Dinner With My Favorite Person

If I had a choice to have dinner with any person in the world, I would pick a singer or a favorite band to go with. I would want to meet either Britney Spears or the band named Nsync. I pick Nsync because 5 people are always better than 1 like Britney Spears. In the band Nsync there is Justin, J.C., Chris, Lance, and Joey.


I would like to go to dinner with them because they are good pop singers and I am one of their good fans. I have their two CD’s. Those two CD’s sold over 1.3 Million singles. My favorite song they sang is ” Just Got Paid.”


About a week before the dinner, I would tell all my friends that next week I will go to dinner with the famous pop singers Nsync. I will also get 5 pictures of each band member and let them autograph them for me at the dinner. At the dinner I would first ask them for their autographs on the pictures that I got ready for them to sign. At the end of the meal I would ask them to sing my favorite song “Just Got Paid” for me at the restaurant. When the meal is over I would say Thank You and I hope we can do this again someday.

The End

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