My Career Essay

My career choice is to be a veterinarian when I grow up. I interviewed a veterinarian named Dr. Debbie Rhiley, who works at the Altadena Animal Hospital. I chose this profession, because I love all animals and helping them with their problems. What I enjoy most about being around animals is watching them play and have fun. My two favorite house pets would have to be cats and dogs.


In my interview with Dr. Rhiley, I found out that if you want to be a veterinarian, you will have to attend a college. You will be in that college for about four years. Then you will have to go to a vet school for another four years. Dr. Rhiley didn’t attend a trade school. If I decide to be a veterinarian who works mostly with cats and dogs, I will primarily work indoors with my animal patients. If I work with horses or other large animals (cows, sheep, etc.), I would work mostly outdoors.


Dr. Rhiley told me that when someone first becomes a veterinarian, they usually share a large work space with other veterinarians. Then after being a veterinarian for a few years, you could get your own personal office. Dr. Rhiley now has her own office. Traveling is not a part of this job. The farthest you would have to travel, is to the other side of a city, in an emergency.





A beginning salary for a veterinarian is around $60,000 a year. I don’t know about you, but that’s a lot of money! Once established a vet’s salary is around $100,000 a year. Dr. Rhiley gets $100,000 a year because she has been working as a veterinarian for about three years now. I think that part of the reason I want to be a veterinarian is because of how much money they pay you. But mostly it’s because of the love I have for animals.


Dr. Rhiley said that the most positive thing about being a veterinarian is being able to work with animals. Dr. Rhiley’s most negative aspect of being a veterinarian is having to work long hours, and that her job can be stressful. Another negative aspect is working with really mad animals.


Dr. Rhiley explained to me that if you want to become a veterinarian you have to be dedicated to go to college for at least eight years. Dr. Rhiley has been a veterinarian for three years now. I want to be a veterinarian for my whole life until I retire. I will have to be responsible by getting all good grades that I will need, and have the good attitude that is required. My hopes and dreams are to be needed, by helping animals, not making too many mistakes, and to become happy with my career and life.


A Letter to Mr. Boring

Dear Mr. Boring,



I have many hobbies that I like to do over my free time. There are three main things that I like to do over my free time is swimming, the other hobby is shopping, and the third thing is bike riding. I am going to tell you these hobbies in these 2 paragraphs.

My first hobby that I like to do is to swim. In the summer, almost every day I go swimming at one of my friends houses. My other favorite hobby is to shop. I love shopping because when its Christmas time and I have to get certain things done in a certain amount of time and I get all of them done it makes me feel good that I accomplished something.

My third thing I like to do is bike riding. I like to bike ride because its good exercise, its fun, and when my family needs dinner from McDonalds or Round Table Pizza, I can go bike rid over and get dinner. Since its just a couple blocks away. You have just read my three main hobbies that I like to do. The best one out of all of my hobbies that I like to do is probably bike riding. I picked bike riding because there are three or more things you can do with bike-riding.





this is a second letter she sent to him


Dear Mr. Boring,

if I had a choice of picking someone to have dinner with or just to meet, I would have to pick Melissa Joan heart. Melissa is a regular teenager and actress. I picked Melissa because she is one of my favorite actors. I watch her shows everyday at 6:00. Once Melissa was in one of Britany Spears’ music videos! The music video was called “Crazy.”


One of my favorite shows that Melissa acts in is called “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” Of course Melissa is the one who acts as Sabrina in that show. ” Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” is also in another form, like a book. One question I would ask Melissa would be of she rather be a actress or a Director. I would ask her that question, because she once directed a show and she said that she doesn’t know if she rather be a actor or a Director.


A way of meeting Melissa, would have to be if there was a contest on T.V. or in the newspaper. The contest would be: “Whoever writes the most interesting paragraph, as if you were talking to Melissa Joan Heart herself, you will have the privilege to meet her up in person for 30 minutes!”


sisterpoobond’s Schedule

In the morning: #1 put on bra & shirt, #2 put on underwear & pants,

#3 Show is on at 7.00, and while that is on I have to put on socks and shoes & brush hair.

#4 Eat breakfast

#5 Brush teeth

#6 after that I put on jacket make sure homework in backpack

#7 Pick up room



When I Come Home from school…I…. #1 wash hands #2 read as long as you want #3 do homework.

#4 eat dinner #5 finish homework

#6 put P.J.s on

#7 brush teeth

#8 pick up room


Dinner With My Favorite Person

If I had a choice to have dinner with any person in the world, I would pick a singer or a favorite band to go with. I would want to meet either Britney Spears or the band named Nsync. I pick Nsync because 5 people are always better than 1 like Britney Spears. In the band Nsync there is Justin, J.C., Chris, Lance, and Joey.


I would like to go to dinner with them because they are good pop singers and I am one of their good fans. I have their two CD’s. Those two CD’s sold over 1.3 Million singles. My favorite song they sang is ” Just Got Paid.”


About a week before the dinner, I would tell all my friends that next week I will go to dinner with the famous pop singers Nsync. I will also get 5 pictures of each band member and let them autograph them for me at the dinner. At the dinner I would first ask them for their autographs on the pictures that I got ready for them to sign. At the end of the meal I would ask them to sing my favorite song “Just Got Paid” for me at the restaurant. When the meal is over I would say Thank You and I hope we can do this again someday.

The End


The Reasons Why sisterpoobond Wants Her Hair Braided

davepoobond: this is word for word on a piece of paper my sister left for my mom…its pretty stupid…



These are a list why I would like to get my hair braided, (not like Sami’s):


  • The only thing I can do with my hair is, pony-tail, bun, or clip

  • I’ve never had my hair braided, and would like to try it

  • It would be easier for me on our trip

  • Me and Sami were going to pertend that we were sisters and if we looked the same it would be really cool

  • I’ll pay for it

  • Also for the first day of school

  • When I take my hair out it’ll look like all fuzzy

Please Mom!


+So as you can see I really want my hair to be braided………….

………….what do you say??


Children’s Story

One day, in a small city called Kingsburg in California there live a family of four people. There are two parents with two children. One child is a girl and the other is a girl also. The two children don’t get along very well probably because of their age difference. Their parents think of everything, trying to make them get along. When they have an idea they would write it down on a piece of paper and later that day they would try it.

The five-year-old girl is named Tina, and the other seven-year-old daughter is named Susan. One idea that the parents came up with is to take them both to their Aunt Helen’s house, so that they can spend some quiet time together in the playroom. The parents thought that they might just get along if they get to play pirates or Robin Hood or some other game like that together.

It worked at first when they were playing Sleeping Beauty. But after awhile they began arguing and arguing led to fighting. They were fighting about who will be the witch and who will be the princess. The parents sighed and had to go back to the drawing board. Another idea the parents came up with that might just bring their two children to become civil with each other is to assign Tina and Susan, to a project. Their project turned out to be a Birthday card for their Aunt Helen.

That idea didn’t work because Tina drew a heart on the top left corner of the card, red and Susan wanted it to be blue. So they began fighting once again. The parents sighed and tried again. The next idea for the children is to switch places for a day. If they do this, they can find out something interesting about each other.

At first, Tina and Armen thought that this idea was going to be fun but after the day went by, they hated the idea because Tina went into her room and Armen went into his room. When the parents said that they also had to switch rooms for the night, the two kids started to cry. The parents started getting very frustrated with this whole situation. After thinking for awhile, they came up with a very simple and, at the same time, genius solution.

That simple solution was to politely ask Tina and Armen to participate and really try to get along. The two parents told them what they were trying to do for so long which was to try to make Tina and Susan to get along. Their kids understood because they too were sick of fighting every day. About a week later the two parents saw much improvement with their kids, and they are now a very happy family.


The Crowded Quad…

As I walked around the crowded quad with my friend Christina, I noticed that next to the wall grew a beautiful flower called a rose. So I sat down on a nearby bench, and started to study this wonderful plant. I found out a couple interesting facts about this rose. For example, it smelled like a perfume that my mother wears to a party or to her work. It has spiky thorns located on its stem, and has the color pink and red in its petals. Later, I saw a bug on a lunch table that scared Christina and me because we had not seen such a bug before. It had a lime green body with six legs, three on each side of its body. It jumped about three inches high into the air, kind of like a baby cricket.

A couple of feet away from the bug there lay a trash can, in the dirt next to some grass and weeds. The trash can became covered in dirt from the wind. It used to smell like rubber, but now it smells like trash. I saw some kids squash it a couple of days ago, which can destroy the environment. I smelled many things in the quad that I did not notice until I really gave it some thought. For example, the air smelled of a hot dog which came from the snack shop. The trees smelled of pine.

I’ve learned that there are many smells in not only the quad but everywhere in the world. There are also plants, little tiny creatures, interesting smells, and many other things on this Earth, that we need to take some time to think about. For all we know, those facts that we came up with will be very handy in our future.