Ratings Ratings Ratings!

I’ve been doing some tinkering with the ratings stuff on the site.  You might have noticed that the “Heart or Hate” has become Squackle’s personal “like or dislike” motif.  Each post has the custom images of the <3 or H8 that I made and based off my “davepoobond’s font” that I made a long time ago.

I also have added a comments rating plugin to the web site, so not only can you rate posts (HINT HINT) you can rate comments!

Loads of fun for all.

I’ll probably be posting comments now and in the future just to add more allure to the “I want to read comments on posts now” sort of thinking.  At least, in my head…so I’m thinking that you are thinking you want to think about clicking a link so you can think about something someone said and think about clicking an eventual Heart or Hate thing.

Ain’t that cool?????????

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