Fan Mail #21330

Submitted through the Other submission form.

This form was submitted:  Feb 25 2004 / 15:18:12

name = Midget Toser#13
type = Thanks
title = You guys rock
submission = I just wanted to say thanks to everyone involved with the website. I was beging to think their wasn’t a place on the internet for people like me {Crazier than a sh$t house rat}. So keep up the goood work.


Hate Mail #21307

This form was submitted:  Feb 29 2004 / 12:30:16

name = you are all lezzys
use_email = no
qjoke = Q:What do you call a whole bunch of people trying to tell what they think is funny jokes? A:a whole bunch of lezzies trying to be funny and they really arent and they are all stupid and think they are funny but they are really losers with no lives and all they do is sit in front of the computer and tell jokes that arent even funny to their cyber friends!now if you ask me i think that is pretty funny stuff dont you agree!


Hate Mail #20988

Submitted through the Page Error submission form.

name = your big stinky mommy
email =
error = Page Missing/Missing File
the_error = Dude, you forgot to add the page where your gay and have lots and lots of anal sex with men. That was an important part of…well, you just got gay. CUT THE FAT! HAHAHAH I AM SO FUCKING GOOD! YOU MAKE ME LOOK LIKE GOD WHEN I AM COMPARED TO YOU! LIKE GOD!!!


Hate Mail #20973

Submitted through the Quicky Joke submission form.

email = sir_smegalot
use_email = yes
qjoke = what do you call nemo? a sick fuk in desperate need of therapy, what kind of person are you? who would in the deepest recess’s of their mind in any way find that funny- because it’s not the death of innocent infants should never be taken lightly if only you had some concept of real life you asshole. GROW UP and get some morals you morbid freak.


Hate Mail #20277

Submitted through the blonde joke submission form.

name = Altashheth Dalji

bjoke = One day a bunch of blondes thought it would be funny to put their jokes up on  So, they did.  One day, Altashheth Dalji comes to read them and couldn’t understand them because she couldn’t read them from all the freakin’ typos.  Learn to type dip-cracks!


Hate Mail #18863: A Letter From Simona

Hello Dave,

I wrote to you two years ago regarding an entry on your dictionary on The entry is “<censored>“.

I have a huge sense of humour (even though I’m Italian) but I do really think this description on Internet could defame my husband’s name.

So…would you please to remove it soon or do I have to feel seriously motivated to sue you and your blogsite to the Authorities?

Please, let me know. I’m not joking, this time!


davepoobond’s response:


Sorry, but I never received your initial e-mail 2 years ago. It was probably hotmail’s spam filter that ate it.

Thank you for threatening me with legal/authoritical action.

The fact is that “<censored>” is probably not even the <censored> that you are married to unless he is the also akin to Harry Potter.

I will, however, take the name off since because you have supposedly taken offense to it. Know that I am not the one who came up with the word, so you should find out who hates your husband.

Thanks for being a repeat visitor!