UPDATE November 7, 1999

dAvE bOnD: i fixed the About Us up a little bit, put Elmoisfurry’s story up. Its pretty funny. Also, i put up elmoisfurry’s Poopin’ In Stall Four song. That’s the only song we have right now. I put the duck background on the other pages that needed a background. There are more links in the Links section.


UPDATE November 6, 1999

dAvE bOnD: Well, this isn’t much of an update. I put up a link to Squacktastic! Story Productions. There isn’t anything there yet. There will be though. Also, I put up a Site History thing, after every month I’ll take out all the last month’s updates and put them in there. If you want to see them, you can go there. I put up a Song Index page. There is a song that’s going to go up, hopefully pretty soon.


UPDATE October 23, 1999

dAvE bOnD: I updated the about us page. Nothing else really

Nose: My nose is the sexiest nose in the world. If you think you have a sexier nose, e-mail me, and i’ll e-mail you back saying, “no you don’t.”

Stimpyismyname: Hello, my name is Stimpyismyname. Hello. Hello. (bursts into song) lalalalalalalalala!

Elmoisfurry: Hi, i am furry. Tickle me, and i will say, stop tickling me, or i’ll beat the crap outta you.

Telletubbie Turd: Poop will rule the world in the year 2067!