Quotes Section Reborn

Once upon a time there used to be a section called “Squackle Quotes.”  It was basically a bunch of lists of quotes by particular people/sources.

When I transferred all the content over from the old site into the new site, I threw these lists into the Other Junk section because I didn’t feel like having such a small section as a “section” anymore.

That is until now, when I’ve decided to split up each quote into its own post.

It now makes reading the quotes I’ve acquired over the years more pleasant, and my snarky comments are actually attributed to myself as a comment on any particular quote, so it makes more sense.

The only meh thing about it is that it’s going to take a long time, and by the end there will probably be 1000 or more quotes.  Also, some sources aren’t correctly named, and I have no idea where certain things are.  Unless I’m tipped off somehow, a lot of the quotes will say “from a book” or “from a movie.”  Something like that.

The Quotes section will mainly focus on quotes that are more or less funny, or weird, or something like that.  They’re not meant to be meaningful quotes usually.

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