The Reasons Why sisterpoobond Wants Her Hair Braided

davepoobond: this is word for word on a piece of paper my sister left for my mom…its pretty stupid…



These are a list why I would like to get my hair braided, (not like Sami’s):


  • The only thing I can do with my hair is, pony-tail, bun, or clip

  • I’ve never had my hair braided, and would like to try it

  • It would be easier for me on our trip

  • Me and Sami were going to pertend that we were sisters and if we looked the same it would be really cool

  • I’ll pay for it

  • Also for the first day of school

  • When I take my hair out it’ll look like all fuzzy

Please Mom!


+So as you can see I really want my hair to be braided………….

………….what do you say??

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