

I also have added a comments rating plugin to the web site, so not only can you rate posts (HINT HINT) you can rate comments!

Loads of fun for all.

I’ll probably be posting comments now and in the future just to add more allure to the “I want to read comments on posts now” sort of thinking.  At least, in my head…so I’m thinking that you are thinking you want to think about clicking a link so you can think about something someone said and think about clicking an eventual Heart or Hate thing.

Ain’t that cool?????????


Return of Old Dacky and The Monoverse

Old Dacky has returned!  I’ve remade the logo to be more pleasant, and I’ve been meaning to dump the “new Dacky” in favor of the old one after I’ve gotten some feedback as to whether my own artist’s rendition of Dacky was a good direction to go.  Apparently it was not, but that doesn’t mean I won’t draw my own version of Dacky again sometime.  It probably won’t matter.  We’ll call my Dacky, “Dacky Jr.” from now on.  Dacky Jr. has gone on vacation in Europe and has decided to elope with French women.

I also am announcing the release of my new web site idea called The Monoverse.  The Monoverse is a non-linear sci-fi story and will be constantly be added to.  There are a number of articles already up and if it interests you, keep it in mind — or even comment on some of the posts if you’d like me to expand upon certain aspects that I may not have answered.

You can see The Monoverse here.


Stuff You Don’t Care About But I’m Telling You Anyway

I updated to WordPress 3.0 recently and discovered there is a “multi-site” option.  Whoopydoo.

But to get that to work I had to move the installation to the root file.

So that fucked up like half the things on the site for a little while, and now I have to go through every page that has images or whatever and re-insert them to make them all work.  At least I’ll never have to do anything like that again (I hope).

Also, if you’re looking for a page that used to be in the “index” folder (for example, the old site), I may or may not redirect them to where I moved them.  I dont think anyone really cares about them though.  As long as you’re here, that’s all I care about!


Some Changes Afoot

I’ve been doing quite a bit of work on the web site recently.  I’ve gotten rid of that nasty “/wordpress/” uglying up the URL bar, so now you can get to the site by going to — that’s spiffy ain’t it?  And I made it so that any old links still work.  Hopefully I’ll be able to change it so they redirect to the URL without the “/wordpress/” though.

What else is planned to be done:

Permalinks that are SEO-friendly.

Figuring out if there are any other plugins that would make the web site cool.

Maybe a new theme.

Maybe re-numbering all the articles that have #s.  Not very likely, though.


50,000 Hits

Pretty much a year after I launched this version of my site, I’ve gotten 50,000 hits according to the stats program I’ve got running.

That’s an average of about 4,200 hits a month.  Not bad, but I hope to get that increased.

It’d be swell if you passed around a link to this site to your friends.  Also, thanks to anyone sticking around and visiting every now and then.


Ratings System Changed


I changed up the rating system to be an up/down system, based on points rather than average.

So if you like a post, give it a +1 (perhaps you like this one?)

If you don’t like it, give it a -1.  That way you can make sure that your voice is heard as to whether or not certain content is shitty, or good!  Makes sense, right?